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Region: The Planet Mars
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Motto: The greatest power lies in the genetic code.
Map: Pilon web.jpg
Population: 9 Billion
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Official Language(s): Pilonese
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UN Category: Capitalizt
Currency: Pi
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The People's Greater Hegemony of Pilon, referred to more often simply as Pilon, is a Virtual Democracy located primarily in the Northern Ocean, surrounding the Lyot Crater on Mars. Pilon also has a number of smaller colonies and outposts spread throughout the solar system and beyond. Among Pilon's neighbors are Tiburon, R'yleh, The Snel and the Neutral Northern Ocean Trade Waters.


The Martian territories are treated with total equality, with the colonies and outposts only receiving a larger amount of the total resources of Pilon due to a majority of the population residing on Mars. The citizens of Pilon are usually called Pilonese. The Nation is an economic powerhouse on Mars, conducting trade with as many other nations as possible not just on Mars, but with also with off world nations too. The Government of Pilon is heavily influenced by the corporations in Pilon, many of whom have joined together into powerful Megacorps.

The nation of Pilon was founded upon the principle of taking control of one's life and nature around them by embracing certain technologies including bio-engineering, bio-augmentation, and social engineering (highly developed with the full understanding of the Human psyche, late in the 21st century). The Secret Society that later became Pilon adopted these priciples forming a splinter group of Transhumanism in the early 21st century on Earth.

When space travel was developed the nation left the cradle to settle on the soon to be Terraformed Mars in the hopes of starting anew without the interference of an already existing biosphere. That experiment grew into what is now known commonly as the Eco-Jungle, a voracious underwater biosphere, with millions of competing species all precisely controlled and adjusted over time. Their work is unparalled in Human history.

In addition the pivotal piece of Pilonese technology is called the Nodelink, which is a collective knowledge base accessed through use of implanted Nodes or Node-Ports. The Nodelink gives a person access to the common knowledge of the people of Pilon, even allowing the sharing of thoughts, feelings, even providing a place for communication with not just other Pilonese, but also the Eco-Jungle around them. This connection to their environment gives the Pilonese people a unique perspective on the world, often an alien one to other cultures that is somewhat unnerving to those not used to their culture. In addition the liberal viewpoints on Sexuality, Nudity, Capitolism, and even Genetic Engineering make it very difficult for them to get along with some of their less liberal neighbors.


History of Pilon

An early experiment involving manufacturing replacement organs.
Pilon was formed following a social movement within the inhabitants of the Burmese Highlands that pushed for a society that would focus on the advancement of technology towards the creation of a superior human being. This was an offshoot of the Transhumanist movement. Eventually, due to persecution from the conservatives who controlled the government and the religious elite of the Burmese Highlands, the Pilonese people left on a mass exodus eventually settling in the swampy lowlands, where they built a city, known as Pilon, named after the pilons that supported it.

As time passed the small settlement grew into an industrialized nation, taking advantage of the rich underwater resources in the area. This focus on underwater technology, and underwater habitation that quickly followed, transformed the society into an aquatic civilization.

The technologies that allowed Pilon to expand underwater were found to be easily adapted into spacefaring technologies and within 3 decades were sending colony ships out in search of new areas to settle. This entire time a single concept weighed most heavily upon the Pilonese people, the "Grand Experiment", which was a fully independant ecosphere developed by Pilonese scientists, without the interference of an already existant system. They found the perfect place for such an experiment on Mars, within the Lyot Crater.

Logo of the Pilonese Explorer Corps, an early spacefaring company.

The "Grand Experiment" continued on Mars and as it quickly became apparent that it was a success Pilon moved its capitol there, leaving a significant portion of its population on Earth. From that time on the focus was mostly on Mars and Martian affairs. As the population grew, the Earth population moved from its origanal site to Sisgardia where other technology focused nations were gathering, and settled in the ocean of that region.

With the invention of the Node, Pilon developed at an exponential rate. They quickly developed their technologies and rapidly advanced their knowledge. About this same point the primordial versions of the Eco-Jungle were first developed out of the "Grand Experiment" and Pilon began the process of conversion from their traditional technology to one that was completely based off of Biological Components grown instead of built.

Over the next several thousand years Pilon continued to grow and expand its influence, becoming a major economic power on Mars. During this time several great construction projects were commisioned, some in joint efforts with other nations.

Eco-bomb project T + 1 second, taken from an aerial surveillance satellite.
The first of these projects was an attempt to rapidly reorganize the geography of Sisgardia where Pilon had settled, this was primarily seen as a means of quickly setting up habitable areas for the Pilonese to live in new environments. After several long decades of dedicated research this project resulted in the creation of the devastating Eco-Bomb. A weapon capable of reorganizing matter on a mass scale into an aquatic environment optimally set up for life. This has never actually been used in a military capacity though the capability to use it in such a manner is well within their capability.

