Pendle Korbitz

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Pendle Korbitz
Pendle Korbitz
Nationality Gruenberger
Current position Economic Advisor to the Gruenberger Office of UN Affairs
Former occupation Lecturer in economics
Is this guy a completely useless twat? Yes
Dr. Pendle Hipan Korbitz (born March 15, 1954) is a Gruenberger academic, currently serving the Office of UN Affairs as Economic Advisor. He was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Microeconomic Theory at the Sal-Siaba Science Institute, and is a Fellow of the Gruenberger Economics Society. His brother, Renn Korbitz, was one of the most brilliant economics in Gruenberg's history. Pendle, however, is just a stupid sack of shit.

Early life

No one really cares.

Renn Korbitz

His twin brother was Renn Korbitz (1954-2006). Unlike his brother, who's a dick, Renn is considered one of the great economic theorists of the twentieth century, and one of the most brilliant minds to have come out of Gruenberg. Widely published and much sought after as a consultant and lecturer, where his dry humour and undeniable love for his subject enthused even the most dubious audiences, he was due to take up a professorship in economics at the University of Merlefurt, having served as one of Sultan Gardab Woltzten IX's most influential advisors for a number of years and chaired the Gruenberger State Institute for Research and Development; instead, he was offered the chance to be Gruenberg's economic advisor at the UN. He immediately wrote a proposal with Lori Jiffjeff on national economic rights, intended as something of a blocker on protectionist proposals.1 Sadly, he passed away shortly afterwards, after suffering a massive heart attack. His brother was appointed in his place.

Academic career

Korbitz is one of the most overqualified men in Gruenberg. His original undergraduate degree was in Molecular Biology, but he then switched to economics, obtaining a BA, an MA, and a PhD, the last from an online institution of dubious academic standing. Indeed, he is a rarity in Gruenberger academia in having never studied, researched or worked at either the University of Merlefurt or the Central University of Flurthwel; the latter even stopped him coming in to use the toilet. He has held assorted teaching and research positions, but has not been widely published; his works have been heavily criticised as unoriginal, inaccurate and violence-inducingly dull. He is married to a mail order bride, who he has never met.

Role at the UN

Pretty much shutting the fuck up. Loathed by Rono Pyandran, Lori Jiffjeff, and just about every other person in existence, he has made only one address to the General Assembly, in which he attempted to oppose a Ceoranan proposal on anti-monopoly laws on account of national sovereignty; being Korbitz, he just ended up looking like the useless fat fuck he is.2


  1. National Economic Rights
  2. Free Competition Act

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