Pierre-Jean Delormebleu

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Pierre-Jean Delormebleu
unclear; "diplomat"

Pierre-Jean Antoine Delormebleu appears to be a member of ESAT's delegation to the United Nations. However, he is not an Esati national, and holds only Ariddian citizenship. During his first, unannounced appearance in the United Nations General Assembly, he interrupted what he called a "rather pointless discussion" and proceded to deliver a five-hour lecture on the mating practices of woodlice.

He then went to the Strangers' Bar, requested lemon juice liquor, and began to make friends by handing out marzipan babies.

He was later declared "Official Marzipan Distributor" by Dr. Jules Hodz of Akimonad.

Delormebleu's purpose as a member of the Ariddian/Esati delegation is, at present, still unclear. He is a professor of psychiatry at the Haven Institute of Psychiatrict Studies, and the author of several groundbreaking publications (listed below).

Most notable works

  • All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Mating Practices of Woodlice (An Entomological Sociology)
  • A Phrenologist's Refutation of Phrenology
  • What Happens If You Try To Sail Into Cobdenia In A Hot Air Balloon
  • Taf Drater Dratsab: the Ultimate Biography