Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated

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PBC Incorporated
Headquarters: Rotterdam, Knootoss
International Headquarters: Sambuca, Pacitalia
Nationality: Knootian / The Bunny King / Pacitalia
Specialty: Pink Bunny Cola, and PBC merchandise
Storefront: none

Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated is a gigantic Corporation founded by the Bunny King. PBC Inc (as it is often called) produces the extremely popular drink Pink Bunny Cola. While the corporation is still officially owned by the Bunny King, he has withdrawn himself from public life. The inactiveness of the Bunny King left day-to-day operations, strategic decisions and marketing in the hands of the executive board, which is based in the city of Rotterdam in Knootoss. Many shares are also Knootian-owned and the corporation is closely associated with the DDR. 10% of the shares, however, are owned by the Allanean Cute Bunny Burger Corporation.

Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated has production and distribution facilities all around the world. A notorious deal with the Vegana authorities to allow them the sales of Pink Bunny Cola there was shrouded in controversy, and the Corporation was accused of funding Christian Nationalist efforts in Lavenrunz. 'Pink Bunny Cola Sisgardia' in Tarasovka is a major centre for distribution.

Recently, PBC Inc. made a foray into the international market, buying up huge swaths of land in Pacitalia, filled with natural growths of the kola bean, and establishing an international headquarters and four bottling plants in that country. Pacitalia is estimated to hold around 32-34% of the world's kola bean supply by itself; kola beans being the main flavouring ingredient in a standard cola.

The Pink Bunny Cola logo