Overseas Territories of the United Island Empires

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Overseas Territories
of the United Island Empires

Palland Islands
Saint Clare
Volenna Canal
Veteran and Ahober


United Island Empires Saharan Territories


Hong Kong Is (former)
Mara Allaca
United Island Empires Pacific Islands

Other Parts of the World

Gerata Military Base, Europe
United Island Empires Antarctic Territories, Antarctica

The United Island Empires has many small colonies across the world, known collectivly as the Overseas Territories. They are under sovereign rule because the government sees them all as of either economic, territorial or military importance. There are currently 14 oversees territories, spanning right across the world.

11 out of the 14 overseas territories are islands. Most of these territories are disputed, either claiming independence or have a local nation claim the territory for their own.

All citizens of these territories have full citizenship. They are allowed to vote on local elections as well as general elections for the Senate and the Parliament, and all overseas territories votes total for one senate seat. Each one, except for United Island Empires Antarctic Territories, has a its own local governor, who decides on important issues for the local people.

When the first United Island Empires colony, Mara Allaca, was founded in 1851, the Overseas Territorial Constitution was created, which gave all natives of the territories all the rights of a normal citizen, and gave them the ability to find employment in any part of the United Island Empires. It also stipulated that the colonies would be protected by the regular United Island Empires military, and would have the same Laws as the rest of the country. In 1957, after the act of incorporation, the Second Territorial Constitution was written. This gave all of the territories special administrative region status within the United Island Empires. This mean the areas were even closer to the central government, and the Antilles Yent was made the currency of every territory.


Overseas Territories
Territory Founded Capital Population
Arura 1943 Portsmouth 25,600
Bahova 1902 Dumal 23,000
Baratola 1938 New Sekore 106,100
Calabrans 1894 Newton 23,700
Gerata Military Base 1965 none 1,800 military and staff
Mara Allaca 1851 Sril Hari Masha 42,700
Palland Islands 1982 Buggle 5,400 mainly military
Saint Clare 1953 Saint Clare 2,300 military
Veteran and Ahober 1952 Ahober 11,200
Volenna Canal 1949 Hayton 12,800
United Island Empires Antarctic Territories 1954 none 200 staff
United Island Empires Saharan Territories 1942 el Musihad 18,500
United Island Empires Pacific Islands 1914 Mo'hihi 4,800
Zanarterra 1879 Besana 9,800

note: Hong Kong Is is not consider a overseas territory because of it’s large size and population, it is instead a federal state.



1. Arura
2. Bahova
3. Baratola
4. Calabrans

5. Gerata Military Base
6. Mara Allaca
7. Palland Islands
8. Saint Clare

9. Veteran and Ahober
10. Volenna Canal
11. United Island Empires Antarctic Territories
12. United Island Empires Saharan Territories

13. United Island Empires Pacific Islands
14. Zanarterra
15. Mainland United Island Empires
16. Hong Kong Is


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">netherlands-antilles.jpg
Aruran Capital Building

A small trading island in the south of the Lesser Antilles. Won in the Antillean Trade wars and was a trading outpost of the nation of Pilgra. It became a overseas dependency 1943 and has remained a colony ever since. It is now a bustling port in the Trinidad bottleneck, has made alot of money from ships travelling to and from Central America. It is also an important banking centre. The capital of Portsmouth is home to nearly the entire 25,600 population and is famous for it's old Dutch sector next to the ultra-Modern port. The town also has a large tourist industry with people looking for a hot sunny climate and as well as great history. The conquest of Arura has also resulted in a fall in the amount of drugs coming into the north Lesser Antilles, as it was an important port for drug smugglers coming in from South America. The new police force has now started to crack down on these traffickers, as well as the territory's high crime rate.


Bahova is a single island in the Arabian Sea, conquered by the United Island Empires' Foreign Legion in 1902 as a port for imports of oil from the Middle East. It has since become very rich and powerful from this oil money. The capital, Dumal, is now heavily built up. The very poor underclass have often tried to stage uprisings in the years of United Island Empires control, the most notable of which in 1992 where a large military force had to be brought in from the mainland to police the huge riots that were going on. All of these have so far been unsuccessful, but there remains a large military presence in the territory. The financial district of Dumal has become known as the Floating City because it is build on reclaimed land.


