Penningworth United

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Penningworth United
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
ManagerEnrico Bigon
StadiumIota "Big-Eye" Stadium


The 'Pennies' were originally one of the strongest teams in the league, and the Black-and-whites reigned supreme over a time when all football records are now lost, save in the bragging tales of old drunkards.

Since then, however, the Pennies have fallen from grace with all the aerodynamics of a large brick. They were the first of the 'old' greats to fall into the Gamma division. They were saved and placed in Liga Starblaydia, but were relegated in Season One. Finally, in Season Three they were promoted to Liga Starblaydia as runners-up, showing what a good job of management Enrico Bigon was doing.

Their 85,000-seater Iota Arena is one of the nicest Stadia in the country, and crowds are slowly returning to watch the Pennies play.



Famous Players

David Bentley
Enrico Bigon
Nikola Lazerevski
Julio Matis


Penningworth United play in a Black and White striped kit with Black shorts and socks

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (4-4-2)
 Pos	Name			Nation
 GK	Jessie Montieth		Starblaydi
 LB	K'van DeAngelo		Vilitan
 SW/CB	Dane Jaegar		Starblaydi
 CB     Dimitris Moustakas      Starblaydi FROM Tournetas
 RB	Martin Oxford		Nova Britannican
 CM	Jay Natewa		Starblaydia
 L/CM	Valentin Scarsdale	Nova Britannican
 LM	Corey Oday		Starblaydi
 RM	Jack Frodsham		Nova Britannican
 SC	Rabindra Singh          Starblaydi
 SC	Dave Wilkey		Nova Britannican