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Nation: Ayrwll
Capital: Dawn's Landing
Leader: Mayor Tarla Inarys


The second largest province within the Neutral Republic of Ayrwll. Lying in the Southwest, it covers nearly a quarter of the nations territory, and well over half of its coastline. (A map of Ayrwll).


Nyrmal is bordered on the south by the sea, on the east by the Lythe River, on the north by the Deridan Forest, and it shares its western border with the Non-Confrontational Nation of Designated Drinkers.

Most of its northern territory is fertile meadow, and largely uninhabited. The only big institution in northern Nyrmal is the Research & Development laboratory of Xeranis Technologies, one of the largest IT companies of Ayrwll. The south is covered by woodlands, which contains several smaller elven settlements. Finally, on the south coast of Nyrmal just beside the mouth of the Lythe, lies the city of Dawn's Landing, the first settlement founded by the original colonists and today Ayrwll's largest port city. For many centuries, it has been populated mostly by elves, and is by far the largest elven inhabitation anywhere within Ayrwll.

Just off the southern coast, a little to the west, lies Siris Isle, a tiny, fertile island that was the first to declare sovereignty in the decline of the Colonial Conglomerate.


Pre-Colonial Era

  • -23

Atharellian explorers first land on the southern coast of Nyrmal. They move further north to explore the region, but do not cross the Telladar mountains.

  • -5

Three colonization ships arrive, and the construction of the port city of Dawn's Landing is begun. The colonists move further north to explore, and many stay there to found their own settlements - these will later become Northern Datrien and Aranas. The colonies maintain contact, but grow into separate entities.

Colonial Era

  • 15 AC

Ten years after the founding of the Colonial Conglomerate of New Atharellian Nations, consisting of Nyrmal, Southern Datrien, Northern Datrien and Aranas, the settlement of Dawn's Landing reaches a population of one hundred thousand. More than two thirds of these are first-generation colonists.

  • 54 AC

A group of colonists leaves Nyrmal to settle on Siris Isle. Five years later, Siris Isle joins the Colonial Conglomerate as an entity separate from Nyrmal.

  • 87 AC

A fleet of colonization ships of the Noldor arrives from Middle-earth. They are accepted within the city, and contribute greatly in its further development. By 100 AC, the elven population of Dawn's Landing exceeds the human population.

  • 160 AC

As more and more cities are founded further within the mainland, and Siris Isle begins to attract many people, the human population of Nyrmal is on a slow decline. The elven population barely increases, but it has soon nearly replaced the humans, which now occupy most of the rest of the country.

  • 201 AC

The last colonization ship of the Noldor arrives from Middle-earth. From this moment on, no contact with the world of Eä is made except by those elves that leave by ship and 'go West', as they are wont to do.

  • 213 AC

The last Atharellian courier ship leaves with a report to the Kingdom. Nobody knows whether it arrives, because no further courier ships arrive. The colony is now completely separate from its parent civilizations.

  • 251 AC

Siris Isle is first to leave the Colonial Conglomerate. The Council considers action, but decides against it in order to avoid war and because the Conglomerate's power is steadily declining already.

In the civil war that follows a few decades later, neither Dawn's Landing nor the Colonial Conglomerate Headquarters play a part. However, the city does muster a substantial force of elven archers to defend the city and the surrounding elven settlements of Nyrmal.

  • 267 AC

The Colonial Conglomerate's Council, virtually powerless, dissolves voluntarily following the end of the civil war. This is the end of Dawn's Landing's status as the nation's capital. In the increasing separatism engaged in by the small duchies and microscopic nations left by the civil war, Nyrmal is isolated and its elven settlements revert to a more simple level of technology.

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