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Flag of Pedriana
Motto: "Freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be"
Not available
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Ataï
Official Language(s) Noterelenda
Leader Emperor Pedro IV
Population Billions
Currency simoleon (exchange rate not very good) 
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The Empire of Pedriana is a nation of rather small land area, extremely dense due to its population of several billion. It is bordered by Bedistan to the south and the Lowland Clans to the north.

Major cities

Cities are spelled as written within Pedriana, with the old English names (if different) in parentheses.

  • Ataï (Athtai)
    • Pedriana's capital
    • Pro football team: Uäneres Ataï (Athtai Wanderers)
  • Garorsi (Garorshy)
    • Pro football team: Garorsi Unidire (Garorshy United)
  • Pologak (Polaughach)
    • Pro football team: KQI Pologak (Polaughach IFC)
  • Ústin (Usting)
    • Pro football team: Alétike Ústin (Usting Athletic)
  • Etuskaït (Etuskight)
    • Pro football team: Lames Etuskaït (Etuskight Llamas)
  • Qas (Chash)
    • Pro football team: KQ Qas (FC Chash)
  • Im
    • Pro football team: KQ Im (FC Im)
  • Kalsam
    • Pro football team: Aspanes Kalsam (Kalsam Spiders)
  • Itekton (Itechton)
  • Skelrod
    • Pro football team: Skelrod Unidire (Skelrod United)


Pedriana has competed sporadically in the Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football since its second running, and hosted its third incarnation. Pedriana has never done exceptionally well, rarely progressing beyond the group stage.

Pedriana has also competed in World Cups 17, 20, and 23, achieving little each time. It will be attempting to qualify for World Cup 24 in Druida and Krytenia.

Pedriana does have some domestic football teams. They competed in the Pedriana Premier League, but it lasted only one season. Since 2075, they have been incorporated into the Bedistani football league system with all ten clubs initially placed in the Football Conference North.

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