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The Sovereign Christian Empire of Okielahoma

okielahoma.jpg Seal.gif
National flag Coat of Arms
Motto I Byd It
Anthem For Our Land
Capital Lexington
  - Official
  - Unofficial

English, Russian,
  - Emperor
  - Deputy Minister

Benjamin S. Owen
Bud Wilkinson
  - as Minoan colony
  - as Belozersk-Willinkiav
  - as a Byzantine protectorate
  - as a Habsburg colony
  - as a Russian Ccolony
  - as an empire
AD 534
AD 736
AD 1136
AD 1556
AD 1730
AD 1862
 - Total
 - % water

6,385,810 km²
 - Total (2007)

GDP (FY2006/07)
  - Total (HVP)
  - GDP/capita (HVP)

GDP Growth Rate: 4.63% Per Annum
Unemployment: 8.65%
National animal

White Eagle/Catamount
National flower
Yellow Jasmine
National tree
Okiean Apple Tree
Five largest megalopoleis Greer (Spartanburg) - 41.8 million
Greenville (Greenville) - 36.1 million
Allendale(Allendale) - 22.2 million
Columbia (Richland) - 21.9 million
Hilton Head (New Okielahoma) - 19.9 million
Economy Developed Economy (Powerhouse)
Currency 1 Haven Pound (HVP) = $1.9065 U.S. dollars
Time Zone +250
National charter of rights The Will of the Land
Pronunciation (IPA) Oh kee la ho ma
International abbreviations
  - Sport
  - Government

Naval craft classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

Internet TLD .okie
Calling code +07
PDAS rating C
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The Sovereign Christian Republic of Okielahoma is a nation of many peoples a land shared by two main ethnic groups and background. Okielahoma is a very religious country and bible fights have been known to break out in the middle of streets. Okiean citizens take full advantage of lax firearms laws, as nearly 82% of Okiean housholds own a firearm. Okieans have been known to burn houses of a rival team's supporters. Okieans are sportsaholics who especially love the college game. Okieans love to eat Southern American food, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, homemade bread with butter and sweet iced tea is the national meal.

Pre Sovereign History

Ancient History

Present day Okielahoma was settled around 8500BC by Proto-Indo-European hunters from nearby Willink. These hunters settled on the Red River, which runs through the heart of Eastern Okielahoma. Around 3000 years ago a massive meteor shower created one of Okielahoma's most stuning natural phenomena, Crater Lakes and Crater Canyons.

Minoan Infuence

In 748 BC the first real city, Norman, was created along the lower Red River. The city was destroyed by raiding Minoans in 534AD (The city was rebuilt by the Russians in 1632). The Minoans had gained control of all of Okielahoma by 568AD, facing little resistant from Willinkian settlers. In 736AD Okielahoma came under the control if a Slavic state, Belozersk-Willinkiav, as part of the Belozersk province.

Byzantine Influence

In 1136 AD Byzantine conquereors took all of Okielahoma (Minus the northern peaks) under the control of Constantinople. Christianity was introduced and soon the majority of the populace was converted to Christianity. The Byzantine rule transfered to Ottoman but ended in abruptly 1556 AD as Okielahoma and Willink became part of the Habsburg Empire. While Willink was captured by the Spainish two years later, in 1558, the Okieans remained faithfully under Habsburg control for almost 200 years.

Russian Influence

In In 1724 Peter I of Russia Declared war on the Holy Roman Empire in an attempt to seize Okielahoma, in a successful campaign leading to the defeat of mercenary armies of Okiya natives. In 1730 Imperial Russia had set about modernizing Okielahoma, with the building of new palaces, churches, and governmental institutions under the supervision of Catherine I.

Indian Immigration

As the United States government continued its persecution of Native Americans, Okielahoman citizens (Although the nation is not fully sovereign at this time) accept thousands of refugees with open arms. Today 22% of the population is American Indian.


The next 100 years were marked by a movement of Okiean citizens eastward, to the open plains and lakes. Many Okieans began to resent Russian rule and in 1850, while under the rule of Nicholas I, the territory rebelled along with Willink. The two territories united and on February 16th, 1850 officially gained independance from Russia. For the next 12 years Okiean nationalists gained thousands of signatures from citizens and on February 13th, 1862, petitioned succesfully for independance from Willink.

