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The Phip (Phipul P'ipas) are a native people of Baranxtu. They are thought to be related to the Masenasi, but speak Phipul, a language distantly related to Akes Mersanint. The majority live in the province of Abasina.


The early history of the Phip is somewhat an enigma, as they seem culturally closer to the Masenasi, but their language Phipul is related to Akes Mersanint, the language of the Ancient Marani.

Today it is commonly suggested that the Phip were one of the first civilizations to establish themselves in what is now Baranxtu, belonging to a people commonly called the Mas Tanka (Masenar for the ancient people). Ancestors of the Phip originally probably settled in modern Ziaha in the 11th century BCE, but where later driven from the region by the invading Masenasi, settling in western Bari Nazer and later Ñiria.

When the Marani tribes conquered the area, the Phip were then driven to Abasina, where they have lived ever since. It is thought that in the overwhelming presenve of the early Marani, the Phip adopted their language which later followed a linguistically different route than the language of the Marani, which first developed into Akes Mersanint and later its daughter languages like Qi.