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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is onito.
World Cup footballer & historian
National Team
Local Team
McKillops Bridge
Noted For
Player: WC34, 35, 36 & 37;

Captain: WC36 & 37;

Research on the Civil War of 1889-92

An astute goalkeeper, onito was drafted at 20 years of age to the national team during qualifying for World Cup 34 following the shock retirement of owiavi. onito became famous for her shut-outs in qualifying matches. Her intelligence and leadership qualities resulted in her appointment to the captaincy for World Cup 36 wherein she led the team to the final.

Academic Achievements

Unusually, onito declined an offer to study at The National Football Academy, preferring to pursue her interest in history with Professor onspirac at the McKillops Bridge Polytechnic. Her highly regarded doctoral thesis, entitled Asking the Complicated Question: Who Really Won the Civil War?, was adapted for public release and became a best seller.

World Cups

  • Stats include qualifying matches
  • leighm medal is voted upon by the Errinundrian coaching staff for the Player of the Series

World Cup 34

Added to squad upon the retirement of owiavi. Used as an occasional substitute until selection for the second play-off match against Okielahoma. With arata going AWOL in Ariddia during the Cup Proper, she became the #2 goalie.

World Cup 35

Selected in the starting line-uo in eleven matches, onito conceded just 5 goals and achieved 8 shut-outs, including the last 5 consecutive qualifying matches (all away) and two first round matches in the Proper.

World Cup 36

Took her qualifying shut-out streak to 7 before conceding a goal to Bushes Been Quaked. Consistently good throughout the campaign, receiving great support from aryarye and haimaidu in defence.

  • Conceded 21 goals in 19 games, including 8 shut-outs.
  • Became only the second Errinundrian goalkeeper to score a goal (the other was arata) when she ran the length of the field against Abu Omar.
  • 14 leigm medal votes; winner was haimaidu.
  • Selected in the all nations First XXIII squad.
  • Errinundera lost to Ariddia in the final.

From the Archives

Read an inteview with onito shortly after being appointed captain: QUIETLY SPOKEN CAPTAIN SHUTS OUT OPPONENTS