Operation Redhammer

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Operation Redhammer is a West Ariddian film, the third in the popular Agent Four series. The films depict a West Ariddian secret agent, Jovan Lake (code-named Agent Four), who finds himself pitted most frequently against various communist plots for world domination. The series is scorned by intellectual critics for its simplistic plots and ideology; it also relies heavily on breathtaking special effects. Agent Four is played by actor Leonard Smithe (pronounced: Smive).

Operation Redhammer was notable in that Agent Four travelled to communist Ariddia to foil a dastardly plot by the Ariddian Intelligence Service (SERA). The film was produced during a height in tensions between the two Ariddian States, and is today viewed by some as embarrassing, or quaintly amusing. Some fans, however, defend it as the best film in the series so far.

Reportedly, the series enjoys a measure of success in Ariddia itself, where it is seen as a laughably entertaining example of capitalist propaganda.

To date, there have been seven films, listed here in chronological order:

  • The Songs of Nevermore
  • Destination Knootoss
  • Operation Redhammer
  • Crimson Snow
  • The Rasikan Connection
  • Silverfields
  • Agent FireHair