Sovereign History

American Civil War

In 1863 shortly after Okielahoma gained independance, the Okiean congress voted 297-3 in favor of aiding the Confederate States of America in their fight for independance from the United States. Unfortunately, by the time Okielahoma became involved the Confederates were doomed to a loss and nothing further could be done.

World War I

Okielahoma entered World War I in 1915 on the side of the Central Powers. Okielahoma was involved in the war only by a minor naval role, although Okielahoma had 3 ships present in the Battle of Jutland. A small force of around 1000 Okiean soldiers won a small battle with American forces near the Rhone River, on February 10th, 1918. This is the only land battle fought by Okiean troops thoughout the duration of the war.

World War II

Okielahoma entered World War II on March 13th, 1942, by attacking a German covoy passing through the Haven Strait. In retaliation, German bombers made several runs during the week of March 14-21st, killing around 1000 Okiean civilians and wounding unknown numbers. In retaliation, the Okiean government mobilized a force of 25,000 men, who assisted in the landings of D-Day two years later. Of the 25,000 who were deployed, only 8500 made it back to Okielahoma alive. These troops suffred especially heavy fighting around Bastogne, France.

The Danteri Conflict

On August 7th, 1976 the Okiean congress authorized the deployment of 12,000 peacekeeping forces to Danteri, in order to keep peace and prevent a civil war in that states. When civil war broke out before the before the force arrived, the Okieans landed in support of the Danteri Government, or Loyalists. Okiean forces landed on the Southen Peninsula and a later force landed on a Western Archipelago. Okiean forces immediately engaged Harakian forces and Danteri rebels. Several feirce engagements were fought on "The Plateau of Death" in the central of the southern peninsula. By 1982 almost 1,500,000 Okiean soldiers were deployed, many occupying a large city called Westgate. Peace talks were engaged form 1983-1986, when they were broken off for still unclear reasons. Now a new player had emerged in the conflict, the Gholgoth alliance had brought its might to Danteri. Automagfreek, Haraki, Neue Neue D and The Transylvania immediately requested that Dephire and Okielahoma withdraw all forces from Danteri immediately. Dephire went quietly but on January 3rd, 1988 Okiean troops sacked Westgate and burned the city to the ground.

Minor Wars with Gholgoth

After Okiean troops sacked Westgate, Haraki issued an ultimatum demanding that Okielahoma pay its GDP for two years in repayment to Danteri people. Haraki was backed by the majority of Gholgoth in this. For several weeks Gholgoth cunducted massive bombing raids after Okielahoma refused to pay its GDP twice over. Fearing for its people, the government appealed the help of The United States of Allanea in this matter. While negotiations took place, a small Gholgoth wannabe nation, Antigr, invaded Okielahoma with a small force of only 25,000. The 1st and 3rd OKiean armies (Totaling 5,000,000) men slaughtered the force outside of Beauford on October 29th, 1988. Following negotiaions, Gholgoth backed off hte bombing and the Crown Imperium of Questers as well as Allanea paid off the debt to Gholgoth.


Okielahoma is a mountainous land with rolling terrain. The Okiya mountains of the north are the main source for the nations largest river, The Red River, as it carves its was through the heart of the western part of the country. The Okiya Range is, obviously, home to the Okiya peoples, where they have lived for around five hundred years after Habsburg forces attacked their villiages at the base of the mountians. The towering peaks (Highest 28,494ft) have kept invaders and bandits out, and the Okiya people have remained semi autonomous ever since. The South Central region is home to Crater Lakes, a massive area five times the size of the Everglades that was created by a meteor shower nearly 25,000 years ago. Heavy rains around 9000 BC filled the massive craters forming lakes, and flooded smaller craters making swamps and bogs. The Crater Lakes area is a national heritage site as well as the nation's largest national park.

NW: No-endorse N: Empiricalis NE: Willink
W: Gulf of Okielahoma Okielahoma E: Willink
SW: Greater Kingdom (Midlonia) S: Clandonia]] SE: Izistan

Natural resources

Oil has been found on the Okiya plateau. of the north. Natural Gas reserves exist along the coast as well as on the Okiya plateau. Osmium mines are extensive in the southwestern mountains. Uranium was discovered in 1971 and exists all over Okielahoma. It is the nations largest miming industry. Tungsten, Copper and Titanium are found in small quanities across the country. Logging is a major industry is several areas of the country Polonium, Silicon, Iron, Coal, Cadmium and Tin has also been discovered in other areas.

