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Nation: Errinundera
Province: Plateau
Location: Western portion of the Great Plateau forest
Major towns: Cobb Hill, Fanny Moo
Ecosystem type: Cool temperate rainforest and montane eucalypt
Av. annual rainfall: 2350 mm

Ootopia is a district in the western part of the Great Central Plateau of Errinundera. It is heavily forested with shining gum and brown barrel on the ridges and southern sassafras dominated rainforest along the streams and gullies. There are many small tree villages but no large towns or cities. The most well known settlements are Cobb Hill, Fanny Moo and Lilly Pilly Creek. Their prominence is primarily because of their former teams in the national football competition (see below) and to the Bloodsucking competition held in Fanny Moo.

Geographically it is noted for being the headwaters of two of the nation's major rivers: the Delegate flowing to the north; and the Brodribb to the south. Botanically, it contains some of the densest forest in Errinundera. The locals claim it to be the beating heart of the nation.

There is no Ootopian governing authority as such. Government business is conducted almost entirely at the local level, ie the tree villages and tree towns. Ootopia is part of the province of Plateau with First Creek Falls as its administrative centre, however there is little interference from that city. From time to time the Mayors and Magistrates of two or more locations meet to decide upon larger issues that need addressing.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">sassafras.jpg
Southern Sassafras deep in the Ootopia Forest

The district came to prominence when the Ootopian Football Authority convinced the three Errinundera Football Association teams mentioned above to merge and represent the district under the district name. The clubs, aware they were struggling to compete in the national competition because of their small population catchments, readily agreed. With confidence growing a 45,000 seat stadium, Ootopia Forest, was constructed near Fanny Moo and the new team has been performing beyond expectations.

Despite being relatively poor by normal standards, Ootopians, as the district name suggests, believe they live in paradise. Many young people leave the district for the big cities but it is surprising how many of them find their way back again.

In recent years the once flourishing cottage footwear and textile industry has been re-established, providing a much needed boost to the local economy.