Paradise City

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Thorland's snowy Amadean Mountains rise over downtown Paradise City. The city has become considerably warmer (considering its Antarctic climes) in recent years, thanks to the Federal Republic's calculated "defiance" of UN conventions regarding fossil fuels.
Paradise City
Nation: Omigodtheykilledkenny
Function: Capital
Population: 125.6 million
Leader: Brad Street

Paradise City (motto: "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty") is the capital and a major seaport of the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny. Located in the federally administered Kenny Memorial District on Thorland, the city is home to over 120 million people (making it the third-largest city in OMGTKK), and its metropolis, incorporating nearby Basin City and Summit City, is the largest in the Antarctic Oasis region. As the capital of its founding nation, Paradise City is naturally a major hub of Antarctic Oasis politics; it has been the site of regional delegate competitions as well as the Allied Antarctic Asskickers treaty-signing ceremony (though the alliance is headquartered in The 'Burgh). Most federal government offices are located on Frowning Street within the city's Green Zone. The presidential residence is at 10 Frowning Street, and nearby Embassy Row, where most national embassies are situated, lines intercepting Van Diesel Road.

Aside from its political importance, Paradise City also bears major cultural significance for Kennyites. It is the most famous city in OMGTKK, the setting for many Kennyite films and television programs, and the home of a major NS (American) football franchise, the Paradise City Dumbasses. East Paradise City is the reputed birthplace of current OMGTKK President Manuelo Fernanda, an international celebrity of sorts. The city proper is also a major center of international trade and cultural exchange, and the home of many foreign immigrant communities, notably the Gelziens and Kawaiians. Unfortunately, it is also home to a major Xt'Tapolopaquetl community, and the resulting militant violence has made Paradise City one of the most violent cities in the NS world. It has been dubbed "Baghdad without the Burqas."

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