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The Nationstates Holy Vatican See Player Collective

The Nationstates nation "Holy Vatican See" is actually 'played' by a group of individuals who share access to the nation. We have taken a "vow of silence" about personal identifying details, and will not answer questions about age, job, geographical location, etc., as individuals. (Some of us are connected with institutions, some not. Privacy is the best policy for all.)

However, as a group, we can tell you this:

  • We are not all located in the same geographic area.
  • We are all from English-speaking backgrounds.
  • We are not all formally associated with the Church or Church institutions.
  • We are not all Catholics, or actively practicing Catholics.
  • We all have some particular area of expertise or interest within the Church (history, doctrine, law, etc.)

About three or four of us actually 'write' posts for posting in NS threads. Another small group provide 'expert consultation' when the subject matter turns to specific topics, or suggest characters, plot twists, etc. A few more individuals just read, enjoy, and make the occasional suggestions.

Some of us "own" particular characters, but some characters are shared. Sometimes a character starts off shared and ends up being "owned," sometimes a collective member's time demands will force them to hand over a character to another player for a while. So if you see small inconsistencies, please be tolerant!

We keep track of what's going on through an e-mail listserv, as well as checking in on NS, of course!

Some of us do spend time on mIRC, and we're always happy to chat, and answer personal questions that don't relate to identifying information.

A special note about our hiatus--

The Holy Vatican See collective started playing in 2004. At the time, one of our most active players was Terry, a brilliant and witty educator who was one of our 'founders' and responsible for getting many of the others involved. Unfortunately, Terry contracted pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2004, and the HVS collective as a whole took a hiatus during his illness. We've resurfaced, with new players, since Terry's death in February, 2005. However, some threads Terry was personally involved in will not be revived, and others have been somewhat disrupted.