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The Kingdom of Pinguinum
  - English
Ad praesens ova cras pullis sunt meliora ad quem ad quod
Eggs today are better than chickens tomorrow
Anthem Into The Sky
Official Language(s) English, Italian, Pinguinian
Capital Cities
Avie (Capital), Gentoo, Pluma, Blackfoot, Cigno, Bursa, Bianco, Verona, Parma
Leader HM King Dwight D.G.

  - Chief Minister
  - Deputy Chief Minister
(Crown Chamber)
  - Deputy Chief Minister
(Council Chamber)
  - Finance Minister
  - Exterior Minister
  - Interior Minister
  - Defense Minister
  - Health Minister
  - Society Minister
  - Academic Affairs
  - Green Affairs
  - Business Minister
  - Communication
  - Utilities Minister
  - Research Minister
  - Development Minister
  - Exploration Minister

Feudal Democracy

Rt. Hon Peter Waddle MPP
Rt. Hon. Charles Web MPP

Rt. Hon Paul Wave MPP

Rt. Hon. Daniel Fur-Black MPP
Rt. Hon. Ray Fin MPP
Rt. Hon. Benedict Waterbird MPP
Rt. Hon. David Seabed MPP
Rt. Hon. Laurence Webfoot MPP
Rt. Hon. Clive Dive MPP
Rt. Hon. Sean White-Fur MPP

Rt. Hon. Jeremy Fairsea MPP

Rt. Hon. Daniel Whitebelly MPP
Rt. Hon. John Wetday MPP

Rt. Hon. Douglas Lakeside MPP
Rt. Hon. Iain Barnowl MPP

183 million
  - Area
  - % water
National Colors
  - Primary
  - Secondary
  - Tertiary

Light Blue (Hex: #20A8FC)
Black (Hex: #000000)
White (Hex: #FFFFFF)
National Flower
  - English name
National Tree
  - English name
National Fruit
  - English name
National Mammal
  - English name
National Bird
  - English name
Spheniscus demersus
African Penguin
National Arthropod
  - English name
  - Total (USD)
  - Per Capita (USD)

Currency 1 Pingu = 100 Pinguini
Time Zone
Tech Level
Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

  - HMPS (His Majesty's Pinguinian Service)
  - RPS (Royal Postal Ship)
Pronunciation (IPA)
National sport(s): scuba-diving
Internet TLD

Calling Code +48
Stats: NS NSEconomy NSTracker

Sunset XML

The Kingdom of Pinguinum is one of, if not the, most environmentally sound nations in the region, which makes it an excellent habiatat for its diverse wildlife.


Pinguinum is a country with a presently non-existent level of immigration and a devout population. Indigenous Pinguinians are fiercly patriotic towards their national animal and it is a punishable offence to harm a penguin in any way. They communicate via the internet, the post or phone.


Pinguinum has a chiefly new form of parliamentary democracy. Although the government has control of all the national affairs, HM King Dwight maintains the divine right to overrule any decision he dislikes. His Majesty also chooses a selection of five candidates for the position of Chief Minister, who in turn delegates Ministerial positions to other members of the Pinguinian Parliament. It is important to note that unlike with many democratic governments, there are no opposition parties. The people of Pinguinum elect candidates not parties.

On a local basis, the nation divided into duchies then counties. The municipal area is governed by a baron.

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The Pinguinian flag is made up of three colours. The first colour, white, represents the ice; the second, black, represents the peaks and the division for the third colour; the third colour, light blue, represents the clear sky. It also said that the flag is symbolic of penguin's feet in the water.


The Royal Coat of Arms

National Anthem

The national anthem of Pinguinum is Into the sky.


Though adversity, we triumphed
and came upon this land
the name of which was decided
and proclaimed upon the sand

The settlers that became us
did give us our fair nation
now sing it loud and clearly
in joyful celebration

We praise the lord for guiding
and seeing us do right
we stand for peace and harmony
if threatened we shall fight

Rise to your feet now
and reach into the sky
For all the nation's pride
and for honour we shall die

Sang to the tune of Virginia Company



The nation of Pinguinum has its own system for education.


The Pinguinian military boasts the most excellent service.
The military consists of:

The nation's best military production is of submarines.


In 1500, a society of catholics trying to escape from the rule of the monarch, Henry VIII, set sail on a royal ship helped with the aid of the dissatisfied crew. The ship hit storms and was driven into the side of an italian ship. Most of the crew on both ships survived but their ships were badly damaged. They agreed to sail both ships alongside for support.

