Ondeugd-class Battleship

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Ondeugd-class Battleship (click to enlarge).

The 350 metre long multirole ‘Ondeugd’ (vice) class battleships are designed to serve in the Knootian Defence Force as battlegroup flagships, to perform long-range naval superiority roles, to engage in coastal bombardment, to provide electronic warfare superiority and to serve as an anti-Ballistic Missile Platform.


Main guns
Four turrets harbour twelve 30.48cm Naval Rail Guns. The railguns are capable of firing massive projectiles at a muzzle velocity of 3000m/s, giving it the revolutionary range of about 300 miles for a devastating effect. Alternatively it can also fire lighter high-explosive shells or 30.48 cm air-burst canisters designed to work as a countermeasure against Theatre Ballistic Missiles (TBM) and as anti-air.
24 are guns located in 12 small turrets for 15cm medium artillery, shooting 100kg projectiles, but at significantly shorter range.
Electronic Warfare
The "Raptor" Domed 80 Megawatt MASER, co-developed with Zeppelin Manufacturer Industies. They feature it on their "Capital Venture" class Dreadnoughts.
Air Defence
The Waarden-klasse (Values-class) Air Defence Cruiser (ADC) has the main Air Defence role in any Knootian battlegroup, but the Ondeugd will be equipped with means for self-defence against aerial attacks, including 12 CIWS 6mm railguns, 6 quadruple Surface to Air missile launcher Boxes and 2 ‘Vrije Vogels’ Vertical Launch Systems. The ship will have also have a helicopter deck with two ‘Zeemeeuw’ ASW helicopters and one transport heli.
For protection it will have sturdy ‘Medium’ armour plating. Command and Control is also to be enhanced by a follow-up to the old CAESAR system developed by Caesar SuperComputer Inc The software for the CAESAR 2.0 computer system is to feature revolutionary new capabilities.

Naming practices

‘Ondeugd’ class ships are named after human vices. As a marine spokesman put it: “Vices are simply the errors which a man makes in his search after his own happiness. Vices are usually pleasurable. Unlike crimes, they imply no malice toward others, and no interference with their persons. It is difficult to say of any actions that are called vices, that they really would have been vices, if they had stopped short of a certain point.

The first line of ships will be named after the main biblical sins: KDF Hoogmoed (pride), KDF Hebzucht (avarice), KDF Jaloezie (envy), KDF Woede (anger), KDF Onkuisheid (lust), KDF Gulzigheid (gluttony) and KDF Traagheid (sloth). The new flagship of the fleet will be the KDF Thana. According to Buddha’s diagnosis the human condition is normally accompanied by suffering (dukkha) caused by delusion (moha) ignorance (avijja), greed (lobha) and hatred (dosa). Together these three constitute craving (thana) which sums up the cause of suffering. The new flagship will replace the KDF Zhakarov and the KDF Sirithil nos Feanör which both have taken turns at the flagship role in the past decades.

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