Owain ap Cunedda

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Owain ap Cunedda
18 October 1980
8 August 2005
His High Majesty, High King of the Resurgent Dream

High King Owain (Owain Gwynfor Dafydd ap Cunedda), born 18 October 1980, is the sovereign of the Resurgent Dream. His Majesty is fifty-ninth in line of descent from Rhygyfarch, King of Shieldcrest. It should be noted that the descendants of King Rhygyfarch have not held royal title in the last five centuries but have lived as the Dukes of Tasat. Owain is the first of his line since the Homecoming War to be restored to the family's ancient dignity, largely due to the Shattering.

He is also the head of his house, Cunedda-Ambrosius-Kamameha-Gwydion and the Knight Peerless of the Order of the Cup. He has reigned since 8 August 2005. Thus far, his reign has seen three Prime Ministers, Minerva Karamanlis, Adair Scott and Sarah Sacker.

Early life

Owain was born at Tasat in Shieldcrest. His parents were Peredur ap Cunedda and Ygraine ni Cunedda, the Duke and Duchess of Tasat. His two younger sisters were born in 1982 (Gwendolyn) and 1984 (Morgan). From birth, Owain was entitled to the courtesy title of Marquis of Gwynedd. This was the only title he bore until he was inducted into the Order of the Cup at the age of eighteen.

Owain was baptized by Daind Landeck, a Lutheran spiritual leader very influential with his mother. His godparents were Lord Cadhla and Lady Jorun Fagan.

As a child, Owain was very athletic. He enjoyed riding, shooting, and fencing as well as more competitive sports such as pole and croquet. He won the Boys' Athletic Competition at the court of Shieldcrest when he was ten and again when he was twelve.