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This article refers to Omnia and Om as adapted to NationStates. For information on their origins in the Discworld universe see Omnia

According to Omnianism, the Great God Om is the monotheistic deity responsible for the creation of the world and the universe. He is said to be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The worship of the Great God forms the central tenant of the Omnian religion and is the source from which the Omnian Church derives its authority to govern.

Although Om has only ever spoken to his Prophets, his wishes have been made known through the Commandments delivered through these same Prophets. The Commandments form the core of the Omnian way of life and are embossed on the great golden doors of the Temple.

Om’s true nature has never been revealed, and many argue that it never will for His true majesty is too great for mortals to comprehend, but He has appeared several times in the guise of animals. It was Om in the form of a great white bull that trampled the priests of Ur-Gilash (thus inspiring the popular psalm Om Shall Trample The Ungodly). He has also appeared in the forms of an eagle, swan and tortoise.