The next project was a joint construction project within Sisgardia. Pilon primarily donated construction materials and labor to the project which eventually resulted in the creation of the Omeldor-1, a craftworld. Following the completion of this project, the 5 million Pilonese who lived and worked on the project broke away from the main body of Pilonese and became independant, residing on the craftworld.

Another project during this time period was a joint project between all of Mars. A system called GEC-42 was discovered by Sunset and was opened to colonization by all Martian nations. Pilon's colony was called Netheril and was a successful experiment where the Eco-bomb was used to create a habitable living territory for the Pilonese. It has since remained as a major research and military facility under Pilonese jurisdiction.

The last major construction project during this time period is by far the most meaningful to Pilonese history. With the rising tensions between Pilon and Auman it was determined that a secret base within striking distance of Auman should be constructed. This resulted in the construction of the Hellas Tunnel, a tunnel that goes through the core of the planet connecting the Lyot crater to the middle of the Hellas Sea, determined to be neutral territory. Later Pilon conceded to political pressure from Mangala to close the entrance to this tunnel, but it was reopened later as a trade route with Valinon and Mangala.

During the Civil War the autocratic Council of the Wise was forced to concede power to the populace, transforming the government into the current Democratic Government. Also during this time certain destructive technologies were banned due to their use in the fighting, where a reported 250 Million people died.

Pharmaceuticals being shipped out to other Martian nations.
Since that time Pilon has seen a steady increase in both international influence and economic power on Mars. Joining MFTA, MIDAS, and more recently the MDI and the Concordat. Pilon has small trade ports scattered throughout Mars and built the Hellas Tunnel which connects the Nothern Ocean to the Hellas Sea. Pilon is a major voice in the Duma and has successfully utilized the court as a means of solving disputes with several nations in the past.

Government and Politics

Government of Pilon, Politics in Pilon
The GPH of Pilon is a Virtual Democracy, meaning it is a government where every citizen has a true voice in the passing of laws and debating of issues. Every sentient citizen in Pilon who is not currently a part of one of the other branches of government is part of the Legislative Branch, called the Assembly.

The other three branches of the government are:

The Executive Branch - Headed by a council of 7, appointed to their positions by the assembly. Generally these are some of the most wise or skilled people in all of Pilon. There is a precedent to maintain a balance of speakers, choosing a specialist in specific fields to replace the previous speaker however it is not a requirement for them to do so.

The Judicial Branch - A series of courts headed by the High Court which has 9 Supreme Judges residing over it. They make the final decisions on rulings. Judges are appointed to their positions by the Executive Branch.

The Directive Branch - The Arbitrators make up this branch of the government. Every branch of the military, corporation, and research project is given a single seat in this parliment. They debate and cast votes in a similar fashion to that of the Assembly, however once the votes are cast a directive based on the majority vote is issued which offers guidelines on specific courses of action that should be taken. In addition the Directive Branch carries to power to veto decisions made by other branches of government. Arbitrators vary in how they are appointed to their positions, ranging from picking out of a hat (general tactic used by research projects) to political positions vied for in corporate politics.

Although political parties exist in Pilon, laws have been passed to prevent them from extending political influence over more than specific issue, and membership is allowed in multiple parties. Due to these restrictions political parties are much less influential in Pilonese Politics than in most other Democratic Governments.


Geography of Pilon

A majority of Pilon's territorial claims are on Mars, Mars B, and Nertheril. The GPH also has small colonies in the Asteroid Belt, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud, as well as an orbital research station in orbit over Mercury. A splinter colony of Pilonese also live on the Sisgardian Craftworld, Omeldor-1. All of Pilon's major holdings are underwater. The Pilonese have lived in an aquatic environment for most of their history and feel as comfortable in that environment as most feel above water.

On Mars Pilon’s territory is located around the Lyot crater in the Northern Ocean, however they also have established deals with many nations on Mars to set up small trade ports in their territory that serve as centers of international commerce between Pilon and the hosting nation. In addition Pilon constructed the Hellas Tunnel, a tunnel that delves through the core of the planet connecting the Hellas Sea to the Lyot crater.

On Mars B Pilon controls the entirety of the Hellas Sea, and has also expanded to the Lyot crater by manufacturing a replica of the Hellas Tunnel found in Mars. Mars B is more primitive and Pilon has lived there for a shorter period of time so there are differences between teh Eco-jungles in the two regions.

Netheril is Pilon's colony in the GEC-42 system as part of the Joint Martian Colony project. A large icy planetoid was settled and the insides were melted. This is primarily used as a research facility for new Pilonese technologies though there is also a military base in the colony as well. The Eco-jungle here is based off a slightly colder model, averaging about 5-7° C colder than the Martian Territories.