Major Cities

City Population (2005) Function and Facts
Lexington 17,687 Judicial, Administrative, Executive and Military Capital.
Greer 41,796,574 Provincial Capital (Spartanburg)and the nation's largest city.
Greenville 36,038,864 Provincial Capital (Greenville).
Allendale 22,573,795 Provincial Capital (Allendale). The nation's poorest city (with population exceeding 1 million)
Columbia 21,573,694 Provincial Capital (Richland).
Hilton Head 19,867,594 Territorial Capital (New Okielahoma)and popular vacation spot.
Westside 7,000,000 Important port on the mouth of the Red River.
Tahagwe 6,500,000 Cultural capital of the Native American populace of Okielahoma.
Montreat 5,000,000 Strategic city in the Okiean Uplands overlooking Kaikiya Pass.
Edgeville 5,000,000 Major industrial city on the border with Izistan.
Eastover 4,500,000 Major manufacturing center and provincial capital (Dillon).
Alasva 4,000,000 Major Southern port near Izistan border.



Okielahoma is a fiercly religious country. The native hunter peoples beleived in many gods but one true God unites Okieans today. The Byzantines of the 12th century introduced the native Okiya to Christianity and the natives took a strange attatchment to the religion, mixing it in with their own. Byzantine missionaries established missions in the lake country of Lexington, and a small town soon grew out of a particularly large mission on the lake.

Religion Percent of Populace
Christianity (Protestant) 82%
Islam (Sunni) 8%
Christianity (Eastern Orthodox) 5%
Judaism 2%
Other 2%
Atheist/Agnostic 0.5%
Tribal Religions 0.5%


Okieans are renowned around the world for their dedication to sports. Nearly 94% of Okiean children under the age of 12 have or are participating in some kind of sporting activity. Because of this Okielahoma boasts one of the lowest obesity rates in the world.

Soccer The Men's International Soccer Team breifly broke into the international scene with several international runner-up apperances.

  • Baptism of Fire 19 Runner-Ups
  • Cup of Harmony 23 Runner-Ups


Holiday Date Description
New Year's Day January 1 Start of the newyear! Wahoo fireworks!
February 13 Independance day. February 13th, 1862 from Willink. Birthday of the empire.
Easter First Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox Omigodtheykilledkenny Easter celebrates the rising from the dead of our lord, Jesus Christ.
Motherland Heritage Day May 24 Remembers being incorporated into the Russian Empire (1730).
Weasel Stomping Day May 30 Put your viking helemt on! Spread that mayonaise on the lawn! Hi-de-ho its Weasel Stomping Day!
Allanea Day July 13 Celebrates being saved form the wrath of Gholgoth by Allanea.
River Day July 31 Take a swim in the nearest river!
National Sport Day September 27 Sports FTW!
Festival of American Indians October 12 Celebrating Okielahomas American Indian population.
Halloween October 31 Candy FTW!
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday in November Remembers when Byzantine missionaries brought Christianity to Okielahoma. Celebrated in a massive feast.
Christmas December 25 Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also presents FTW!



Okielahoma spends primarily on its Armed Forces, Law and Order, Education and Spirutuality.


  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Uranium
  • Coal
  • Osmium
  • Aluminium
  • Tungsten
  • Copper
  • Foodstuffs and Grains
  • Timber


  • Silicon
  • Rubber
  • Nylon
Gross Domestic Product:H₤14,828,461,912,648
GDP Per Capita:H₤28,467
Unemployment Rate:4.3%
Government Budget:H₤12,064,681,369,303
Government Expenditures:H₤12,064,681,369,303
Goverment Waste:H₤1,206,468,136,930
Trade Surplus:N/A

NationStates Bio

The Sovereign Empire of Okielahoma is a massive, economically powerful nation, renowned for its compulsory military service. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 1.002 billion are rabid consumers, partly through choice and partly because the government tells them to and dissenters tend to vanish from their homes at night.

It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, corrupt government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of Defence, Education, and Law & Order. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 80%. A powerhouse of a private sector is dominated by the Gambling industry.

Fur coats have become the latest fashion trend, birds and children's kites are regularly brought down by anti-aircraft fire, young children are regularly seen wagering pocket money at blackjack tables, and the judicial branch is strongly influenced by major corporations. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is well under control, thanks to the all-pervasive police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Okielahoma's national animal is the White Eagle, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the Haven Pound.

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