Olof III

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King Olof III
1758 - 1789
As Prince, led Excalbian armies to victory over Saxmere.

As a young prince, Olof excelled in martial studies. During the reign of his mother, Queen Hiordis, Olof gained a reputation as one of the queen's most capable field commanders at a young age. When a lowland uprising triggered a resumption of hostilities with the Grand Duchy of Saxmere, Olof - at the age of 16 - led Excalbia's army in battle against Saxmere and delivered a crushing blow against the Grand Duchy.

Facing utter defeat, Grand Duke Michael I sued for peace on Excalbia's terms. The resulting settlement made the Grand Duchy a vassal of the Highland Kingdom of Excalbia. That relationship continued during Olof's reign as King Olof III and well into the reign of his son, Ragarth. Another uprising in the early 19th century led to the ouster of the Grand Duke and the collapse of the Grand Duchy.