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The Ouroboros: symbol of the Society.

The Ouroboros Society (French: Ouroboros Société; German: Ouroboros Gesellschaft; Italian: Societá di Ouroboros; Spanish: Sociedad de Ouroboros) is an ancient, Hermetic secret society relating to the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasons, and several Rosicrucian orders.


The beginning

The Society traces its history back to the time of the Roman Republic; however, the current version of the Society was founded on June 6, 1806 after the banning of secret societies by Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria. This banning of secret societies caused the downfall of one of the most powerful, secret organizations ever to have existed: the Bavarian Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati is the first trace of an Ouroborarian society in modern history. The Illuminati was a movement of freethinkers that were the most radical offshoot of The Enlightenment — whose adherents were given the name Illuminati (but who called themselves "Perfectibilists") — was founded on May 1, 1776 by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830), who was the first lay professor of canon law. The group has also been called the Illuminati Order, the Order of the Illuminati, and simply the Illuminati.

After Theodore's decree, the structure of the Illuminati soon collapsed, but while it was in existence many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members. Its members were supposedly drawn primarily from Masons and former Masons, and although some Masons were known to be members there is no evidence that it was supported by Freemasons. The members pledged obedience to their superiors, and were divided into three main classes: the first, known as the Nursery, encompassed the ascending degrees or offices of Preparation, Novice, Minerval and Illuminatus Minor; the second, known as the Masonry, consisting of the ascending degrees of Illuminatus Major and Illuminatus dirigens, the latter also sometimes called Scotch Knight; the third, designated the Mysteries, was subdivided into the degrees of the Lesser Mysteries (Presbyter and Regent) and those of the Greater Mysteries (Magus and Rex). Relations with Masonic lodges were established at Munich and Freising in 1780.

The Order had its branches in most countries of the European continent; its members were reportedly around 2,000 members in the span of 10 years. The scheme had its attraction for literary men, such as Goethe and Herder, and even for the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar. Internal rupture preceded its downfall, which was effected by an edict of the Bavarian government in 1785.

After the eventual downfall of the Illuminati, in 1792 French revolutionary armies overran the Palatinate of Bavaria; in 1795 the French, under Moreau, invaded Bavaria itself, advanced to Munich — where they were received with joy by the long-suppressed Liberals — and laid siege to Ingolstadt. Charles Theodore, who had done nothing to prevent wars or to resist the invasion, fled to Saxony, leaving a regency, the members of which signed a convention with Moreau, by which he granted an armistice in return for a heavy contribution.

At this time, Bavaria was placed in a horrible situation that would continue until the creation of Amestris in 1806 and thus the modern-day Ouroboros Society.

Amestris and Ishbal

What became the nation of the United Kingdom of Amestris and Ishbal began in the year 1800 when former Illuminati members and their supporters travelled to an ancient allied of the coast of France at the time controlled by Franco-Italian settlers. However, as stated, this changed in the year 1800 when the members came.

Using Bavarian, Austrian, and French military regiments still loyal to the Illuminati, the Order pushed its way past the revolutionary armies that occupied Bavaria and Northern France until reaching modern day Ishbal. Upon reaching Ishbal and discovering another settelment between France and modern-day Amestris, the Illuminati supporting army brutally slaughtered the settlers.

This event became known as the Ishbalan Massacre. This was the first recorded use of alchemy (a major component of Illuminati teachings) en mass. The use of many — yet currently undocumented — transmutation circles and alchemical inventions caused the death of over one million Ishbalans.

After the Ishbalan Massacre, the armies pushed forward and crossed the Strait of Amestris onto the island of Amestrist. At the time, Amestris was occupied by Franco-Italian settlers; yet with the arrival of the international armies, the demographics of the country changed from Franco-Italian to French and German.

On June 6,1806, the Ouroboros Society was officially created as was the nation of the United Kingdom of Amestris and Ishbal.

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Flag of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom

After its formation in 1806, the Ouroborarians solidified their control over Amestris and Ishbal by installing a military tribunal — instead of a traditional parliament — as the ruling authority of the United Kingdom. During this time, the height of the Napoleonic Wars was reached; and the unification of the United Kingdom was France was solidified when Napoleon made Amestris and Ishbal official protectorates of France.

