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Nation: Errinundera
Administrative centre: First Creek Falls
Other important centres: Buldah, Fanny Moo, Goonmirk Rocks, Rooty Break
Geography: Montane tableland with steep escarpment on southern slope
Major ecosystems: Cool temperate rainforest and montane eucalypt forest
Rivers: Bendoc, Brodribb, Cann, Combienbar, Delegate, Errinundera, Queensborough

Plateau is the dominant province of Errinundera, culturally and politically.


The Plateau, or the Errinundera Plateau, is located in the centre and east of the nation. It includes the nation's capital city, First Creek Falls.


As the province name suggests, it is a moderate altitude plateau. To the north it descends gently into the Monaro tablelands. To the east and west it falls away in deep gullies. To the south it ends abruptly in a spectacularly steep, riven escarpment with waterfalls spilling dizzyingly over the edge.


Oo Heartland

If the Snowy River valley is the fountainhead of Zu-vendi history and culture then, likewise, Plateau is the heartland of the Oo whose philosophical texts go back 16 hundred years. Some from this time are accounts of even older oral traditions, including the most ancient of all, the Dreamtime.

Dreamtime legends place the beginning of life in the plateau forest, born from the union of the great tree, Errinu, and the mist, Undra. Their children are the moving things of the forest: the animals, including humans, who are Oo and the waterways who are Be.

Oo culture is communitarian, pacifist, environmentalist and vegetarian. The history of Errinundera over the last 300 years can be summarised as the failed attempt by the Zu-vendi to control the forest followed by the inexorable spread and adoption of Oo beliefs throughout the rest of the nation.

The Forest

Plateau is entirely forested, much of which is montane eucalypt forest. The gigantic housetrees are home to the vast population of the region. In the moister gullies and along the myriad streams are the true rainforests with their magical southern sassafras bedecked in vines, mosses and ferns.

Although there are thousands of tree-villages and many larger tree-towns, First Creek Falls, with a population exceeding 10 million (almost all in trees), is the only large city. Many towns and villages in the province, however, are part of vast networking hubs of population.