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Please note: The nation Orioni ceased to exist on december 18th 2004. It belonged to the user Orioni was Europa's delegates to the United Nations. It has since been replaced by the nation Orioni 2. In role play, these nations are almost identical, except for a slight difference in population. It is my hope that in this way the vigor and spirit of what what once a proud nation may live on forever..

Halls of Memory Member
The Beautiful Empire of Orioni
Delegate: Europa
Motto: A Constellation of Services, A Continuum of Care
Leader: Empress Orioni
Population: about 1,5 billion
Original flag of Orioni.png

The Beautiful Empire

We, the peoples of the Beautiful Empire of Orioni, are gratefull for the existence of our beloved leader and Empress Orioni, for She brought us peace and prosperity. We are glad to be a part of Europa and hope we can all grow and prosper.

Geography & Nature

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[Orion_v2_pol1.th.jpg Orion_v2_pol1.th.jpg]
Geographical map of Orioni

Orioni is a nation of reasonable size, situated in the heart of Europa and part of the great central peninsula. Its coastline runs along the north and southside of the country. Neighbouring countries are: Vanarambaion (NNW), Argenland (E+SE) and Phil IV (W).

Many lush broad-leaved trees grow in the northern forest, where the pink fluffy dinosaur dwells. Most of the country is covered underneath these lush green giants. There are vineyards on the southeastern mountainflanks, with nice climate. The pink fluffy dinosaur, which frolics freely in Orioni's many lush forests, is the nation's national animal. The Orionoco-river flows through the entire country, creating a natural canal. It's origin is located somewhere in the high mountains of southeastern Orioni.

Important Locations

  • Major metropolis & capital: Orionopolis (located central).
  • Minor metropolises: Nordhaven (at the northcape) and Zuidhaven (at the center of the southern coast).
  • Ports: Nordhaven and Zuidhaven.
  • Airports: Orionopolis National Airport [ONA], Nordhaven, Zuidhaven and Orion Naval Island.
  • Imperial Palaces: Imperial Winterpalace (E), Imperial Summerpalace (S), Imperial Headquarters (in the capital)

National Symbols

The peoples of Orioni feel very close to nature, especially to the sea. That is why darkblue/purple is the predominant color for many of the national symbols. frame|right|Our national flag|Our national flag The national flag for example mainly consists of a blue left eye which is partially hidden behind a purple veil. If one looks closer at this symbolic representation, you can recongnise that the blue and white of the eye resemble the earth. Many believe that this has to do with the inhabitants' open and pacifist mentality. At the left-hand side of the flag are three small rectangles:

  • Top: flag of Belgium (OOC: which represents my native country).
  • Middle: flag of Europa (which represents the bond with Europa).
  • Bottom: flag of the UN (to show the status of delegate).

The national holiday is celebrated each year on the 8th of december. During the week ahead and on the day itself, the national anthem will be played everywhere while everyone sings and dances whenever they have any spare time. The anthem can be heard here (midi) and goes as follows:

Hail to our gracious Empress!
Long live our noble Empress!
Hail to the Empress!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
Hail to the Empress.


It has been suggested that Orioni is named from the Akkadian Uru-anna, the light of heaven, the name then passing into Greek mythology.Wiki

First Settlers

The people of Orioni have inhabited their lands for as long as anyone can remember. The first settlers come from the east, following the setting sun over the central European peninsula. They kept close to the southern seaboard to make sure no-one got lost in the thick forests. When the pioneers surpassed the mountainrange we call the 'Mountains of Rain', they discovered the fertile 'Valley of Dionysos'. This valley is blessed with enough rain, which is caught in the sickle-like mountainrange surrounding it in the north, making the lands fertile. The people quickly realized this would make an excellent home. Even today, this region is know for it's fruit, and -most important- for it's excellent wines.

