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Flag of Orgybot
Motto: "Lob ist zum Orgybot"
Region Anticapitalist Alliance
Capital Dubh Linn
Official Language(s) Celdonian
Leader National Executive Council
Population 4 million
Currency Thennat 
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The Actually Existing Socialism of Orgybot is a nation in the Anticapitalist Alliance. It is a signatory to the International Fair Trade Agreement.


The Actually Existing Socialism of Orgybot is an island nation located in the Gulf of Aperin to the North of the Aperin sub-continent.

The climate is generally agreeable year round and the island is world renowned for it's striking wind farms that populate the entire western and southern coasts.


Total - 70,280 Squared km

Land - 68,890 Squared km

Water - 1,390 Squared km

Coastline - 1,448 km

Cities: Old Man River City, Dubh Linn (Capital), Chatel, La Roch, Tiorn, Sentan, Sord, Ros Lare, Palach, Ful Lare


The majority of the population remains native Orgybotians although there are still pockets of Celdonian settlers who live peacefully in the Socialist state and who were emancipated following the civil war (1922-32).

The Actually Existing Socialism of Orgybot continues to accept and offer asylum and protection to political refugees from many NS nations. The only requirements for citizenship are based upon willingness to participate in economic activity to omniadvantage humanity as directed by the elected councils of the island and a proven fundamental respect for life in all it's forms.


Orgybot as an island nation remained internationally isolated and virtually autonomous until the mid 1500s. There were a number of tribes on the island that lived in relative harmony and were organised along basic communistic principles.

The island was invaded by Celdonia in 1541 and shortly after this a brutal policy of bloody repression and plantation was instituted. The repression was particularly targeted against followers of the tradition of Orgybotism.

In 1704, laws were actually invoked against followers of Orgybotism that effectively rendered practitioners and adherents second class citizens and almost disbarred them from economic activity of all forms.

Celdonia officially took possession of the island through the Act of Union in 1801 and by the mid 1800s had presided over famine conditions that led to the death of almost half the native population. An estimated 3.5 million perished through malnutrition and associated conditions pertaining to the famine.

This inhuman conditions led to the Land War of 1879-92 and the boycott of repressive Celdonian landlords.

In 1916, there was a rising in Dubh Linn, the capital on the Southern coast of the island. The rising was ill prepared and had only tacit support amongst the majority of the population but following the execution of the leaders of the revolt by Celdonian forces an era of unprecedented unrest led to a war for independence from Celdonia.

Whilst Celdonia was all too ready to hand over control of the restless colony at this point the Royalists who had settled upon the island were much more resolute. A bloody and open war took place over ten months between 1920-21 in which the Celdonian Royalists were eventually defeated. Celdonia ceded Orgybot it's formal independence and sovereignty after nearly 42 years of civil revolt in 1921.

Within a short period, revolutionary gains made during the rising were threatened by the new ruling elite and class war ensued on the island. After a period of ten years, in 1932 violence came to an end and the Revolutionary Socialist Party took power through a massive popular vote.

The country was renamed, The Actually Existing Socialism of Orgybot and the new flag was adopted alongside the motto of "Lob ist zum Orgybot".

In 1972, the nation joined the CACE and signed IFTA. Following a series of diplomatic incidents and various disagreements the Government took the decision in 1985 to withdraw from both the United Nations and the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies but remained a signatory of the International Free Trade Agreement.

RBF Plan

The RBF plans were instituted to demonstrate both in application and theory the radical thinking and commitment to anticipatory design science. Under the plan there was a massive drive towards green and renewable energy sources and the creation of the Geodesic Dome Structure cities and the decentralisation of the island was accomplished.

The plan continues today, in it's second incarnation. Thinkers and workers combined in developing systems to omni-advantage all of humanity in the shortest possible time without ecological offense to any living creature.


Since the institution of Socialism upon the island there has been a steady shift away from parties and politics as termed in the general conception.

The Revolutionary Socialist Party, elected in 1972, had a popular mandate and began to institute the reforms that laid the path for this conversion to complete democracy.

Councils have been established to account for every aspect of life on the island and members are elected for limited terms (2-5yrs) and may only serve on each council once. Conditions for candidature require demonstrated academic achievement as recognised by the National Committee for Self Education of The Actually Existing Socialism of Orgybot (TAESO), which is generally regarded as the most important council on the island. The National Executive Council nominally directs and co-ordinates all activities in both the domestic and international sphere but in practice defers to the Council for Self Education on matters of policy.

“To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”
- Guide vision for the National Committee for Self Education

Every citizen of Orgybot is obligated to recognise their duty as an administrator and representative of the collective in all their affairs. Practically speaking this means that every citizen is a bureaucrat and a poltician (through service on a Council).

Conscription is in operation and as such, all citizens are required to participate in either military or social service for a period of 2 years.

Councils of TAESO:

  • National Executive Council
  • National Committee for Self Education
  • National Committee for Evaluating Design Science Solutions
  • National Committee for Human Development
  • National Committee for Ecology & Resources
  • National Committee for Social Provision & Manpower

International Relations

Since the withdrawal of TAESO from both the United Nations and consequently the CACE in 1985, diplomacy in the international arena has been somewhat stagnant.

Although individual citizens still retain links and relationships with friendly nations such as East Hackney, Watfordshire, Rehochipe, Ecopoeia and other members of the Anticapitalist Alliance the island remains officially isolated in this sphere.

The decision to remain within IFTA has been debated on numerous occasions but given the re-orientation of lifestyle on the island from the mid-70s, TAESO has effectively become an autarky and remains a member of IFTA in practice purely to create a conduit for citizens of other nations to access the omni humanity advantaging design science solutions which have been developed in Orgybot.

Of late, there have been some moves from official Orgybot to contact and conference academia internationally on the island but these efforts have met with only limited success so far.