One Day War

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The One-Day War began on the North Pole of Mars. After the government of Rhaken Kull disintegrated on the Northern Pole, the Duma put forth a call for potential settlers. An Allanean attempt at colonization began without the consent of the Duma and in a manner widely considered offensive. The forces of Zero-One were involved in containing this first attempt at colonization. That involved shooting down three unarmed Knootian civilian transport ships laden with Allanean civilian passengers.

At the same time, the nation of Northwestern Liang formally requested permission to colonize Severnaia, and a massive dwarven colony ship departed the country for the Red Planet.

In a widely disputed chain of events, the dwarven colony ship attempted to land on top of the Allanean colony. The Liangites claim that a blizzard made the Allaneans all but invisible while the Allaneas claim it was done intentionally. Whatever may be the case ground: atmospheric, and stellar fighting quickly broke out between Liangite dwarves, Allanean marines, and Zero-One Security-2 soldiers on the ground, and Zero-One and Allanean ships in the air, with involvement being put forth also by Kajali gravitic cruisers.

Soon after battles began raging in the sky, a large Zero-One fleet targeted the Allanean sattellite of New Detroit. More nations got involved, and the New Detroit station was destroyed. At the same time, The Knootian Defence Force deployed a large complement of starships and threatened that the Allaneans should leave. This threat was answered by a personal letter of Alexander Kazansky, adressed to the Knootian Prime Minister. In this letter, he threatened to invade Goobergunchia if the Knootians would open fire. Subsequently, the KDF starships did not engage the Allanean forces in order to spare their allies from war.

Liangite arms quickly prevailed on the ground, and as the dwarves closed in on the few remaining Allaneans, the governor exploded a tactical nuclear device, wiping out ~4,000 dwarves in a single blow.

Zero-One's space forces continued on, moving overhead Allanea itself, calling for surrender repeatedly, and, upon being denied, beginning a huge orbital bombardment of the Allanean mainland, joined by such nations as Sentient Peoples. For unknown reasons, Allanea invaded the Goobergunchian province of Libertus (even though the Knootians had not engaged them) right before Allanea was effectively reduced to the Iron Age.

With Allanea reduced to something a Roman legion could have taken over, the Federation of Sentient Peoples took control of the nation.

Events of the One Day War

July 10th, 04:08 PM: [1] Allaneans arrive at the North Pole

At this point, the Allanean government has little space forces. A Der Angst ship is hired to send them to Mars.

July 10th, 04:10: [2] Allanean Government Claims the Pole

Simply put, the Allanean government on Mars sends out it's first message.

July 11th: [3] Dead Air shoots down Knootian civilian ships carrying Allaneans. Allanea does not retaliate.

July 12th: [4] In response to the violence erupting at the north pole an addition to the Martian Duma charter is proposed giving the Duma the authority to decide the allocation of Martian land if nation's dissappear. This proposal does not pass.

August 20th: [5] New-Detroit founded

Allanean corporation founds city of New-Detroit. 100 Allanean troops are deployed on the pole.

August 20th, 10:25 PM: [6] Dwarves from Northwestern Liang claim disoriention from a raging blizzard and attempt landing on top of Allanean colony. This begins the One-Day War

...which ends by a total occupation of Allanea. The details are already known.