The southern settlement occured about 5000 years ago. Thanks to archeological findings, our scientists have been able to make a good reconstruction of what life must have been like. On the political level, most historians agree that the government at that time was one of cooperation between villages; no actual capital has been found. Yet. It is believed that a great harborcity may still lay hidden in the bay off the southern shores near the 'Valley of Dionysos'

Golden Age: the First Empire

Life like this continued for millennia, untill around 3000 years ago the first Empire emerged. This is the time of many legends, clouding the true story of what happened. There once was a great tribeswoman who, using cunning diplomacy, united the entire south. The title of empress was passed on in matriarchal line, from mother to daughter. This line has not once been broken, although there were have been some dangerous moments. [OOC: You can it with the Japanese history, but then matriarchal and with an active role for the imperial family.] The most imported archeological finding from this period is the ancient ruin of the first palace on mount Orioni, situated west of Zuidhaven. Besides the being the symbol of the Empire, the place is also has an important ideological function.

Many see this period as the Golden Age of exploration, marked by the first excursions into the mainland. From the southern deltas, brave men and women followed the course of the great Orionoco upstream, into the forests to the north. < I will add more later >

Crisis and Civil War

< Future content: plot against empress, attempted assassination, civil war >

Recovery: The Second Empire

< Future content: restoration, new laws >

Modernizing a nation

< Future content: economy, interaction with greater Europa >

Colonian Ambitions

< Future content: Andro & Meda, Corona Borealis, Sirius >


The nation is designated by the UN as democratic socialists with very good political freedoms and excellent civil rights. It is difficult to tell where the omnipresent, socially-minded government stops and the rest of society begins.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">NewOrioni.jpg
A rare picture of the young Empress Orioni

Head of State

The head of state has always been a member of the imperial family. The leadership is passed on via matriarchal blood ties: it is inherited from mother upon daughter. (Note: the mother does not always have to die to pass on the title, old age or ilness are also a reason.) For as long as Orioni existed, there has always been an empress to lead them. The empress is always named "Orioni", representing the personification of the entire country by one person. The current Empress Orioni is rather young of age, due to the sudden decease of her mother.

In an interview with a popular magazine on 24/2/2005, the young Empress told reporters some personal things about herself: I'm the Empress of my beautiful nation, just as my mother and her mothers before me. It's quite a tough job, loads of studying, but I think I'm doing pretty well. My favourite places are the winterpalace in the winter and the summerpalace in the summer. Duh. Next to that it's always fun to walk through Orionopolis incognito. That way I get a real (but short) taste of freedom. *sigh* I like: literature, politics, history, nature, riding my horse, martial arts, and I'm quite capable of handling the crossbow. I don't like: long, pointless meetings with boring ambassadors.

Other Important Figures

  • Prince Toren, brother of the Empress
  • Dr. Chandra Pristo, chairlady of the Council.
  • General Bruiser, Supreme Commander of the armed forces.

Priorities in Policy (according to UN reports for Europa)

Education 29%
Social equality 16% ("1st nicest citizens")
Environment 14% ("6th most eco-friendly governments and 10th most beautiful environments")
Welfare 14% ("7th largest welfare program")
Public transport 9%
Law and order 7% ("2nd lowest crime rate and 3rd safest nation")
Administration 6% ("5th largest public sector")
Healthcare 5%
Commerce 0%
Defense 0%
Spirituality 0%


Economic Infrastructure

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[Orion_v2_econ.th.jpg Orion_v2_econ.th.jpg]
Economic map
  • Channel connecting Nordhaven-Orionopolis-Zuidhaven.
  • Modern railroads from Orionopolis to both havens and also to our neighbouring countries.
  • Well-maintained roadsystem with many tunnels in the southeastern mountains.
  • Vineyards on the southeastern mountainflanks, with nice climate.
  • Industrial crops are grown extensively in the northeast, producing more then enough food.
  • The waters between Zuidhaven and the Orion Naval Island are rich in fish due to favorable sea currents.

