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Pink Bunny Cola is an extremely popular drink in NS. It is produced by Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated. The products are easily identified by the light pink bottles with a controversial naked rabbit adorning the front label. Pink Bunny Cola was the official drink of the WBO.


Pink Bunny Cola is 89% water, and has high amounts of concentrated sugar along with other substances. The formula to make Pink Bunny Cola is a closely guarded secret. There are several scientific reports funded by PBC Inc suggesting that it is not addictive.

However, several chemical substances have been found (in practice) to lead to mild withdrawal symptoms and a craving for more of the drink. As a result, a few nations have not allowed the substance to be sold in its pure form. The corporation has developed Pink Bunny Cola Light as an alternative, but the effects of this drink are not entirely known yet. Purely concentrated Pink Bunny Cola (with the water distilled out of it) is thought to be very highly addictive.

The Pink Bunny Cola logo

A lawsuit against competitor the Resi Corporation, which claimed that the drink caused herpes, was settled out of court with compensation for the corpoation. Samples of Pink Bunny Cola supplied by PBC Inc to an independent, unbiased nation tested negative for herpies.

Product Variations

  • Pink Bunny Cola
  • Pink Bunny Cola Light (diet, fat-free alternative containing 30% less sugar)
  • Pink Bunny Lime (sold in the home market of Pacitalia, and selectively in Knootoss)
  • Pink Bunny Cherry

Commercial and slogan

The Pink Bunny Cola slogan: "If you drink it, you'll just want to 'hop' to the store for more."

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