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The Socialist Republic of Pastocia

(Seal of The Imperial Senate)

Motto: Arbeiter Der Welt....Vereinigen!
Region PEEL
Capital Pastantinople
Largest city Lecapeni
Official languages Native Pastocian, PEEL Standardised Language
Elected Body:
Foreign Minister
Socialist Democracy
Katherine Minos
Pastus Wilhelm, Gaius Ciro
The Imperial Senate
Nasty Pasty
Elected Party:
Pastocian Communist Party
Aleksander Tatarin
Formation 2050 STS
 - Total
4,201,056 km² (14th)
 - Total
 - Density
1,306,000,000 (34th)
358/km² (52nd)
Government Priority
 * Total
 * Per Capita

$33,607,500,000,000 (32nd)
Currency Bodegia
Time zone
 - in summer
WST+1 (MBT-1)
Internet TLD .pa
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML


The People's Socialist Republic of Pastocia is one of the fastest-growing Communist nations in the PEEL Region, and is an administrator of the COMECON Alliance.


Pastocia spans many territories across the region, and are divided into "Themes", each with it's own regional Capital:

Mainland Pastocia

EA1.a (Vienna): Capital-Pastantinople

EA1.b (Bismaerk): Capital-Stadti

EA1.c (Nordwien): Capital-Lecapeni

EA1.d (Sonnunter): Capital-Geneva-Neu Holland

EA1.e (Robonia): Capital-Calculia

Eastern Outlying Territories

EO1.a (Nerdi): Capital-Ramia

EO1.b (Insel): Capital-Aquaria


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Climate and Geography

With it's numerous territories spread across the region, Pastocia is a nation of many different lands and weather.

Mainland Pastocia is in a temperate climate and much of it is covered in thicks forests. The nation also has three rivers within and along it's borders: The Rhyen(which forms Pastocia's border with the Obsidian Order), The Dantu(in the northwest), and the Bospher(in the south east). A range of tall moutains is also in Pastocia, near the northern and eastern borders.

Pastocia's province in the Eastern Outlying Territories is a tropical island, formed from the great volcano, Mt Snanu. The islands of Insel and Nerdi are mostly covered in thick rainforests and palm tree groves, but industrial development is beginning to move more and more inland. The island is hot and humid most of the year, but in the winter, cold air from the Okharana Glacier brings a short cold spell, dropping the temperatures to a mild 50 degrees.

The Nova Pastocian Colony is the Western Outlying Territories is the exact opposite. It is cold most of the year, and is a hotbed for hurricane activity. The island was also formed through volcanic activity. In the colonial territories however, the islands of Weitab and Wolken are both temperate in climate, similar to mainland Pastocia.


The government of Pastocia is based around The Imperial Senate. A body of 500 elected officials from different areas of the nation who decide on any major issues in the country. The senate is led by a Consul and two Proconsuls who are elected by the senate every 2 years for a term.

The elections are free and democratic, and although all government officials and politicians are members of the Pastocian Communist Party, they all vary on personal beliefs and political philosophies.


The Pastocian military has it's roots in the famed Pastocian Revolution of 2050, where Comandante Nasty Pasty led a small number of guerilla fighters to overthrow the reigning Austrian Monarchy. The numbers of the army soon swelled, and began to incorporate aircraft and gunships as the war went along. After the revolution, the Imperial Pastocian Senate officially created the Imperial Pastocian Armed Forces (IPAF), under the command of Sub-Comandante Whoopwhoopwhoop. After his departure the subsiquent appointment of Daniel Ackersky as it's head, the army was divided into Divisions to create a more organized fighting force.

There is a manditory draft within the Pastocian Military, which requires all men aged 18-28 to serve short stays within branches of the military. Once they're stay is up, they return to civilian life, but must undergo a refresher course every 5 years to keep them in fighting shape. This is in addition to the already standing army, naval, and air forces made up of ex-revolutionary commanders and volunteers.

The Pastocian military is divided up into 3 Divisions, each of which are completely serperate from each other, in that, they are commanded by a top official and will only be commanded jointly during a large-scale assault or battle. Many believe this is a failsafe against one man accumulating too much power and having all three divisions support him in a coup.


-The Imperial Pastocian Navy

Led By: Commodore Dato Yi

Number of Forces: 4 Million

-The Imperial Pastocian Army

Led By: Comandante Daniel Ackersky

Number of Forces: 3 Million

-The Imperial Pastocian Airforce

Led By: Air Marshal Iosef Hoard

Number of Forces: 850,000


Mutual Protection Pacts: Bamonia, Buscemistan, Neo-Strongbadiski, New Telephonia, Nurdbotia, Nurdostroiksa, San Fredlando, Strategoski, The Sunrise Forces, The Sunset Forces, Weinersteinston, Y Fenni, Yugopatomia

Non-Aggression Pacts: Bamonia, Bishmania, Buscemistan, Neo-Strongbadiski, New Telephonia, Nurdbotia, Nurdostroiksa, Obsidian Order, Rubakava, San Fredlando, Strategoski, The Sunrise Forces, The Sunset Forces, Weinersteinston, Y Fenni, Yugopatomia, Zedoljev

Trade and Research Agreements: Bamonia, MDKCorp, Neo-Strongbadiski, New Telephonia, Nurdbotia, Nurdostroiksa, Rubakava San Fredlando, Strategoski, The Sunrise Forces, The Sunset Forces, Y Fenni Yugopatomia, Zedoljev

Organisation Membership: COMECON, Free Trade Organization, DROOP Environment Overwatch, The PEELian Alliance For Educational Advancement (The PAFEA), The Federation of Island States Treaty (Nova Pastocia)

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