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The Entire History of the New Pacific Order, as told by former NPO member Vercingetorex.

The Beginning The Cyberverse was officially launched on February 6th, 2006. Nations trickled in slowly because there were no promotions anywhere. People who found the game found it randomly, likely through Google. In this era, there was only one significant event, largely because the game had not actually developed into anything significant its self. Depraved and a few others founded the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, but it was not a modern alliance in any sense of the word. It had a charter and an off site where the main business was to talk about the game. The Imperial Nations Coalition was also founded by Ninja, and the two alliances ended up in war.

Though it was the first war, it was not important or even a real war. INC had the number advantage on GATO and pressed it, but was unable to obtain victory and the two ended in stalemate. Eventually peace was declared. However, when it is said that INC had the number advantage, what it means is that GATO had about 14 people, and INC had 20. When we say they fought to a standstill, it was because that was the only way the game could be fought. There was no tech to steal, infra was not destroyed, there were no tanks or cruise missiles or airplanes, there wasn’t even an anarchy because government had not been installed to the game. The only function of battle was to destroy the opposing nations soldiers, whereupon they would build new soldiers and destroy the other nation’s forces. The two sides reached peace because there was no point to continue. The only reason this matters is that Admin changed the game around to make it more comprehensive and interesting. It is also the only war of any merit where the NPO was not involved.

Growth of the Game The game started to evolve and gain members at this point. GATO was one of the very few alliances at the time, so most ended up there. The oldest INC nations joined GATO too since INC was falling apart. GATO ended up in control and with all of the strongest nations.

More importantly, Admin built the game as we know it now. War became more interesting since it actually caused the destruction of infrastructure and pillaging of land. Anarchy was possible since the feature of governments was added. Religion too entered the game. Strength was measured, and aspects such as population density, team colors, team senates (totally different from what exists now, a senator received a happiness bonus and could see more stats about other nations), and government positions. Resources became more clear, differentiated, and grew in numbers, so getting trades right became important.

CN was gaining popularity because it had become such a complex game, and it was gaining more and more members. Finally somebody from the vastly popular game Nation States found CN and told the NS members about it. The result was the most important migration in CyberNations history. While many members joined, most importantly were the beginning members of the New Pacific Order.

The New Pacific Order’s Origins The Order had been established in NS’ most populous region, the Pacific, as a result of the August Revolution in 2003. On August 28th Emperor Franco led the revolution to take control of the Pacific; his army fought with the power of their convictions, which proved to be the strongest NS had ever seen. After days of conflict, Franco and his army were victorious and declared the New Pacific Order. Even there it was controversial and opposed, but the Order was ever victorious.

The Order’s CN Birth On the 24th of January 2006, Sei created his nation of Narcoleptica in the Cyberverse and began telling his comrades in NS about the game. Within several days a founding core of 10 members had created nations and declared the New Pacific Order as an alliance; Sei, Koona, Karpathos, TrotskysRevenge (Moo-Cows), Vladimir, Redcommunist, Iosef, Lord Valentine, The Mighty Pump, and Blackadder. Members flocked to the Order, both from NS and native CN players. It grew so fast that GATO recognized it’s loss of complete dominance and gave up the chief moderation job on the forums to Ivan Moldavi, who had distinguished himself as leader of the NPO. The NPO also claimed the Red team, becoming the first alliance to ever claim a team. Ivan’s guidance and leadership early on led to his election as Emperor of the Order. The first charter of the NPO was a short and simple one, creating three branches of government; the Emperor, the War Council, and the Alliance Council. The councils were elected each month and had four members each. The War Council held authority over all war matters, and the Alliance Council over Domestic matters and Foreign Affairs. Of course the Emperor had supreme authority and the final say in all matters. This charter is still used in the New Polar Order (see Second Polar War). The first War Council and Alliance Council were voted in and served for the month of February. This council passed the first Non-Aggression Pact and Mutual Defense Pacts with GATO, called the Dove Doctrine and Unity Covenant respectively.

The First Polar War The National Alliance of Arctic Countries was a native CN alliance and had been around since just after the INC-GATO war. Though GATO recognized the amazing growth and subsequent dominance of the Order, the NAAC was jealous of the power NPO had so quickly achieved. NAAC members flamed and insulted the NPO on the public boards, taking every opportunity to poke at the Order. After about a week of enduring the taunts of the NAAC, the NPO declared war. It was over within hours, though officially it lasted much longer. Ivan Moldavi and the first War Council had built the most efficient war machine the world had seen, and their coordinated efforts means NPO soldiers out-maneuvered and out-fought their NAAC counterparts. In the now famous Midnight Blitz tactic, NPO soldiers declared war on NAAC nations just before update, getting in two attacks for the first day, and then two attacks for the following day just after update. This technique of quad-attacking the enemy was unexpected at the time and remains the most effective way to destroy a nation. The NAAC was entirely unprepared and most of their nations were sent into anarchy before anybody even knew what hit them. The war dragged on for four more days, but the results were obvious; the NPO had proved its self to be the dominant force of the Cyberverse. Peace was found and the terms were lenient, though the NAAC had to accept a Viceroy to help them move their alliance forward. This generous term gave the NAAC a chance to prosper in the world. The Viceroy was Tygaland.

The Citrus War February had not even ended when a second threat reared its head; the Orange Defense Network. The ODN was another group that had migrated from Nation States. Called the Alliance Defense Network there, the group adamantly opposed the NPO and fought them at every turn. This animosity carried over into CyberNations, though the NPO held no such contempt for the ODN. However, trolls and agitators within the ODN ranks, namely the leader Generalissimo, Automagfreak, and newcomers theblitz and Prodigal_Chieftain, created contempt. When Automagfreak left the ODN, the NPO roughed him up a bit for his words, and the ODN did not take this lightly. Relations were further harmed when the NPO learned from Seattle that the ODN had planted a spy within the Order and was planning to attack soon. The Pacific began gearing up for war. ODN member KD started the war early, however, and took matters into his own hands by launching a nuclear missile at Sei. The NPO responded with another midnight blitz, and ODN nations all over the globe were pounded into anarchy.