The world famous Sampa Doria Hotel

With by far the largest population of any Overseas Territory, the island of Baratola is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, about one thousand kilometres off the coast of the United States of America. The island and the 114 islands surrounding it were claimed in the name of King Rezörk in 1938 after a short conflict with local leaders. It is now the Overseas Territory with the least military numbers per capita.

Because of the large population of over 100,000 Baratola has tried to become a federal state in it's own right, but remained too small to reach quota. The main island is about 100 square kilometres in size, and has nearly all of it's area given up to the tourism, the territory's only major industry. The tallest building on the island, or in any other overseas territory, is the huge Sampa Doria Hotel, which is one of the Tallest Buildings in the United Island Empires, with 2000 rooms, a large shopping mall and even 20 cinéma screens. Seventeen other huge hotel complexes sprawl across the Baratolan countryside, including the resorts of Mesametina and the state of the art artificial island paradise called Tropica Holimattiria. The territory attracts over 200,000 tourists a year, outnumbering the number of citizens. They come for the beaches, the water sports and the incredible services available for travellers.

The hilly islands are a result of ancient volcanoes of which only the very tops are still visible. The rocky outcrops are a sign of ancient movement between the landmasses.

The Senator of the Overseas Territories of the United Island Empires is based in Baratola. His offices are found in the same town of Williamstown.


Founded in 1894, the Calabrans consists of two major islands, Greater Calabran and Lesser Calabrans. Located one thousand two hundred kilometres from mainland United Island Empires, Calabrans is famous for its huge banking sector. The IEC Bank's largest centre outside of Sekore Island is located in the Calabrans, employing over half of the territory's working population. The tourist industry is also growing at an incredible rate.

However, this is not without its price. The once large populations of Dodos and Terrapins has now dwindled because of the large number of tourists and the extent of deforestation done by the Calabrans wing of Indigo Logging.

Gerata Military Base

A military base founded on the tiny island of Gerata in the Mediterranean by the United Island Empires to protect the LAEC's interests in Europe. The 1,800 troops stationed there are mainly from the United Island Empires, but there are troops from many other LAEC nations as well, including Caseia. It is also used to house the United Island Empires fleet, and is used as testing site for the military.

Mara Allaca

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">sriimg20021206_1500144_1.jpg
The Lara Kiri Temple

Mara Allaca is a group of small island in the Indian Ocean, a couple of hundred miles south of India. The islands have a single large port, which is also the capital, is called Sril Hari Masha. The port is the island's second highest employer, behind only the booming tourist industry. It has the second highest population of all overseas territories, with the currant population counted at 42,700. The territory is also home to the Headquarters of Guest Corp Asia. It is a banking centre and the colonial airport is Guest World's regional hub. There is also a huge fishing sector, catching fish to be sold right across the world.

The territory is also home to the Lara Kiri Temple, a famous site of Buddhist pilgrimage. Because of this, a large percentage of the population is Buddhist, the rest being almost entirely Catholic. Religion is very important to the people of Mara Allaca, but like the rest of the United Island Empires, religion still receives no funding.

The area was recently struck by a huge Typhoon, devastating the east coast. Luckily, all major cities and industry was located in the west coast and so no-one was badly hurt. However, it did course millions of Antilles Yent in damages. This is not an uncommon event, and so the government has started on a costly endeavour to make the region less susceptible to damage from these typhoons.

Mara Allaca was the United Island Empires' first colony, founded in 1851. All citizens now consider themselves as United Island Empires residents.

Palland Islands

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">falklands_stanley1.jpg
Buggle from the bay.

Taken in 1982 after a short conflict in the South Atlantic, the group of islands known as the Palland Islands are now under the protectorate control of the United Island Empires. Over half of the currant population of 5,400 are military personnel. The high number of troops in the territory is because of the high risk of invasion from neighbouring nations. The remaining population almost entirely work in someway connected to the four oil rigs that have been build over the last twenty years. These have been built to take advantage of the regions vast oil supplies. The Port of Buggle is a large shipping port, used to export oil from the territory, to bring needed goods in and is used as stop off point for ships travelling from Africa to South America, or vice versa.

