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Established 1848
Headquartered Liridona, Capitale, Pacitalia
Assets Đ65,001,600,000,000 (10/2005)
Company value Đ398,059,113,244 (10/2005)
CEO Signora Dame Natalie McCarthy-Astor
CFO Signore Willem Pieter Gelderfoort
Board Chairman Signore Massimo Sopratutto-Bega
Slogan We're the bank that puts you first.

Banco di Timiocato, or Pacibank (PAX800: BT) -- English: Bank of Timiocato -- is Pacitalia's third-largest chartered corporate bank by assets and value. It has 13,870 branches in Pacitalia. Through its marketed name, Pacibank, it operates commercial and securities-financial services for 68 of Pacitalia's 100 largest corporations (excluding itself), and personal/retail and automated banking services for 296,232,822 individual accounts in the country. It is the only bank of the five largest that does not operate outside Pacitalia.

History and background

Pacibank is the oldest of the five major banks, and the only one of the five created before 1900. The bank was born when the Government of Francisco Bongiantura created the Pacitalian National Banking Trust in 1848. In 2003, the CEO and CFO of Pacibank, both Pacitalians, retired, leaving the space open for Hamptonian Dame Natalie McCarthy-Astor, 2nd Baronetess, and Knootian Willem Pieter Gelderfoort to take over in the CEO and CFO positions, respectively. This marks the first time in Pacitalian history that a Hamptonian has been a CEO of a major Pacitalian company, and the first time that a female has been a CEO of the Big Five Pacitalian banks. Both Signora McCarthy-Astor and Signore Gelderfoort have been attempting to expand Pacibank to Hamptonshire and Knootoss, but have so far proved unsuccessful in front of a board of directors weary of such a move in the face of competition like BNP Paribas and ABNAmro.


Market capitalisation and asset holdings: Pacibank has consistently been one of the top five Pacitalian banks in terms of market capitalisation. The totals currently stand at about Đ65tn (real). With 296.3 million individual accounts, there is an average of Đ219,594.59 in available funds per account. The value of the company itself stands at about Đ398.1 billion.

Employment: Pacibank employs 69,236 people full-time at six corporate headquarters and 13,870 branches.

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