Partido Nacional-Republicano

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Partido Nacional-Republicano
Headquarters: Ponta Delgada
Nationality: Azores
Specialty: Pharmaceuticals
Storefront: European Affairs

The Partido Nacional-Republicano is the ruling party in the Azorean Republic, being also one of its major corporate groups.

It comprises several pharamceutical and petrochemical subsidiary industries, detaining many monopolies across Europe. Its main competitors are the Eiffellandian Novartis and the Erlangen-Ansbacher Sendelbeck Gruppe.


The PNR was founded by Proconsul José do Canto, in 2002. After Prime Minister Faria e Castro stepped out of office, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs rose to power, forcing an unholy alliance between Liberal Republicans, Christian Democrats and Fascists. From that coaliation, the PNR was born.

The ban on communist and socialist parties, movements and activities, and the incorporation of several loose monarchist, fascist, libertarian and nationalist movements into the PNR solidified and guaranteed its power over the Fifth Azorean Republic.


The PNR assumes itself as a free-market authoritarian party. The fact that it comprises such a wide range of right-wing ideologies has made it adopt radically different stances throughout the years. It has, however, always maintained its capitalist, meritocratic base. Given that Republican Parliaments and the Senate have its members elected by the population, one could argue that the PNR is a democratic party, albeit not following a traditional democratic system.


There is a strong PNR intervention in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors. Detaining several subsidiary companies in these fields, it bears a formidable and influent presence on them at an international level. Some accuse it of having ties to the illegal drug market, while others even cry out that it manipulates Azorean legislation in order to legally use mind-control drugs. It is listed in the FTSE and the MBX-20.


  • 2002-2003 - José do Canto
  • 2003-2004 - José Gonçalves
  • 2004-2005 - Manuel Rebello
  • 2005 - - Arantes Barbosa