Phraen Palace

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Phraen Palace
LeagueLiga Starblaydia
StadiumPhraen's Palace


Faced with no money and no talent, the management of Phraen Palace did what any business in trouble would do, they hired impossibly-cheap foreign workers to do the job! By drafting in four 'superstars' of Insane Inflation, the shady management were able to buy international-class players for the literal price of peanuts.

The aging Inflationers are still there, of course, every last penny of worth being flogged from their veteran bodies. Perhaps they need a new influx of players.



Famous Players

None (outside of Insane Inflation, that is)


Phraen Palace play in a Red and White kit

Starting XI

 Season 4 Team (3-4-3)
 Pos   Name                 Nationality
 GK    Hai Besner           Starblaydi
 RB    Max Cangelosi        Starblaydi
 LB    Clinton Pitzen       Starblaydi
 CB    Ezra Nimz (C)        Starblaydi
 DM    Jamar Nimz           Starblaydi
 RM    Kareem Tuczynski     Starblaydi
 AM    Waldo Gelmer         Spruitlander
 LM    Squu                 Abysmali
 CF    Julio Salido         Starblaydi
 SC    Inivilati Yen        Insane Inflationary
 LCF   Sydney Quagliano     Starblaydi