Days later, a weary crew were to discover an island. Once they navigated around the the rugged coastline they encountered a natural harbour. Both ships sailed up onto the beach and were became grounded. The crews would quickly disover that this isalnd was filled with lush vegetation. Both crews cooperated but with difficulty in communication. However, with knowledge on both sides, they both succeeeded in creating a viable living environment. The early huts were in fact made of wood salvaged from both of the ships. Any metal work was melted down for use in other ways.

An excellent pulley system came into use through use of the ropes, wooden supports, metal chains and ingenuity. Water was collected from the sea , boiled in large pans heated by the sun and used to drink. The remaining impurities including salt was collected and preserved.

It wasn't until the group of men and women had moved further along the coast that they encountered a colony of penguins. Instead of killing them for food. they managed to coexist. Eventually the penguins won the hearts and minds of the settlers and became the symbol of the isalnd. One man above all the others, Blake Furr, declared that Penguins be treated as equal. They after all liften the spirits of the settlers. Blake Furr would soon to become the overall leader and declared himself king prompted by his fellow men. He was annointed by the escaping Catholics. He degreed that the island be called Pinguinum and then set up the PCO.


"National identity"

The Penguin plays the leading role in the nation's indentity.

Cultural particularities

The Ceremonial March of the Royal Pinguinian guards can be somewaht of an amusement to foreigners and even still some Pinguinians.
The ceremony is called 'The March of the Penguins' and involes keeping you legs together as much as possible and only using your feet to walk.
This takes place for the 1 mile of Waimanu Park Road and all along Wateredge Lane.


Amongst the many works of litterature thoughout the Kingdom are a few children's verses that every Pinguinian knows the words to.

The Penguins Party

If you go down to the beach today,
You're sure to have a big surpise.
If you go down to the beach today,
You'd better go in disguise.

For every penguin that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today's the day the penguins have their party.

Party time for all penguins,
The little penguins are having a fantastic time today.
Watch them, stroke them on the chins,
And see them party on their holiday.
See them jumping in and out.
They love to waddle about.
And never have any doubt.
At two o'clock their parents
Will take them home to bed
Because they're tired little penguins.

If you go down to the beach today,
You'd better stay out of sight.
It's lovely down on the beach today,
But you may get an awful fright.

For every penguin that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the penguins have their party.


Every penguin, that's been kind
Is sure of a treat today
There's lots of wonderful fish to eat
And wonderful games to play

Beneath the seas, they frolick and tease
They'll glide around with tremendous ease
Today's the day the penguins have their party




Fishing is major part of Pinguinian cooking.


The PCO (Pinguinian Catholic Order)

For more information, see the article on Religion in Pinguinum.


The government recognises three official national languages, with equal status: Pinguinian, English and Italian.

Main holidays

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year's Day
August 16 Hail Penguin Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 31 New Year's Eve


Main article: Pinguinian sport


With all the finances of Pinguinum being taken care of, the nation can run effectively with funding from the government. It is essentially the backbone. Fortunately, Pinguinum has a strong economy with a flat rate of 26%. The Bank of Pinguinum controls all national rates and monitors the economy removing and injecting cash as needed. It also controls the Royal Pinguinian Mint, which is in a top secret location heavily fortified and patrolled by armed guards. 10Pingui.png


Main article: Pinguinian transport


Pinguinian transport#Air


Pinguinian transport#Sea


Pinguinian transport#Land

Royal Transport

Pinguinian transport#Royal Transport


News Services


The main national paper is called "The Daily Quill". There are also the local newpapers of Pinguinum, which publish news from their own area.

Feathered is a weekly magazine dedicated to the culture of Pinguinum.


The PBC (Pinguinian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasts most programs and also gets the annual license fee. The nation gets to vote on the programs it watches and the Ministry of Communication takes an active role in promoting good programs.


The PBC also controls the radios but does not demand a license fee for use.

International relations

Pinguinum used to be a member of the United Nations but decided to resign, howerver the nation is now back in the UN. A representative of the nation also holds the title of president of IBIS. Pinguinum maintains diplomatic relations with various foreign nations.
See: Pinguinian diplomacy.

The Kingdom of Pinguinum
Main article: Pinguinum

Royalty: King Dwight, Queen Angela, Royal Family
Government: Central & Local, Parliamentary Acts, Diplomacy

Business: Stock Exchange, List of Companies
Society: Sport
Defense: Military, PKA, RPN, RPAF

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