It should be noted that at this time, a revolutionary new aspect of the game was added; foreign aid. Nations could now send and receive money, soldiers, and technology from others. The ODN, though clearly wounded and staggering, sent many of their nations into peace mode and exploited the new feature. While the upper echelons of leadership hid in peace mode, they sent aid to their weary soldiers in the front who were defeated time and time again. In light of their leaders’ cowardice, even agitators such as theblitz and P_C quit the ODN, and the two founded the Grand Global Alliance from the ashes of many ODN nations. The war dragged on for over a month though, becoming the longest war in CyberNations history, a record it still keeps.

The war ended in April, and the price for peace was fitting for the losses caused. All ODN nations, both current and in the future, swore an oath to not take up arms against the Emperor and the Order unto perpetuity. This oath was required for ODN members up until just before the Great Patriotic War.

Uneasy Peace The first Pax Pacifica was ushered in with the end of the Citrus War, and the longest era of peace reigned. The New Pacific Order led this peace and created an environment where, for the first time, nations and alliances were truly able to grow and prosper. Alliances had largely been defense based with very little attention paid to recruitment, banking, and other internal processes. The Pax Pacifica changed this. Without war to worry about, alliances focused on their internal systems. The Order led here too, growing quickly with many new recruits, found through the now exploited private messaging system. They created the most efficient bank and helped to raise the average strength of all their members.

The one notable break in peace was the ICSN War. The International Coalition of Socialist Nations was a small but growing communist alliance, the first of it’s kind. It too had maligned the Order repeatedly, but all insults were shrugged off due to the puny size of the ICSN. Things got serious when an ICSN spy was found within Pacifica’s ranks. The NPO declared war, and the ICSN was soon destroyed as its members were sent into anarchy and fled the alliance. Notable, however, is that the ICSN war was the only war where LUE and NPO were on the same side. LUE too found an ICSN spy among their ranks, and joined the Order in declaring on the fledgling communists.

As power grew however, alliances entered somewhat of an arms race to rival the Order. GATO, Legion, ODN, and NAAC were the forerunners and tried their best to match the strength of the Pacific, but none prevailed. Though they did not best the Order, the gap between the few strongest powers and the mob of small alliances steadily grew. The smallest of the large powers, ODN, had no wish to fall behind the NPO and others, and began to look for allies. They found them in the recently arrived LUEnited Nations, an invasion alliance from the Life, the Universe, and Everything section of the infamous boards. The two signed a Mutual Defense Pact called ‘United For Orange’, or UFO. The UFO pact boosted the standing of the ODN in the Cyberverse, as well as drawing LUE into an anti-NPO stance with their allies.

The NPO continued to grow and outclass other alliances, and a jealous coalition built up against them. Led by the ODN and LUE, the Independence Council was formed; a Mutual Defense Alliance which also included two other alliances; the GGA and the United Civilized States. The GGA was still led by Prodigal_Chieftain, so their anti-NPO stance was evident. Andaras, A famous flamer and troll who vehemently vocalized his hatred of the Order at every opportunity, led the UCS. Though they did not declare their intent to take down the Order, their purpose was obvious. They invited all alliances to join to keep up appearances. The NPO was not fooled.

The NPO went to its allies in GATO and friends in the Legion and NAAC to form a block that would counter the growing hate of the Independence Council. A MDA called the Entente Cordiale was proposed. In a series of late night meetings, leaders from the four alliances drew up the treaty (this chronicler had the honor of writing the first draft as GATO Deputy Minister of Defense, though by the end of rewriting it was primarily Ivan Moldavi’s creation). The Legion pulled out because their members voted down the treaty. In GATO the members passed the treaty, but veto-holder Jormungand vetoed the treaty. When confronted about the reasons for the refusal, Chris_Kaos, Minister of Defense for GATO, refused to give a reason for the cancellation and declared the talks over, withdrawing GATO from any future considerations of the Entente. Hearing of the lack of support, NAAC too withdrew from the treaty. Its allies backstabbed the NPO for the first, but not the last, time.

The response was a diplomatic one; the NPO joined the Independence Council. Since the Council had invited all alliances so as to deepen their support and to hide their true intentions, the NPO had actually been invited. They did not expect the Order to take them up on the offer. The coalition no longer could attack the NPO because of non-aggression clauses within the charter of the Council, and thus it’s purpose faded. The Council soon fell apart.

A notable change in the game during this time was the implementation of alliance specific masks on the main CN boards. As noted before, a small group of alliances distinguished themselves from the rest and gained immense power. These alliances were recognized by having all their members on the CN boards receive a mask specific to their alliance, showing them as a member and coloring their name. The 6 alliances to receive masks were the NPO, Legion, GATO, NAAC, ODN, and GGA.

The Second Polar War, Part I Though little came of the attempts to usurp Pacifican dominance, anti-NPO sentiment spread throughout the Cyberverse. NAAC became a haven for members who desired the downfall of the Order. Most prominently, theblitz joined the NAAC and built up a base of support that consistently pushed the democratic alliance into a stance against the NPO. Minister Arctic, voted into power by this unruly power-block, was wary of the Order and placed a spy within its ranks to learn NPO secrets as well as gain a warning in case of an impending war. The NPO found out quickly, expelled the spy, and held the NAAC accountable.

Diplomatic measures were taken for several days. The NAAC refused to take the blame since they claimed that their leaders did not inform the populace of said spying, and thus the alliance as a whole was not responsible. The spy was removed from the alliance, and Minister Arctic reprimanded, but not removed from power. Seeing that no suitable response was coming, the NPO declared war.

