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Type of Organisation: Freak beliefs
Location: Corneria. Frisbee Freaks, nation
Form: Frisbee Worship
Believers: 80,000,000

Playism is the official and only legal religion of the Frisbee Freaks. It was invented by Juun, and teaches that Border Collies are the "Master Race" and that Shelties were created to weaken the Master race. It also teaches that Border Collies were born to be freakish jerks, and that frisbees are great and powerful instruments capable of destroying nations and altering the entire universe. The Border Collies are seen as the guardians of all Frisbees, and if they fall into the hands of a sheltie, then this would greatly damage the nation. According to Playism, Border Collies also need to be played with, or they are not as powerful. Playism teaches that there is a Satan, and he is a Sheltie. The Border Collie guards of the Frisbee must play with the Frisbee to keep it from becomming Satan's instrument of destruction. Also, there is the Great Ball. God created the world to look like a ball, thus, the earth is round. The Frisbee god made all the living things, plus Frisbees, of course. Sometimes Shelties try to invade "Ball and Frisbee heaven", and that's when thunderstorms and lightning occurs.


The history of Playism begins with Juun, who started a cult called the "Frisbee Freaks" She invented it in 2003, and made it the religion of her cult. For some reason, the Frisbee Freak cult grew rapidly, and Juun soon had 100,000 members. At this point, Juun invaded Stavrapolia, then renamed that nation "Frisbee Freaks", after the organization Juun started. Juun forced the Stavrapolian Foxes to convert. She then invaded several other Foxen nations, forcing the people there to convert. At it's height, Playism had 250,000,000 believers. As the Freak empire declined, so did Playism, and now the religion has lost most of it's importance.

Holy Sites

Juunotorum- Juun's capital

PlaywithJuunordie!- Site of the largest Playist temple

Juunissogreat- Site of the failed Frisbee Freak civil wars, where Juun's army was victorious

Frisbeestoniya- Province where Juun's conquest began

Ball Island- Juun named it Ball Island

Frisbee Island- Juun named it Frisbee Island

Great Playists

Juun- Invented Playism

Kara MccFrisbee- A general in Juun's army, spread Playism across the Foxen world


Juunday- June 5th, Juun's Birthday

Ball day- April 10th, The day to worship the great Ball God.

HailJuunday- everyday, worship Juun

Flag Burning Day- July 10th, burn the flags of every nation in Corneria except for the Frisbee Freak flag.

Oppress The Shelties Day- Oppress the Shelties more than usual