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Flag of Offshore
Motto: Redefining freedom
none available as yet
Region the South Pacific
Capital none
Official Language(s) English (official), many others
Leader First Citizen Sim Wayg
Population 3.9 Billion
Currency Credit 
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General Information

The Democratic Republic of Offshore was founded when Sim Wayg took possession of an abandoned oil rig in international waters in the South Pacific, and promptly declared it to be a sovereign nation. He subsequently proclaimed laws, specifically the Act of Proclamation (see below), hoisted a flag, and began issuing passports and establishing diplomatic relations. The sovereignty of Offshore was quickly recognised by the international community.

Offshore is a quasi-lawless zone, where citizens may come to do as they please for a short while. Offshore recognises dual citizenship, and its citizens reside in their country of origin, since Offshore, the world's smallest nation, is too small to house its own people. Obtaining a passport to become a citizen of Offshore is remarkably easy, and entitles the bearer to visit the miniscule nation regularly.


The whole body of Offshore law is contained within the Act of Proclamation.

The Act of Proclamation

Be it hereby proclaimed that the Democratic Republic of Offshore exists as an independent and fully sovereign state. Be it furthermore noted that said sovereignty entails the following.
1a. The founder of the Democratic Republic of Offshore be recognised as First Citizen Sim Wayg.
1b. The National Flag of Offshore be adopted, featuring the national colours of the Democratic Republic of Offshore, red, blue and black.
1c. As a sovereign state, the Republic of Offshore be recognised to possess national waters and national airspace.

Offshorian citizenship may be obtained with no prejudice as to gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political orientation or nationality, upon simple request. The Democratic Republic of Offshore retains the right to deny or repeal any person's citizenship if extreme circumstances demand it. Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Offshore need only abide by the present Act. Be it furthermore noted that:
2a. Any person obtaining Offshorian nationality and citizenship may retain his, her or its original nationality and citizenship in addition.
2b. Any person not of Offshorian nationality may only enter the Democratic Republic of Offshore once in his, her or its life. Any Offshorian national may reside in the Democratic Republic of Offshore for a period not to exceed twenty-four hours, and may return at will for any number of such periods, provided a delay of at least seven full days is respected between two periods.
2c. Any Offshorian national retains the right to revoke his, her or its own Offshorian nationality and citizenship.

Be it henceforth recognised that
3a. The present Act constitutes the full legal text governing matters of law in the Democratic Republic of Offshore.
3b. Amendments may be made to this Act. Any Offshorian national will not be bound to comply by any such Amendments if said Amendments are adopted after his, her or its obtention of nationality and citizenship.
3c. Any Offshorian national may act as he, she or it pleases in any way that is not explicitely or implicitely prohibited in this Act.

Visiting Offshore

As established by the Act of Proclamation, Offshore citizens may visit once every eight days, and reside in Offshore for up to twenty-four hours. Non-citizens may visit once in their life-time. Exceptions are made for the Menelmacar and Danneland sectors of the country, additions built on to the oil rig to house workers from two of Offshore's main allies.

How to visit

Offshore International Helilines operates four helicopters which take visitors to Offshore International Heliport, on the oil rig. Upon arrival, visitors have their passport stamped. It is also possible to arrive via private helicopter, provided one has obtained prior authorisation.

There is little to accomodate tourists, although there are very basic facilities for cooking, sleeping and sanitation, including a small number of empty offices for a little shelter and privacy.

Interesting Sites

The two main sites of interest for visitors are Flag Point and Office 1A.

Flag Point

Offshore's flag, beaten by the wind, rain and sea-spray, floats proudly at one extremity of the oil rig, and visitors can often be seen having their photograph taken in front of it. It is the only real "tourist attraction" in the country.

Office 1A

This is the office of First Citizen Sim Wayg, the nation's founder. The door displays the indication '1A', and is usually locked. Tourists can occasionally be seen having their photograph taken in front of it.

Diplomatic Relations


Offshore is under the military protection of Barbarosea and Menelmacar; the former maintains a military presence in the waters surrounding Offshore.


Menelmacar and Danneland have both built extensions to Offshore's territory, with Sim Wayg's authorisation, to establish economic activities for their respective nations within Offshore.


Offshore also has formal diplomatic relations with Langham, Jeruselem, Clintovia, Freebodnik V, Pissed Off Americans, Falastur (the Holy Emperor of Falastur has Offshore nationality), Firen, Lord Saruman the White, Hell Bovines, Crownguard, Coreworlds and Canada-Germany.

All nations having established diplomatic relations with Offshore may send their ambassador to make use of an office in Offshore one out of every eight days, as Offshore lacks the office space to accomodate diplomatic representatives on a full-time basis. These nations all have an Offshore embassy on their soil, which serves as an embassy both to and from Offshore.


One way of establishing ties with the world is through international sporting competitions. Offshore has participated in the Kaza Olympics and the football World Cup. Offshore has very few athletes, since most hold dual citizenship and prefer to compete for the country they live in.

the Kaza Olympics

Referred to as the inaugural Olympic Games, the Games in Kaza, Kaze Progressa began impressively, but were cancelled after just a few days of events. Offshore sent a symbolic team of two athletes, "as a gesture of support for the Olympic spirit". However, neither was given the opportunity to compete, as the Games were cancelled too quickly.

Representing Offshore were Abdel Altarez, who would have competed in the men's K1 slalom in canooing, and Miranda Seaman, who was scheduled to compete in the women's 10 metre platform diving. Both athletes did take part in the opening ceremony, with Altarez carrying the Offshore flag.

the World Cup

Offshore took part in World Cup 9's qualifying stages. The tiny nation played fourteen matches, winning four, losing ten, and finishing seventh in a group of eight competing nations. Offshore's home matches were an interesting event, since a football field had to be hastily set up on its minuscule territory, with just a few dozen chairs for spectators. More than once, the ball was kicked off the pitch... and ended up in the ocean.