In another midnight blitz, the NAAC was devastated early on. After the NAAC had already been largely destroyed, the Legion and GATO attempted to atone for their previous backstabbing during the Entente scandal and joined the war. NAAC was now fighting against over 4 times their members. Some members, disliking the power of the fanatically anti-NPO block quit the alliance early on. Others quit just to save their nations. Whatever the case, NAAC power faded quickly when confronted with the force of three major powers.

Many alliances tried to recruit the ex-NAAC members to boost their own strength; GATO set up a blue quadrant to allow entrance to their alliance, and LUE created bLUE as a retreat for members. These did not grow beyond a few members though. bLUE failed because all of the anti-NPO members stayed to continue the fight against the NPO and did not desire peace. GATO failed because the NPO presented a better alternative; the New Polar Order, or NpO.

The New Polar Order The New Polar Order was founded to provide a stable and independent alliance for the blue team and NAAC refugees. Unlike GATO and bLUE, which were subordinate to their respective founders, the New Polar Order was to be independent of the NPO. Several NPO members quit the Pacific and joined the Polar to help with the creation, and for a time Ivan Moldavi was Emperor over both. His position was to help create the Polar Order and establish a stable team, which was accomplished quickly. Tygaland succeeded him as Emperor of the NpO once Ivan decided that the alliance was ready to stand on its own.

Seeing the opportunity to join an independent alliance and the opportunity of a stable and well-written government, many flocked to the NpO. Pius XIII and Assington were some of the most notable members to leave for the NpO, and they later helped to govern and lead the young Polar Order.

It was in this climate that GATO elections put a young and inept moralist into the leadership; Vercingetorix (who now writes this history). His first act as leader of GATO was to publicly and crudely denounce the NPO for creating the NpO. He attacked it as a puppet alliance and threat to the world order. In essence, he sold the friendship of the NPO for that of the LUE and ODN. GATO declared a cease-fire (they never actually have declared peace) and stopped attacking the NAAC. The NPO responded by putting the long-standing pacts the Unity Covenant and Dove Doctrine on suspension.

The Second Polar War, Part II The fight dwindled down to just a small number of devoted fighters even before the NpO had been created. Represented primarily on the forums by theblitz, the small faction promised eternal war on the Order. Their hope was to be destroyed almost entirely as a group, then gang up on all NPO recruits, cutting off recruitment to the Order. This tactic failed miserably when enacted because of the ability of the larger NPO nations to send large aid packets to the new recruits, giving them the troops needed to fight as well as putting them out of the reach of the NAAC belligerents.

One reason for the even quicker success of the NPO and destruction of the NAAC were two new weapons; tanks and cruise missiles. Tanks gave a massive offensive and defensive boost to nations who were able to afford them. The NPO devised tactics to use tanks more efficiently and recognized their importance faster, leading to destruction of NAAC forces. Cruise missiles, on the other hand, gave the NPO the ability to take out infrastructure faster than before. Normally, nations in anarchy were generally safe and could only be taken down slowly, but with the advent of cruise missiles, infrastructure could be destroyed quickly even when in anarchy. NPO nations filled every possible war slot of NAAC nations and bombarded them with missiles, destroying infrastructure and the possibility of paying bills or supporting an army.

In the end, the NAAC did not fight eternal war against the NPO, and the remaining group of nations capitulated to the NPO. The peace had no terms; the near total destruction of the NAAC during the war was enough punishment for the spy fiasco. The aftermath was that the NAAC had lost its superpower status and had become a small alliance. This alliance was staffed entirely by members devoted to the destruction of the NPO since only the fanatics had stayed in the alliance during the war. It also established the NpO as a major power its self. Blinded by hate, many continued to see the Polars as nothing but an extension of the Pacific, and anti-NPO sentiment grew.

At the end of the war, the moderation team on the CN boards declared an alliance audit and subsequent reevaluation of the alliance masks. They found that the NAAC had become a shade of it’s former self and that it no longer could be considered a major power. Their mask was thus removed. In searching for the next strongest alliance to replace the NAAC, the moderation team found that the NpO had become the 6th strongest alliance. They were awarded the mask after only several weeks of existence. This caused uproar on the boards and many anti-NPO agitators claimed that the moderators were biased towards the NPO, a claim still repeated today.

Peace Continued All through June peace reigned, though there was certainly tension. The world grew ever more jealous of the Pacific and allies moved slowly away from the Order. GATO, who had helped fight the NAAC, was taken over by anti-NPO extremists Chris_Kaos and Grenval, who did not bother to restore relations with the NPO. The Unity Covenant was cancelled because the overall decline in relations, though the specific trigger was GARO, the Global Alliance and Red Organization. It was a post by Grenval that was meant to be a joke, parodying the creation of the New Polar Order. The level of malice was high though, and nobody in GATO would make Grenval apologize.

More importantly, the month’s break from war pushed an untold number of nations over the precipice to nuclear power. While nukes had still been relatively exclusive in the Second Polar War, it was becoming obvious that the next war would include hundreds of nuclear missiles. To battle this growing threat, admin decreased the destructive power of the weapons. Being on the receiving end of a nuke before this meant that your nation was pretty much destroyed; months of work were blown away. The new nukes were far less powerful. In addition, environment and the Global Radiation Level feature were introduced. Environment was an overall boost to a nation, increasing happiness, income, and population, giving technologically advanced nations even more power, as well as putting emphasis on previously unused resources. The GRL attempted to curb the use of nukes by assessing a penalty on all nations for the use of nukes. For every nuke used, the environment would decrease a certain percentage for all nations. This, however, did absolutely nothing to stop the usage of nukes.