This would come to back-fire on the United Kingdom after the Battle of Waterloo was lost to the Allied forces against the French Coalition. Soon after the surrender by Napoleon on the 15th of July, 1815, at Rochefort, Prussian and British forces attempted to conquer the United Kingdom but were pushed back to Toulouse before retreating back to Ishbal. The move most British and Prussian military analysts suspected, was — due to the United Military's strength — was to annex the land formerly claimed by France from Toulouse to Valence and back to Ishbal; however, the State Military never did this.

After the removal of Prussian and British forces from Ishbal, the United Kindom Military Tribune ordered the construction of concentration camps in south-eastern Ishbal in order to house the Ishbalans from the Amestrin population. After the construction was complete, Ishbalans around the country were rounded up and housed in homelands that were built. The Ishbalans remain in these concentration camps to this day. They are used mostly for forced labor, but there seems to be no active plan to commit genocide on the Ishbalans.

Currently, the United Kingdom houses 10,560,000 people (roughly six percent being of Ishbalan ethnicity), mostly on the island of Amestris with its capital being Conaisance. The country remains under the control of the Military Tribune (headed by the Ouroborarian Pontifex Maximus Marius de Romanus, Imperator of the United Kingdom) and is greatly oppressed by the massive organization.

From 1900 to today

After the turn of the century and a growing interest in the occult and hidden knowledge began to spread and membership in the Society began to grow. However, the Society refused to allow just any individual to join. Each applicant must submit their personal information, must be referred to the Society by another member, and must either under a presentation of talents and abilities or submit research for review. If a member is accepted, he has is either placed as a Numerary or a Super Numerary.

Numeraries are members of the Society abroad that do not live in the United Kingdom under the explicit observation of the Society. Super Numeraries give over their material posessions for wealth redistribution to the Society and are given several items (including a pocket watch, several books and ritual manuals, and a home) necessary to survive. They often live in a communal household on Amestris and usually are the best-of-the-best of the members of the Society.

After this initial surge in member growth, influence of the Society also rapidly expanded. Members are reported to stretch across the world. However, in 1923, an event that would come to be known as the Beer Hall Putsch drew to light a former member of the Ouroboros Society: Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was introduced to the Ouroboros Society in 1910 while living in a homeless shelter and earning money by painting landscapes. A soon to be Pontifex Maximus by the name of Alois von Breagenbaur passed Hitler's booth while attending a cultural festival. Seeing Hitler shouting at many people who proclaimed his art "stupid" or "inept" caught Breagenbaur's attention. Breagenbaur kept an eye on the young, would-be artist for the rest of the day and followed him. Later that evening, Hitler lead Breagenbaur to a political meeting of the National Socialist Working Men Association in a small, Austrian beer hall. Hitler made a speech about how the people were used by "Papists" and "undesireables". Breagenbaur later made it clear to the Society that he did not necessarily aggree with Hitler, but his oration skills could be used by the Society.

In 1911, Adolf Hitler was accepted into the Society as a Numerary. It is recorded that he attended several Society meetings and socials; however, it is not known the amount of influence the Society had over Hitler. Hitler later lost all contact with the Society and was de facto dismissed.

In 1914, a group by the name of the Black Hand (a loose affilate of the Society) assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria helping start World War One. Many suspect that the Society was behind the assassination because of their wish for both Great Britian and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire to fall. However, in 1917 with the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union, conspiracy theorists believe that the Society washed itself clean of the conflict

On August 2, 1934, the German cabinet (newly invested with both executive and legislative powers) passed a law proclaiming the presidency dormant and transferred the role and powers of the head of state to Hitler as Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and chancellor). Thereby Hitler also became supreme commander of the military, which swore their military oath not to the state or the constitution but to Hitler personally. In a mid-August plebiscite these acts found the approval of 90% of the electorate. Combining the highest offices in state, military and party in his hand, Hitler had attained supreme rule that could no longer be legally challenged.

After the appointment of Hitler as Führer, rumors of the Ouroboros Society's goals began to spread across Europe. Great Britain's Parliament issued investigations into Ouroborarian charters across the British Isles and convened stating that the Ouroboros Society was a "subversive socity that should not — and will not — be allowed to operate within Great Britain." The Secret Society Prohibition Act was created and passed, effectively banning groups like the Ouroboros Society from setting up charters in the country. The act was later repealed in 1990.