European Commercial Alliance

In an effort to bring the European nations closer together, the government of Orioni seeks to create a commercial alliance with other European nations. This alliance is to carry the name European Commercial Alliance (E.C.A.). Within it shall be all nations who volunteer to be a member of this ECA. The main focus is commerce: the free movement of goods between the E.C.A. countries. This means that all members agree to a equalization of tax, tariff and trade. The ECA will be a commercial alliance but will NOT be a political instrument. It is not the objective of this alliance to influence of determine a country's government policy.

The objectives of this E.C.A. will be:

1. The basic principle of the E.C.A. is peacefull cooperation. By working together, we will get to know each other and see one another as equals, not enemies.
2. The ECA will be a commercial alliance but will NOT be a political instrument. It is not the objective of this alliance to influence of determine a country's government policy.
3. Every member of the E.C.A. shall agree to a equalization of tax, tariff and trade. (OOC: I won't get any more detailed on this issue, it won't get us anywhere since this is NS-RP.)
4. Every member of ECA sets up a port that will be that nations port of entrance for all goods that are traded in the E.C.A. Trade-cities at borders may also be created.
5. Every member of the E.C.A. that is on the map will be marked by the same color (or symbol, if color is impossible).

Economic Statistics

Exchange Rate 10.7643 i-o-ns = $1
Gross Domestic Product $2,290,746,269,674.67
GDP Per Capita $1,743.34
Unemployment Rate 24.35%
Consumption $0.00
Government Budget $2,367,726,850,908.00
Government Expenditures $2,296,695,045,380.76
Goverment Waste $71,031,805,527.24
Exports $278,295,660,603.41
Imports $284,244,436,309.50
Trade Deficit $5,948,775,706.09


Central Peninsular Alliance

Orioni is the foundering member of the Central Peninsular Alliance (C.P.A), a regional organisation that unites all great nations that are situated on the central penisula of Europa, in order to achieve a more peacefull region. All parties that want to be part of this strong alliance should agree to the following terms:

1. Any member of the alliance may freely request assistance from any other nation. Other members :of the alliance may also freely aid any other member of the alliance.
2. All members have permission to move their military units trough other members area after informing the other party of the movement.
3. All members agree to inform the other parties if they are negotiating about military matters with any third party.
4. If a new nation wants to join the C.P.A., a majority of the current members of the alliance must agree on this. The new nation must be located in the Central Peninsula.

Signed members are, in chronological order: Orioni, Vanarambaion, Argenland, Great Kings, Phil IV and Tamurin.

Military Statistics

  • Percentage of GDP Spent on Defense: 6.68%
  • Percentage of Budget Spent on Defense: 40%
  • Military Budget: $263,325,600,000

This is enough for: 8,467 F-15Es, or 13,166 Su-34s, or 14,006 F-16s, or 23,938 MiG 29s, or 61,238 M1A2 Abrams, or 87,775 T-90s, or 449,361,092 M-16s, or 877,752,000 AK47s.

Regional & Interregional Functions

Pictures from Orioni

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[orionopolisth6fw.gif orionopolisth6fw.gif]
Orionopolis, national capital, located central
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[nordhaventh1so.gif nordhaventh1so.gif]
Nordhaven, our eye in the north
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[zuidhaventh6fu.gif zuidhaventh6fu.gif]
Zuidhaven, our eye in the south

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[imperialheadquartersth1uz.gif imperialheadquartersth1uz.gif]
The Imperial Headquarters, located in Orionopolis
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[imperialsummerpalaceth3pq.gif imperialsummerpalaceth3pq.gif]
The Imperial Summerpalace, close to the ruins of our ancient culture
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[imperialwinterpalaceth9wt.gif imperialwinterpalaceth9wt.gif]
The Imperial Winterpalace, near a lake to the east of Orionopolis

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[orioninavalislandth7kh.gif orioninavalislandth7kh.gif]
Orioni Naval Island, home of the Imperial Southern Fleet
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">[vineyardsth0bt.gif vineyardsth0bt.gif]
Some of the many vineyards in the southeast of Orioni

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