Patrick II

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Patrick John Gregory Kennan
Patrick II, Grand Duke of Saxmere
Born - Died
1767 - 1828
1791 - 1806
The last Grand Duke of Saxmere

Patrick II came to power during a period of peace between the Grand Duchy of Saxmere and the Highland Kingdom of Excalbia. The price of that peace was ruling Saxmere as the vassal of the Highland King. However, to the Grand Dukes since the middle of the 18th century, it had been a price worth paying.

After the arrival of Protestant missionaries and Yankee traders in the southwest, Lowlanders in the West and South began to join together in organized opposition to the Highlanders. The people of Saxmere learned of the Lowland uprising and began making plans to join their kinsmen on the field of battle.

The Grand Duke, however, refused to break Saxmere's treaty with Excalbia. In a meeting of the Council of Ministers in early 1806, the Grand Duke refused to allow Saxmeriens to take part in hostilities against Excalbia. Days later, the Ministers deposed the Grand Duke and proclaimed a republic. The Grand Duke fled to exile in Excalbia.

The Saxmere Republic proved to be short-lived. In 1807, the Highland King, Ragarth, agreed to a truce with the Lowlanders. His son, Joshua, converted to Christianity and became king in 1809. In 1810, he proclaimed the Holy Empire of Excalbia. Republicans within Excalbia moved to East in 1817 with a patent from the Emperor to establish an autonomous republic. That republican colony, New Virginia, declared independence in 1829 and joined with two other colonies, the Highland settlements of Alud and Trondgard and the Republic of Saxmere to form the Confederation of Soveriegn States.

Meanwhile, Patrick II lived out the remainder of his days in obscurity as a guest of the Imperial Court in Citadel Excalbia.