Peoples of Baranxtu

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The Peoples of Baranxtu (Bar. Sohukutua Baranxtutu) is a term used to cover all peoples who live in Baranxtu.

In general, all people living in Baranxtu fall into one of three broad categories - the Natives, the Colonists and the Immigrants. Each of this categories is further subdivided into various branches; the most diverse is the group of the Natives, whereas the largest in terms of numbers are the Colonists, who make up more than two thirds of the population of Baranxtu.


In addition to Peoples of Baranxtu, there is the much more rarely used alternative "peoples in Baranxtu". The former is officially sanctioned, whereas the latter is seen as controversial due to the connotations of "in" vs "of".

The term "peoples in Baranxtu" can be perceived as a negative view of some ethnicities who would be degraded to a status of "intruders" on Baranxtuan territory, whereas the term "peoples of Baranxtu" clearly includes all peoples as having their own right to be in Baranxtu.

By official definition, the term also includes immigrants, further emphasizing the image of Baranxtu as an open, multicultural society.

Subsequently, most people use "peoples of Baranxtu", whereas "peoples in Baranxtu" can usually only be found in the usage of right wing fractions of society, as for example the NPR.

Peoples of Baranxtu
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