Most of Pilon's territory is tropical in climate, making the arcologies extremely humid and wet. This is due to Pilon’s careful manipulation of their environment, creating what is known as the Eco-jungle, a complex ecosphere that is customized to the specifications of the Pilonese and is strictly controlled through the nodelink, allowing the Pilonese to live within nature and retain control of their environment without destroying it.

Due to the biological elements integrated into the arcologies the Pilonese live in, there is a distinct bog smell to the place, which when coupled with the 35° C temperature and the high humidity makes the place fairly uncomfortable to outsiders. In areas that are frequented by non-Pilonese efforts are made to reduce the temperature to usually between 25-30° C as well as implant perfume emitters to cover the bog smell. The humidity tends to stay about the same throughout Pilonese installations.

Outside the arcologies, the water is teeming with life, making it unique to Pilon, no other place is as full of life with such a grand variety. On average, there are around 40,000 species/hectare in the Eco-jungle. This life is carefully watched over by sentient shepherds, called Elphins, a Elf/Dolphin hybrid that resembles mythic Mermaids on Earth. Through the guidance of the Nodelink, the Eco-jungle is tailored slowly to match the changing needs and desires of the Pilonese people, and as a result there is a constant change of lifeforms as old ones are removed and new species better adapted to the new environment are put in to replace them. All species removed in this fashion are catalogued and samples are preserved in laboratories in a kind of biological archive.

Spread throughout the Eco-jungle lay various hydroponics farms where most of Pilon’s non-aquatic agriculture is grown. There are also aquatic farms where some of the most popular common foods in Pilon are mass produced to be consumed, in particular the national animal, the PiFish. Through use of genetic engineering these farms are kept at peak efficiency outputting enough food to keep the prices low yet still ensure a wide variety of selection in their food. Certain foods are purposely kept in low production and are sold as Pilonese exotic foods marketed to other nations as delicacies, in addition many popular Earth foods are mass produced and sold to other nations where the demand for such foods are high.


Economy of Pilon
Pilon’s economic system can be described as a Free Market style economy, in which the market price for goods is determined with virtually no intervention from the government. It is a supply and demand driven system in which the consumers as a whole determine the market price for goods and make the decisions regarding economic activities. The sole influence the government has on the economy is a series of anti-monopoly laws and regulations to prevent coercion and manipulation to occur that will artificially inflate a product’s cost.

Taxes in Pilon are only levied to a point to cover the costs for administration of the government, currently this tax is set at 4%. With a per capita GDP that is one of the highest on Mars, the Pilonese people overall tend to live a fairly comfortable and carefree life, with no overwhelming concerned for their welfare and few worries about where money will come from to cover expenses. Financial management is one of the critical skills taught in school to prevent poor money management habits.

Pilon's seas are rich with natural resources, including mineral deposits.
In the recent years Pilon has seen a slight economic decline due to a series of economically damaging events namely the Volaria Incident. This is being combated currently with a massive campaign to expand Pilon’s international sphere of economic influence throughout the Hellas Sea and the Northern Ocean as well as off Mars into friendly territories where Pilon has something to gain.

The Pilonese Pi has seen a steady increase in value over the years. The Economic scene is dominated by a couple of megacorps that control vast swaths of Pilonese capital and infrastructure including the military. These megacorps compete with one another using unwritten laws of competition which were set in place to ensure security for Pilon yet still allow competition to drive the economy forward. Generally this includes hiring specially trained group to conduct corporate espionage on each other rather than openly engage each other with military forces, and avoid outright violence between corporations as this weakens Pilon’s position in the international market and also damages Pilon’s reputation as a safe and secure nation.

Before this most recent decline the economy has seen a steady increase for the 150 years. Unemployment is still low, hovering around 3%. The largest sectors in the Pilonese econonmy include Gambling, Defence, Automobile Manufacturing, Book Publishing, and Food. The Megacorps all have a particular area that they are dominant in and several other areas that they compete strongly in but are not in dominance. This equilibrium between the Megacorps is credited with the steady increase in overall strength of the economy.

There is a dark side to Pilon’s economy. There is a fair amount of disparity between the upper and lower classes. Those who fall into debt tend to stay there, and because of the contracts they sign when borrowing money, these debts are passed on genetically to their children creating a culture of extreme poverty-stricken people who have no choice but to labor and see little profit from their labors. This is being combated however with a program where Pilonese are employed by The Ctan to work in their service industry and earn higher wages than they would back home. So far this has helped to get a couple of these people out of debt and back on their feet.