During World War II, during the annexation of France into the Third Reich, military and political analysts noticed that the German High Command refused to annex Ishbal and Amestris — it was completely ignored and avoided at all costs. It was later revealed by documents from within the legendary Study Group for German Antiquity that showed beliefs deeply rooted in superstition that the land now known as the United Kingdom of Amestris and Ishbal were once controlled by mythical beast from beyond what is called the Tor der Wahrheit (Gate of Truth). It is said, that beyond the Gate of Truth is another world, different from this one where the energy used in alchemy and other mystical esoteric teachings use. It is also said that the Gate of Truth houses an limbo world where the souls of this world and the other mingle. For this reason, the Germans considered the area sacred and refused to taint it.

In 1945, Nazi Germany fell to the Allies and land was given back to the original posessors. The United Kingdom and the Society was once again placed under investigation, but no other information was retrieved. Also in 1945 is when almost all technological advancement ceased in the United Kingdom. This has created a unique society based around pre-Internet culture. For this reason, traditions and beliefs seem to be deeply rooted in both the Amestrin and Ishbalan ethnicities. It is believed that due to advancements in alchemy and other msytical sciences that the Society believed technological advancement was no longer necessary.

After the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945, the Society began activiely participating in both anti-Western and anti-Eastern activities. The Society officially declared that both the Soviet Union and the United States were imperialist powers that needed to be toppled. The Society received part of this gift in 1956 the United States collapses forming the Minnesotan Confederacy, Kahta, and allows Canada to expand into the former Western states of North America. The other portion of the gift was received in 1960 when an Tsarist Revolution was lead in the Soviet Union reforming the former Russian Empire.

From 1960 to 2000, the Society remained quiet until it funded an expedition to Egypt in search of an unknown object. Many believe that it was in fact the Philosopher's Stone and that it was retreived from beneath the Great Sphinx; however, the factual nature of this account is unknown.

Since the expedition, interest in the Society has continued to flourish once more. However, nations such as the Minnesotan Confederacy and Russian Empire continue to be skeptical and even fearful of the United Kingdom's and the Society's influence around the world.


The Ouroboros Society

The Society is seperated into several teirs of control. The following is a diagram showing the make-up of the Ouroborarian heirarchy.

  • Pontifex Maximus: Marius de Romanus - Has direct leadership over the Society.
  • Pontifical Conclave: Council that advises the Pontifex Maximus.
  • Numerary Conclave: Advises the National Tribunes.
  • Super-Numerary Conclave: Directly advises the communities of Super-Numeraries.
  • Supranationals: Not officially a division of the Society. Many conspiracy theorists believe they are members that are heads of state, influential politicians, etc. that are under the control of the Society.
  • National Tribunes: Group leaders from the communities that advise the communities.
  • Communities: Small groups of Numeraries.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is ran by the Military Tribune which is headed by the Imperator. The Imperator has direct control over the armed forces of the United Kingdom. He is able to order wars and diplomatic missions around the world. Including the Military Tribune are many departments and subdivisions of the military/state. These divisions are headed by either a director or other tribunes that determine the policies of the departments according to the Military Tribune's orders.

Alleged Pontifex Maximii

The Society is headed by a Pontifex Maximus or Supreme Pontiff. In 1933 a document titled Le Dossier Secret was released by former Society Member, Pierre de Saint-Clair. It is unknown whether the text is factual considered the names trace back to the Roman Republic (the stated true era in which the Ouroboros Society was founded). One should also note that the complete Les Dossier Secret was lost in a fire in the German Reichstag Fire (where they were housed).

  • Lucius Brutus (508-491)
  • Lucretia Nomibus (491-480)
  • Marcus Omnis (480-471)
  • Selusa Secondis (471-460)
  • Markus Haezus (460-451)
  • Julius Augustus (451-440)
  • Marc Atonus (440-431)
  • Caligula Antoni (431-420)
  • Francois Romanus (420-409)



  • Galileo Galilei (1630-1642)
  • Jeon de Pontifae (1642-1653)
  • Jean de Saint-Clair (1653-1668)



  • Alexai Vasparov (1989-2000) (Added by article author.)
  • Marius de Romanus (2000-) (Added by article author.)