The Great Patriotic War Part I, Beginning The tensions that escalated the start of the Great Patriotic War all began on July 11th, 2006. LUEnited Nations leaders publicly accused NPO Regent, Vladimir of being a handler of a spy in LUE. Before the Order had a chance to tell their side of the story, LUEnited Nations decided it would be best to dissolve the non-aggression pact between the two respective alliances. Hours passed as the two sides debated the issue. Finally, Vladimir had stated he was approached by a random player offering to spy on LUE for him and that he accepted the offer with the intention of alerting LUE. Vladimir then apologized for forgetting to warn LUE of a possible spy in their midst. After that things quieted down for the next few days. Until on the evening of July 15th when LUE co-leader Yaridovich posted a story in the Open World Forum containing a number of graphic stories, including a fictional account of the rape and mutilation Empress Rysonia of the International Green Coalition and a large banner of goatse to go with it.

Outrage was expressed from all corners of the Cyberverse, except within LUE. In the IRC rooms of the alliance, laughter and applause rang through the halls as members of LUEnited Nations expressed their delight in the post. They all found humor in the rape story, which prompted a swift but unimpressive apology from the remaining leaders of LUE. With this, the leaders of the Orders met with the heads of the ODN, the Legion, and the GATO to the best way to handle the situation and the future of LUE. Throughout the course of the chat the only viable solution to the problem itself was for the ODN and GATO to dissolve it's defense pacts with LUEnited and watch the world wage war on them for support of the Yaridovich thread.

However Tygaland, Emperor of the New Polar Order did not have the same patience as everyone else. By putting his foot down, he launched a nuclear assault on one of the main supporters of the thread. This was seen by most LUEsers a de factor declaration of war by both Orders, although the Pacific had made no such declaration. Anomaly, co leader of LUEnited Nations took it upon himself to respond in kind against an innocent NPO member. Over the next fifteen minutes, members of the Orders exchanged nuclear blows with LUEnited until Emperor Moldavi formally declared war on the LN. The Pacific/Polar vs. LUEnited war itself waged on for a very short time. Yoda, Assembly Chairwoman of the GATO came public and openly declared war on the Orders in defense of LUEnited Nations as per the terms of the GATO-LUE mutual defense pact but in violation of the Dove Doctrine, the GATO-NPO non aggression pact. Shortly after GATO's entrance the IGC, in defense of their Empress's honor, declared war on LUE and by extension - GATO.

The war was now in full swing. Days went by as the newly styled 'CoaLUEtion' grew in size and strength. Alliances such as the Coalition of Green States, NAAC and GGA and a plethora of uninvolved miniscule alliances declared support of LUE and began assaults on the Orders. At this point the New Pacific Orders only remaining mutual defense partner, The Legion, had refused to assist the Order against those uninvolved groups and declared neutrality. One of the more controversial declarations was that of the ODN. As per the surrender terms of the long over Citrus War all members of the orange alliance had sworn an oath to Emperor Moldavi swearing to never raise arms against him again. This Oath stood above all. Though their now activated MDP with LUE was a way to exact revenge on the Order. Their decision was made and they waged nuclear war against the NPO, in violation of their Oath. On July 18th the IGC's will to fight had withered away and they settled a separate peace accord with the CoaLUEtion, leaving the Orders stranded by themselves against the entire planet.

Despite being outnumbered heavily with most of the world in arms against them, the two Orders stood resolutely. Unlike the hastily formed CoaLUEtion, the Orders worked together, coordinated attacks to cause maximum damage, and utilized aid waterfalls from bank nations. No alliance in the CoaLUEtion had any such waterfall or military coordination, much less the CoaLUEtion itself.

The Great Patriotic War Part II, The Coven July 22nd was one of the most eventful days during the war. Kicking it off was the expulsion of NPO Alliance Councilor Nosedondekistan for his involvements in the secret organization 'The Coven of the Lost', a small group consisting of high ranking members in different alliances who's goal was to manipulate situations in the Cyberverse for their own amusement. Other members included AC Yoda of GATO and EvilCartyen of the Legion. The second main event of the 22nd was the first ceasefire and peace talks between the Orders and the CoaLUEtion. GATO was in a state of chaos due to the betrayal of their leader, and called the ceasefire to sort their government out. The rest of the CoaLUEtion engaged in peace talks with the Orders, led by the LUEnited nations. They demanded over forty million dollars in reparations from the Orders but Emperor Moldavi refused to pay them for anything. With this refusal the war raged on.

The most important fall out initiated by the Coven originated from the traitor Nosedondekistan. In a final attempt to manipulate the Cyberverse, by cherry picking logs from the NPO's private channel as a few high ranking members vented their frustration of the Legion's refusal to honor their treaty and sending them off to Legion officials, the Coven managed to have the NPO's only remaining ally declare war on them. They declared war on the NPO, breaking both the Proletariat Pact and the Imperial Accords. The Legion never even talked to the NPO about these allegations, instead preferring to believe the traitor Nosedondekistan whose declared purpose was to manipulate the Cyberverse. The NPO proved there was no such plan, but war had already been declared.

The Legion’s influx of power into the opposing side finally broke the deadlock between the two sides. The NPO had held it’s own against far superior numbers until this point, but the added strength of the Legion tipped the scales.

The Legion's entry into the battle managed to make the Order lose its spot as the number one alliance and cause a number of surrenders from individual nations. After the initial sneak attack, a ceasefire was called and the Orders went to the peace tables with Legion and the ODN. Emperor Moldavi apologized to the Legion for the IRC conversations that took place. He also apologized to the ODN for the Oath they had to swear at the end of end of the Citrus War. The two alliances also asked for the resignation of Tygaland as Emperor of the Polar Order. This was complied with and Tyga stepped down, naming Electron Sponge as his successor. With this, the ODN and Legion announced peace with the Orders after only a day of fighting.