The only war in the Palland Islands since the takeover was in 1987. A revolutionary called Thomas de Falio tried to form his own nation, known as Friggen, in the area just north of the Palland Islands. His plan included the invasion of the strategically important island of Korginland in the north of the area under United Island Empires control. On July 7th the invasion began. He took Korginland with relative ease, but the next day, the United Island Empires' military moved in to retake the island after the invasion. The invading forces were quickly crushed, and the local leader had to form his nation elsewhere. The area has remained peaceful ever since.

Saint Clare

Named after Clare of Assisi, the Patron Saint of the United Island Empires. The colony is located just off the coast of Canada. Colonised in 1953 as a base to protect the United Island Empires' interests in the North Atlantic, the population of 2,300 is made up of military personnel and their families. It is the most northerly of any territory under the control of the United Island Empires.

Veteran and Ahober

Volenna Canal

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">panamacanal.gif
The entrance to Lake Huwatal

A canal found in Mexico, it was taken by the United Island Empires by acquisition in 1949. The land was bought on July 2nd 1949 and the construction of one the world largest canals stated later that year. The canal was finished by 1956 and is now one of the busiest shipping lanes in the area.

The canal has about 800 ships travelling across it everyday. The cost of a ship travelling across the canal varies depending on the size and weight of the ship, but usually ranges from 30-150 Antilles Yent, (700-3500 US$).

The territories two major cities, Lana Mexa and the capital, Hayton, are home to most of the population of 11,200 and are situated at opposite ends of the canal, Lana Mexa at the Pacific end and Hayton bordering the Caribbean. The route travels though three lakes, Lake Humatal, Lake Johnson and Lake of Lords.

A large area of coastline was least off of Quintana Roo in 1954 to form the Volenna Canal Zone. However, the land was seized back just over two years later after a Quintana Roo aircraft was shot down over LAEC waters. This means that the territory has had large numbers of military troops present for the last fifty years.

United Island Empires Antarctic Territories

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">antarctica.jpg
The Redbridge Mountain range, United Island Empires Antarctic Territories.

An area of the Antarctic set aside for the United Island Empires in the Antarctic Treaty in 1952. It is the largest Overseas Territory, and is almost as large an area as the whole of mainland United Island Empires. However, it is also the least populated. Has been kept because of large oil reserves known to be found there. The 200 staff are continuing their research into the natural resources that could be there, but there is as of yet no permanent population or industry. The area has been disputed with many nations that are nearer to the territory, and the government has considered stationing troops there. However, no troops have been sent as of yet. If they were to be sent there would be a new military base set up on the large island of Sale.

There have been temperatures recorded as cold as -54°C, and the region has the largest mountain in any part of the United Island Empires territory, Mount Merit. The continuing research into the areas oil reserves has found large patches in the sea to the north and a large plateau known as Williamson's Ridge. An extensive program is soon to be set up to start to mine these areas. When this is started the territory will have its first permanent residents.

United Island Empires Saharan Territories

Also know as United Island Empires Western Sahara

Won in 1942 during the oil wars, this vast area of the Sahara is the second largest of all the Overseas Territories. The area has many oil fields, producing more oil than any other territory or state of the United Island Empires. It is also home to the word famous el Ejida gold mine, where the gold for el Ejida watches is mined. The capital, el Musihad is built on the site of an ancient city, Melihimet. It now has a large airbase and a town. Most of the natives now work on the oil fields. A total of 18,500 people live in the United Island Empires Saharan Territories.

United Island Empires Pacific Islands

Discovered in 1914, the West Pacific Islands of Mo'hihi, Ki'ki'baba and Holo' were colonised by the Bruni family later in that year. The sixteen tribes converted to Christianity and most moved to the mainland United Island Empires. The population of 4,800 now rely almost exclusively of the tourist industry for income, and the islands now boast one of the best set of hotels available. The island is also famous because the rare Ki'ki bird is found only on these islands.


Zanarterra is a small island found off the coast of Africa, that was home to the Utigana Tribe before United Island Empires occupation in 1879. Primarily an island port, there is a strong military presence though fear of invasion from the mainland. The capital of Besana is the largest port on the island, although there are two others with ships coming in from international locations. The town is also home to Hamilton Shipping Company, a company famed for its shipping of goods right across east Africa. The native Utigana tribesmen fled to Botswana when the island was invaded, and so nearly all of the population of 4,800 have come from the mainland United Island Empires.


  • It has been put forward that all Overseas Territories be join to form one federal state, but this has never been employed.

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