Order of Saint Andrew

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The star and badge of Saint Apostle Andrew the First-Called.

The Chivalric Order of Saint Apostle Andrew the First Called (Russian: Кавалерский Орден святого апостола Андрея Первозванного) is the highest civilian and military order of the Grand Duchy of Taraskovya.


It is subdivided into 4 ranks, in descending order:

  • Grand Master (GMAFC) / Великий Магистр (ВМАП)
  • Benefactor of the Church (BCAFC) / Благодетель Церкви (БЦАП)
  • Grand Cavalier (GCAFC)/ Гран-Кавалер (ГКАП)
  • Cavalier (CAFC)/ Кавалер(КАП)

The Grand Master is the Grand Duke of all Taraskovya. The Grand Master promotes the Cavaliers and Grand Cavaliers of the order, even if nowadays such promotions are subject to approval from Parliament.

The Benefactors of the Church are promoted by the Taraskovyan Orthodox Church for services, loyalty and support shown to the Church. Currently, the two Benefactors of the Church are Vethara Shakhovskaya, Archduchess of Taraskovya, and Anatoly Orlov, Duke of Bor.

Conditions of Entry

The Grand Cavalier Cross and the Cavalier Cross are awarded for military and civilian merits of outstanding nature, both to Taraskovyan and foreign citizens in service of Taraskovya or of Taraskovyan interests.