Oliver I

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Oliver I
Rank 1st Head of State of Oliverry, 1st King of Oliverry
Predecessor: Newly Created function
Successor: Oliver II
Birthdate 26th May 1427
Place of Birth: Marshalliston, Oliverry
Deathdate 11th July 1500
Deathplace Marshalliston, Oliverry
Royal House Oliver

His Royal Majesty, King Oliver I(John Alexander Joseph Oliver)(26 May 1427 - 11 July 1500) of Oliverry, was the first King of Oliverry. He was the founder of the House of Oliver, which still exists today unofficially. He reigned from August 1456 until his death, in July 1500.

Early life

King Oliver I, known as John Oliver, was born in May 1427 from an English father and a Limbrogidlian mother. Even if it was the end of Middle Ages, he was very educated. His education took place at the Marshall's town(Old name for Marshalliston) Abbey. In 1447, he travelled to England to be educated militarily to be in the provincial army. In 1452, he is named Governor General for the province of Marsh.

Days as a Governor General

After being named Governor General, John Oliver convocates immediately the House of Assembly of the province. As the situation is very problematic with the metropolis, he accepts virtually every law passed by the assembly. In 1453, he declares he is not ready to be that important and steps down from being Governor.

Oliverrian Revolution

After stepping down, he also decided to quit everything to help revolutionaries. He felt that being dependant of England was not the right thing to do. He was made the leader of the troops in 1454. The same year, he starts war against England and declares independance. His first battle was at Fort Thomas, which he won. He renamed that fort Independance. After, his military success was easy. In fact, so easy that Oliver started to doubt about something. In 1455, when he entered Marshall's town with his army, he saw why: every English troopers were in the city. After a battle that lasted 10 hours on what is today the King Oliver I square, his troops were victorious and the independance was effective.

Dealing with French colony

After that win, some messengers told him that French revolted as well in the colony just south of the English Colony and that they were ready to associate, offer that was accepted by John Oliver.

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