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This article deals with Portuguese as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Portuguese (Português)
Genetic classification:

       West Iberian

Spoken language in:

The Holy Empire of Edvardus
El Caudillo
The Latin Union
Rolo Land
Iberic States
Tiago Silva

Portuguese is an Iberian Romance Language. It is the fourth or the fifth most spoken language in the world, and is in permanent expansion, due to the population booms in countries such as Brazil and Mozambique, together with the expansion of emmigrants. In the NationStates world, the role of the language is a bit ambiguous, since Portuguese-speaking players tend to concentrate themselves in regions rather closed to the rest of the world.

Most nations where Portuguese is an official or recognized language are roleplayed by Portuguese-speaking players, mostly Portuguese (although Brazillians are gaining importance).

Portuguese in the NationStates World

There are several Portuguese-speaking regions in NationStates. The most relevant cases are Portugal and Portugalia. Europe is also home to a large and strong Portuguese-speaking community.

Portuguese is the second or the third most spoken language in Europe, fighting with German and Dutch those positions.

Although there are large Portuguese roleplaying communities and this is an important language in Europe, its importance in the rest of the NS world is extremly limited, if not non-existant.

Portuguese Speaking Nations in NationStates

Portugal contains about 100 nations and Portugalia about 40. Pratically all of them are roleplayed by Portuguese native-speakers. Portuguese speaking nations outside of Portugal or Portugalia reside mainly in Europe. Here are some examples:

Asgarnieu - recoginzes Porutgese as an unofficial language spoken by 45% of population

Azores - recognizes Portuguese as an official language, together with Azorean and Latin

Clandon recognizes Portuguese as an unofficial minority language.

The Holy Empire of Edvardus does not recognize Portuguese as an official language, but there are a handful of native Portuguese speakers in the empire.

El Caudillo - recognizes Portuguese as its official language

Granade Turquesa Isla-Portugese is one of the offical languages. The other is Spanish

Hugoland - recognizes Portuguese as its official language

Portusgalia - recognizes Portuguese as its official language

Prax - recognizes Portuguese as its official language


Rolo Land

Iberialustinia - recognizes Portuguese as an offical language along with English, Ancient Iberian, Azorean and Noitazilivican

The Federation of Iberic States - recognizes Portuguese as an official language along with Castilian

The Latin Union - recognizes Portuguese as an official language, and it is the second most-spoken language in that nation after Latin

The Portuguese Union - recognizes Portuguese as an official language, the most widely spoken in the country. The northern half of the country writes it in the Greek alphabet, while the south half writes in the Hebrew alphabet.

Tiago Silva - recognizes Portuguese as an offical language along with Latin and Greek

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