The name ‘Great Patriotic War’ came from this time as resignations from the Order became common. While its enemies saw it as a victory, the Order knew that it was purifying itself through the crucible of war; the weak and cowardly were cast off, leaving only the devoted and true, the patriots.

The Great Patriotic War Part III, The End With the withdrawal of two major forces from Pacifican isles, the war was once again on a level playing field. Though there was much left to be done. The fighting remained fierce with the remnants of the CoaLUEtion and bombs were still being dropped. The coming days would be full with much confusion as temporary ceasefires were issued and retracted almost daily. Leaders of the CoaLUEtion, angered with the ODN/Legion withdrawal began to manipulate ceasefire time spans to launch sneak attacks on the Orders. Peace was reached in time, however, with only two stipulations.

First, Electron Sponge had to apologize for the war on behalf of the New Polar Order. The LUE demanded that the apology be run by them before being published, just to make sure it was acceptable. After around 5 drafts, each refused, Electron Sponge finally had his apology cleared by the CoaLUEtion.

Second, Ivan Moldavi had to post a public apology to the LUE and their allies for the war. He proceeded to apologize for the New Pacific Order’s continued success since the jealousy of that strength caused the war. The CoaLUEtion accepted it.

Besides these apologies, no other terms were given to the Order. On August first the war officially came to a close. The CoaLUEtion celebrated and claimed victory, while the Orders rebuilt.

One of the most amazing aspects of the war was the sheer number of nuclear missiles launched. Tygaland was the first to launch a nuclear device, obviously, soon followed by the LUE. The first NPO nuke was launched by Anthony, who fired it a mere 6 seconds after the official declaration of war from the Pacific. The Global Radiation Level was at the cap of 3 stars off from each nation for over three weeks after the war, though without the cap, it should have been a 5.88 star reduction. This means that at least 294 nuclear weapons were launched during the war.

Era of Mutual Defense Pacts Most in the CoaLUEtion saw the Great Patriotic War as a complete victory for their side, despite the numbers proving otherwise. They still feared the NPO however, even more so than before, because they assumed the Order would be out for revenge. They looked to their allies in the war to create what was known as the Web; a series of Mutual Defense Pacts between a group of alliances that cemented all of them together. GATO, NAAC, and LUE led the charge with the Coalition of Dark States and League Of Small Superpowers being brought in. ODN, Legion, and the GGA participated too, but not to the same extent as the five main spinners, as they came to be known. This web of pacts ensured that if any single one of them were attacked, at least 6 other alliances would be drawn into the fight immediately.

The fear that held these alliances was created by the rapid and amazing recovery of the Order. Once the war ended, the NPO had fallen to third over all and most considered it no longer a threat. By the end of August, the Order had regained the top spot, utilizing aid trees and superior organization. Not only was Pacifica again number one, it was even stronger than before the war.

Most significantly, on September 30th, Ivan Kalinsky Moldavi stepped down as Emperor of the New Pacific Order after 9 months of being the most influential member in the Cyberverse. Just previously there had been a shuffle inside the Imperial Ranks, and Dilber replaced Vladimir as Regent and successor to the Emperorship. Dilber became the second Emperor of the NPO.

Coalition Building Dilber was convinced that the draw in the Great Patriotic War was caused by a lack of faithful allies, especially in GATO and the Legion. Had either entered the war on the side of the NPO, as they should have, the war would have ended vastly different. It was obvious that new allies were needed, ones that the Order could actually trust.

Rather than allying with already established powers who had fought against the Orders, Dilber led the NPO into finding new and upcoming allies to befriend. The Great Patriotic War had led many to desert their alliances, so many new alliances were formed. The War also distracted most alliances from foreign politics so several groups from other sites entered the game. The NPO pursued alliances in all sorts of positions.

The benefit of allying with young alliances was that a bond of friendship stronger than of the former MDPs was established. The NPO aided the small alliance to bring up its strength, coached them on military affairs, introduced them to world politics, and gave them a head start in managing their internal affairs. The alliances receiving such treatment grew and prospered while forming an affinity for the Order. Such alliances were the Goons Order Of Neutral Shoving, an alliance from the SomethingAwful boards, the Federation of Armed Nations, from a gun-lovers forum, the Viridian Entente, established by Egore, and what would later be called Nordreich, a German patriotic alliance founded by former NPO members. All of these signed Mutual Defense Pacts, and the GOONS signed the historic “Let’s Be Drinking Buddies” pact, which was a Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact between The NPO, NpO, and GOONS.

Another notable pact was the Round Table Accords signed with the Grand Global Alliance. While the GGA fought with the CoaLUEtion and was led by anti-NPO firebrand Prodigal_Chieftain, this changed in September. The members of the GGA had finally tired of being ruled by such an incompetent and hateful leader, so they staged a coup and took him out of power. While P_C did not go down easy, every move cost him more. He called the popular new government traitors and tried to form another GGA, promising eternal war on the usurpers. He was eventually banned for foul language and harassing other members, though it was not needed, as his power had been broken. The GGA, now without a bigot at the helm, became very friendly with the NPO. After time, the two trusted each other enough to sign an MDP; the Round Table Accords.

These treaties would later form the backbone of the World Unity Treaty, or Initiative.

CoaLUEtion Idiocy After the Great Patriotic War, the former CoaLUEtion did more than just stagnate; it made itself look stupid.

The first series of events was the rogue alliance led by Good King Chinaman, or GKC, a former LUE leader whose hate of the NPO caused him to go rogue. He thought that the Orders got off too leniently and that they should have been crippled permanently. Still hoping to do so, he arranged a group of nations to attack the Orders from time to time. While very little damage was done, many alliances cheered him on.