Culture of Pilon
The primary basis of Pilonese culture is the pursuit of pleasure in its many forms. They have been described by many other nations as a decadent culture that is more interested in satisfying "carnal pleasures" then in fighting with othes, and most of their international policy is centered around pleasure in one sense or another.

Pilonese vegetables, ripe for harvesting.
Pilonese cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity. The variety ranges from rare aquatic fish and other creatures to more traditional hydroponic foods grown in giant food farms spread through Pilonese territory. Approximately 20% of Pilon's territory is dedicated to food products. In addition to its wide variety, Pilon is also one of the major suppliers of spices both unique to Pilon and commonly used in cooking throughout Mars.

One of the better known cultural traditions in Pilon is the practice of nudity. Recent liberal movements have rid Pilon of the restrictive laws that required nudity within Pilon, mostly to better suit the international community. Now though it is still widely accepted to be nude a thriving textiles industry based on silk and other comfortable clothes.

One of the Pilonese agricultural domes.
Pilon's literature is now mostly written in digital form that is trasmitted via the Nodelink, however prior to the implementation of the Nodes, Pilon had a large writing tradition, producing a wide variety of books in almost every Genre. Most of the novels written center around questions involving aspects of society, new technological advances or even alternate history texts exploring how history might have been. These are all widely popular and read throughout Pilon, even traded to other nations where there is sufficient demand.

Pilon's music tends to be primarily instrumental, usually emulating the sounds produced in nature. When vocals are used, they tend to be accompaniment to the instruments and not the primary focus in the song. Though no longer widely in use, movies mostly tended to bring to life popular novels or plays not just in Pilon, but anything thought to be a good story, going all the way back to historical sources in Earth history.

View from one of Pilon's underwater Casinos in the Hellas Sea.
The nightlife of Pilon is almost as active as the regular "business day" as when their regular labor time for the day is put in, most Pilonese head out to enjoy themselves. The evening meal is only rarely shared at home, they prefer to go out into the social atmosphere and be with their friends and family. Another huge aspect of Pilon's nightlife is their love of games of chance, spreading the practice of gambling throughout Pilon. Most large Pilonese facilities sport a large casino which serves as the center of entertainment for its customers.

Pilonese Sexuality

Pilonese Sexuality is understood to be a natural part of life and is not only accepted but is embraced by its people. Due to this attitude many forms of sexuality generally seen to be out of the norm by other cultures are mainstream and widely practiced. In particular, BDSM, Fetishism, and Role-Playing are extremely popular, and entire clubs are set up for those into the same types of activities to meet up with one another. Group sex is also practiced by certain groups fairly regularly.

Despite their attitude that sexuality is normal, sexual activity in public places is frowned upon, except in specific areas that are set aside for it. Sexual activity with children is illegal, and those who engage in pedophilia are taken to special clinics where they can be treated. Pedophilia is seen as a mental disorder and programs have been developed to help cure people with this disease to correct their behavior before releasing them back into society.

To prevent disease, unwanted pregnancy, and other problems related to sexual activity, an extensive Sex Education with accurate information is given to teenagers who are nearing the age when they will become sexually active. Typically this age is determined by the teenager and full access is given when they have made the decision to become sexually active. The idea of restraining sexual activity is a foreign concept in Pilon, most see it as a natural part of life. Though monogamy is practiced by some, it is not the only type of relationship supported by the government, equal support is given to those who choose to have many partners, or even for those couples who choose to swap partners with others.


Major Languages
Pilonese (99%)
English (85%)
Aquan (55%)
Elphin (50%)
Elven (50%)
Orc (45%)
Gnomish (40%)
Dwarven (22%)
Protoss (15%)
French (12%)
Spanish (10%)
Arabic (8%)
Russian (7%)
Mandarin Chinese (5%)
Japanese (5%)
German (5%)

(Sentient Only)
Mars 2,500,000,000
Mars B 1,000,000,000
Netheril 450,000,000
Ctan Territories 3,000,000,000
Other 50,000,000

By Sentience
Sentient .00001%
Non-Sentient 99.99999%

By Age
0-18 Years 6.7%
19-55 Years 5.3%
56-150 Years 6.6%
151-275 Years 9.4%
276-500 Years 18.2%
501-1,000 Years 15.8%
1,000-2,500 Years 12.1%
2,501-5,000 15.1%
5,001+ 10.8%

By Gender
Male 35%
Female 55%
Other 10%

By Race
(Sentient Races Only)
Transhuman (32%)
Elf (28%)
Elphin (13%)
Gnome (11%)
Dwarf (6%)
Protoss (2%)
Orc (2%)
Human (1%)
Other (Multiple Races each consists of less than a percentage point) (5%)

By Residence
Urban 99.1%
Rural .9%
Surface .3%
Underwater 96.7%
Orbital 3%


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