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This article contains information about Paganism as it relates to Nationstates. For more general information, please see the Wikipedia article on the topic.

Paganism is a broad term which, in modern usage, refers to a range of nature-based and polytheistic religions, as opposed to Abrahamic monotheistic faiths. Anthropologists do not generally use this term, which is too broad to give a meaningful description of any people's beliegs, and instead prefer more precise terms like animism, shamanism, or polytheism. The term pagan is often considered pejorative and thus, in many multicultural societies, is only used to refer to extinct or obscure religious traditions.

Paganism in NationStates

  • Kirav and the Kiravian Empire, host a large Pagan population, expected to be around 450 million. They adhere to a variety of creeds, including Wicca, Druidism, Tengriism, Shamanism, Naturalism, Elementalism, Totemism, and Arbourism.