Occurring at largely the same time was the NpO recognition scandal. While the Polar Order was not initially recognized by GATO, they had established relations and were on fairly good terms. Despite the precedent, Grenval, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs, asserted that GATO still did not recognize the NpO. For the following week, nobody knew what was going on. Assembly Chairman Letum and Grenval resigned, and were replaced by leaders who did not solve the problem. Then those leaders resigned and Letum was unconstitutionally put in charge again. Eventually the NpO ordered an official response within 24 hours. GATO did not follow through, so Electron Sponge severed diplomatic relations with GATO and declared that they no longer recognized the alliance, instead calling it a puppet state of LUE. NPO and GOONS also withdrew diplomatic ties. In the end Letum posted that the Polar Order was politically but not militarily sovereign from the Pacific Order.

Later came the Cyber Nations Anti-Rogue Force, led by the future GATO Minister of Defense Walford, aka Pauline. The idea, officially, was to assemble an inter-alliance team of nations that would further peace by declaring war on rogue nations. What it meant in practice was that members of CNARF could war on other nations for the purpose of capturing technology as long as the attacked nation had attacked anybody else in its past. In addition, GATO supported this exploitation of neutral nations by defending and aiding any CNARF member who found themselves outmatched by their target. The Legion had tried something similar, but backed off due to international pressure. CNARF was similarly pressured out of existence, but it took far longer and further marred GATO’s reputation.

After the Initiative and League had been formed (addressed below), New Reverie and LOSS initiated the last scandal. New Reverie entered the Red Team, the domain of the New Pacific Order, and began to run for a senate seat. Looking for the power to sanction leading NPO nations, he sent out hundreds of messages to Red team nations asking for their vote citing the need to destroy the Order. He was unsuccessful, but the Pacific took notice of his feeble attempts. They quite reasonably asked LOSS to reprimand their member and recall him from the Red Team. LOSS refused to act and would not take responsibility for its member. The NPO took things into their own hands and threatened to destroy New Reverie, since if LOSS did not accept responsibility for NR’s actions, they would not defend him if under attack. New Reverie whined and used fear-mongering tactics to gain support, but when the deadline came, he had left the Red Team.

The Initiative The first event that had an impact on the Initiative was the Maroon War, occurring just before the CNARF scandal. The war was between the International Communist Party and a number of Maroon alliances including Nordreich. The ICP entered maroon in the hopes of controlling the team, and therefore the forum mask (Admin had declared that each team would get one mask. This policy was never actually implemented). The Maroon team had signed an agreement in the past to defend itself from such action, so the united alliances declared war on the ICP. NPO, NpO, and GOONS entered the war too to support its ally Nordreich. The relationship was soured when Nordreich declared an unconditional peace with the ICP once it moved to pink instead. Nordreich had not consulted its allies, who wished to continue the war and obtain a different peace.

The Initiative began with talks between FAN, GOONS, NpO, and NPO, who essentially wanted to add FAN to the Drinking Buddies treaty. As talks progressed, more alliances were invited in for their strong bonds with the four already at the talks. The Viridian Entente, The Order of the Paradox, the Grand Global Alliance, Maroon Defense Coalition, Confederation of Independent States, and >_< filled out the list of the future Initiative. Many more were considered, but the goal of the Initiative was not to just create a power block; it was to create a stable, written bond between a group of friends. Alliances were selected for their relationship with the others as well as for ideological and organizational aims. The results were that the Initiative alliances all knew each other well and were compatible with the aims of all the others. All signed the World Unity Treaty, creating the largest group of alliances the world had ever seen. All were allied underneath a Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact. This block became the leading power in the world, and immediately the former CoaLUEtion into a state of panic.

Fearing the NPO and its new allies, the alliances of the Web looked to form a similar pact to protect them. The League was hastily thrown together as a Mutual Defense Pact between desperate alliances looking to each other only as protection. Though some knew the others well, alliances were brought in simply because they were united by fear of the Initiative. NAAC, GATO, LUE, and ICP were the main powers, accompanied by the League Of Small Superpowers, Global Organization for Liberty and Defense, Coalition of Dark States (formerly Coalition of Green States), and the Allied Coalition of International Defense. The Organization of Imperial Nations and Blue Turtle Alliance were added later, both during the GPWII.

The two power blocks vied for dominance, though the Initiative was clearly stronger. Most in the League considered ODN and Legion as unofficial members since they held Mutual Defense Pacts with many of the League alliances. This turned out to be a poor belief.

The Great War II, The Farklands It all started with Nordreich. One of their recruitment videos hosted on YouTube used footage of German soldiers as well as the Norwegian National Anthem. The Government of Norway thought that their Anthem was being used for a Neo-Nazi organization and called on YouTube to remove it. No harm was done, but the issue made the news around the Internet and brought great publicity to the game. The site caught wind of this, and some of their members joined the game.

The first invasion of Farkers was small and uncoordinated. Expecting more members to come from the 40,000 member strong Fark boards, LUE agitator Masta Blasta and anti-NPO bigot theblitz attempted to organize the Fark nations into an anti-Initiative force called Farkistan. They promised eternal war on GOONS, since Fark and SomethingAwful had a famous rivalry. The GOONS took into account their defense and decided to quell the hateful alliance before it could grow. They declared war on Fark.

LUE had welcomed Farkistan with open arms and were already trying to recruit the alliance into the ranks of the League. They hoped that more and more Farkers would come and give a strength and numbers advantage to the League. They provided experience and aid in building Farkistan into a meat shield against the NPO. These plans were interrupted by the GOONS war.

Unveiling a secret MDP that had supposedly been signed with Farkistan before the war broke out, the LUE retaliated against GOONS. Backing up their allies, the Pacific and Polar Orders attacked LUE nations already involved with GOONS nations, but did not declare war on the full alliance. GATO and NAAC soon declared war on the entire Initiative, citing their inapplicable Mutual Defense Pact. The rest of the League soon followed. CDS even broke a Mutual Defense Pact with the GGA to pursue war on the rest of the Initiative.

The Great War II, The League’s Fall The League hoped for another ‘victory’ like the Great Patriotic War, and the anti-NPO governments in charge of most League alliances had been looking for an excuse for war for a long time. Bandwagon alliances like OIN, BTA, and several others declared war too in their jealously of Initiative power.

Their plans fell apart quickly. Though the initial attacks caused noticeable damage to GOONS and the Orders, little was done about the remaining Initiative members. When these alliances entered the war, they wrecked havoc upon the League. TOP attacked GATO and near single-handedly wiped out all of GATO’s highest nations. FAN attacked primarily NAAC targets and obliterated them in their self-titled FANpiles. CIS, >_<, VE, and the GGA also fought valiantly, showing the world how smaller alliances could cause massive damage.

Nordreich, the Maroon Defense Coalition, and the Illuminati also fought alongside the Initiative due to their long friendship with many Initiative alliances. The Legion barred them from attacking though, claiming that they were attempting to keep the conflict from escalating, even though they allowed the bandwagon nations to fight for the League. Instead the friends of the Initiative attacked only the League’s bandwagon and tore apart the cowardly alliances.

After five days, LUE resigned from the League and the rest of the League nations surrendered to the victorious Initiative. The only terms were that GATO and NAAC were to publicly accept responsibility for needlessly escalating the war, which they agreed to.

The war on Fark and LUE carried on for much longer. LUE eventually surrendered several weeks later after 90% of their nations had zero infrastructure. The Initiative agreed that the LUE had been the root of too may wars in the past and that the best course of action was to keep them from threatening peace again. The terms were designed to keep the LUE from rising again in the near future, and the terms were enforced with all precision. LUE attempted to find loopholes in the terms and to secretly disobey them, but the Initiative was ever watchful and held the LUE to terms.

The war on Fark never ended, as they are still intent on destruction of the GOONS. In the chaos led to the creation of a different Fark alliance called TotalFarkistan, which is composed of Fark members who do not wish to be led by flamers and meat puppets. This alliance has been widely recognized by the world and especially the Initiative.

Notable is the fact that this war carried on with almost no nuclear missiles launched. The very few Initiative nations who launched nuclear devises were condemned and removed from their alliances. League nations launched almost 10 times as many nukes, even though they too were declared rogues and expelled. Instead, the war was carried out with conventional weapons and Aircraft. This war was the first to involve planes, and Initiative alliances used the weapons better than League nations (except some in NAAC, who were surprisingly well coordinated compared to the rest of the League), resulting in a quicker and more efficient destruction of League nations.

Interwar The peace after the fall of the League was a short one, as the defeated forces moved quickly to solidify their support against the NPO and its allies. However, the short time between wars was still dominated by several events in the Pacific.

First, Emperor Dilber the Pantsless Thunderbolt resigned from office. Despite quite clearly defeating his enemies in battle, he was unable to defeat the menace of ‘real life.’ Dilber stepped down and crowed Trotsky’s Revenge, a.k.a. Moo-Cows, as the new Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Moo had served faithfully as an Imperial Officer and Regent, contributing heavily to the growth of the Order and particularly to the war efforts in the Second Great War. He has been in the Order for many years, reaching back into the realm of NationStates. Personally, I think of the three Emperors as such; Ivan was the warrior who brought the NPO to prominence through might and military planning. Dilber was the diplomat who secured the NPO’s place through foreign affairs, namely the World Unity Treaty. Moo has been the organizer, creating a larger and more efficient bureaucracy and overhauling the Order’s day-to-day affairs.

Soon after the Divine Bovine Emperor had assumed power, there was a change in the charter sponsored by the Emperor and voted upon by the people. The councils were abolished and replaced by a single Council to oversee all domestic affairs. War powers and Foreign Affairs were placed firmly under the Emperor and his officer’s control. Council members also served two months, with three being elected each month in a rotating cycle.

The third event was named Pax Pacifica, and was the greatest single organized distribution of aid to ever hit CyberNations. All told, the Pacific Bank distributed 615 million Pacifican Francos in foreign aid throughout the world. Some stayed within the alliance to build up nations, while the great majority was distributed to our Initiative allies.

Outside of the NPO, the League officially disbanded, though the entire MDP web of the past remained in place, so very little changed. The opposition forces simply lost their name. Their plotting and hatred for the NPO did not change either. GATO Assembly Chairman Vincent Xander appeared intelligent and hoped to reconcile with the NPO, creating some hope for the Worst Alliance Ever. However, his true colors were soon revealed, and VX began to plot with the Legion to destroy the Order. Though the Legion refused all his proposals, logs of these chats leaked out to the public. While there was lots of debate and conflict about the logs, it was clear when VX himself had said, “I mean to hurt them [NPO].” While the threat was meaningless, it set the stage for the war to come.

The Retribution (Great War III), the beginning The war began as a buildup of events rather than a single trigger. First came VX’s foreign affairs botch-up. Second, GATO Congressman Cheyenne began to tell the Organized Nations Of Superiority that the NPO was plotting to destroy the growing neutral alliance. While ONOS never believed him, and a short chat with the NPO confirmed the claims lie, it further soured relations between the Pacific and GATO. Finally a GATO spy was found within the Order’s ranks. While diplomacy was attempted, GATO denied any involvement despite overwhelming proof. War was declared.

At first the war was just between GATO, the NPO, and several Initiative allies. GATO’s strength began to plummet, as did its member count. It was obvious that they were absolutely no match for the greater power and organization of the Initiative. Though the war was one of retribution for the spying incident, leaders of the Initiative still expected GATO’s allies and the remnants of the League to support GATO. In the Initiative forums a contingency plan was built for each of the possible alliances that would fight for GATO. This plan was leaked, and many alliances considered it a plan of aggression. After several days of leaving GATO alone to fall, alliances began to enter on their behalf. The ODN declared war on GOONS, who was entirely uninvolved at the time. Legion declared on FAN and TOP, who were not only uninvolved, but also held NAPs with the Legion. These treaties were broken so the Legion could enter the war. LUE rejected its surrender terms from the previous war to join in the fight. /b/, an invading alliance from the infamous boards of the same name, even broke its charter which promised neutrality to attack the VE simply because they were jealous that the VE had just recently beaten them in the race for a mask. While GATO’s side broke many treaties to enter the war, no Initiative alliance or other ally broke their pacts to fight in the war. To rally and boost morale many members of GATO and its allies quoted the recently released movie, 300. While they spouted off overused quotes such as, “Tonight, we dine in hell!” the Initiative responded by agreeing and making sure their nations found their way to hell.

The Retribution, The Flatliners The entire world predicted a close battle between the Initiative and its enemies as they were nearly even in strength and numbers (Initiative held a slight advantage, but not in numbers). However, the war became one sided very quickly; any alliance that entered against the Initiative plummeted quickly. GATO continued to lose over 100,000 strength per day, as did ODN, NAAC, /b/, and others. Legion topped them all by bleeding out an astounding average of 500,000 strength every day.

While the opposition searched for a name (CoaLegion and especially Aegis were used by them), the name that stuck was the name they earned from the Initiative; the Flatliners. The name came from the flat line of a cardiogram of a dying patient, just as the heart of the Pacific’s enemies was beating its last.

Losing miserably, the Flatliners became desperate. Most declared that the game was over and that the Initiative had won. They foresaw a CN where the Pacific and its allies controlled the world with an iron fist and destroyed all freedom. Members began to quit the game just because they couldn’t win, others left to neutral alliances, and most just became independent. One Legion member held two accounts; one normal account and one account of a deceased friend that Admin let him keep as a way to remember the departed. This Legion member, however, used the friend’s nation to aid Legionnaires, then when the nation was attacked posted a big, emotional plea on the boards. He called the Initiative monsters for attacking the nation of a deceased player, ignoring the fact that he had been using the nation to fight in the war. It was soon leaked that his plan the whole time was to use the nation to fight, then trying to make the Initiative look evil by making the emotional plea to save the nation from destruction. This was not even the worst case though; the worst case was when an entire alliance decided the game was over.

/b/ was promised eternal destruction by the VE for their opportunism in declaring war. With Initiative help, VE seemed poised and ready to deliver said eternal destruction to the alliance. Instead of face their irresponsible action and attempt to make amends, /b/ instead tried to destroy the entire game. The alliance disbanded and declared that its members would become rogues against the Initiative. But they did not stop there; /b/ members, including their leader, began to spam the boards with pictures of mutilated animals and porn. And not just porn, but goatse, bestiality, and child porn. The small staff of moderators online at the time fought to combat the plague, but they were outnumbered by the /b/ vermin. Finally a board admin was found who promptly closed the boards down.

InvisionFree nearly shut the boards down because of the incident, and the staff kept the forum offline for the better part of a week to let the community calm down. /b/ was not finished though. Plotting at their offsite forum, the anonymous members of the board distributed programs to its members that would suck up all the bandwidth of the targeted server, in an illegal attack called a Denial-of-Service attack. Their target was CN. At midnight when the server was already under pressure, the /b/ members tried to shut CN down. Luckily CN leaders caught wind of the attack and ordered all their members off the game to keep the server’s load as low as possible. It worked, but /b/ refused to just admit defeat. Failing to overload the server, they stole the source code for CN. Admin shut the game down for the weekend just to be safe, and also because he did not want to deal with further /b/ attacks since his daughter had just been born that day. The war was on pause for several days as the game took a break. The members who attacked CN may be punished with a federal crime for their illegal attacks, but as of yet none have been tracked down to our knowledge.

The Retribution, The End Once the boards and game had returned, many assumed that the war was over. The Flatliner forces were just as disgusted at /b/’s actions, and assumed that because their ally had so ignobly departed, the war would be called off. They were wrong, and the war continued. Flatliner strength continued to plummet, and members surrendered in droves. Several times alliances entered that they hoped would turn the tides of the war, such as the Grämlins and Old Guard, who were made of almost entirely high strength nations. These alliances fell too, and their glimmers of Flatliner hope were crushed.

The alliances opposing the Initiative began to look for peace. Initiative leaders asked for suitable reparations as well as the decommission of military forces for several months to ensure the peace. Though most alliances rejected these terms, they started accepting them once they realized that the only other choice was total destruction. ODN, Legion, and GATO all surrendered, as well as a fair number of the bandwagon alliances.

However, several refused to accept the terms and chose destruction rather than peace. Several small alliances were disbanded and their individual members found peace on their own. LUE also disbanded, finally ending their long history of deceit and war. Some members were sentenced to eternal ZI, while the greater part were allowed to go their own ways. The NAAC, after 5 major wars with the NPO, finally fell once and for all and disbanded rather than accept the reasonable terms. Most agree that the only reason they took this road was because of their leader, Protector Almighty Grub, who had a thing for 300 and last stands. He and his alliance fell without allies, honor, or glory.

Pax Pacifica It is in this victorious climate that the New Pacific Order dominates the world, with the help of its allies. All opposition has been crushed and some once mighty alliances have even lost their masks, leaving the Initiative as the sole world power. An era of peace unlike the Cyberverse has ever seen is being led by Pacifica. There are those who still jealous of the NPO, and they may rise up, but the Pacific will be ever victorious. Their jackboots will continue to beat the enemies of the Pacific into the ground and leave them behind in the mud of history. Pacifica marches ever on; ever honorable, ever victorious.