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The Posthuman Philosophy of One World Nation is the construct of Paul Gardner and has been developed further upon by the Oligarch Class of One World Nation. While Posthuman Philosophy isn't a religion per se it is the (required) basic line of thinking for all Posthumans within the One World Nation.

What is the Philosophy?

The basis of Posthuman Philosophy is that Posthumans are the next stage of Human Evolution and because of this, all humans (or derogatory name is "Unevolved") must one day be Upgraded or be destroyed. Because the Posthuman is the next stage of human evolution a whole new way of thinking and seeing reality had to be developed in order to keep up with the evolution of the Posthuman.

Principles of Posthuman Philosophy (as promoted by the government)

1. All must Be Upgraded

2. Religion is the Flawed Expression of the Unevolveds and must be rejected by a true Posthuman

3. One must seek to create Order from Chaos

4. All must Seek to bring no Harm to others unless necessary

5. Society is built upon a structure that must be upheld and changed only at great need

6. The only absolutes are the ones that come from Posthuman Perfection

Internal Conflicts

As technology progresses in One World Nation and new kinds of Posthumans emerge, new kinds of Posthuman Philosophy have begun to emerge among the Citizen Class and the Scientist Class which the OWN government always supresses these radical ways of thinking that reject the Six Principles of Posthuman Philosophy.

Books Of Posthuman Philosophy

Basic Primer of Posthuman Thought- By: Paul Gardner

Advanced Primer of Posthuman Thought- By: Paul Gardner

What It Means to be Posthuman- By: Sarah Gardner

Basic Primer of Posthuman Thought: Children's Edition- By: Paul Gardner, edited by Kyle Freii

The Failure of Human Religions: The Flaws in Human Belief Systems and How Posthumanity Should Correct Their Mistakes- By: Claudius Gardner

Famous Quotes of Posthuman Philosophy

"There is no such thing as an Absolute Good or Evil, for there are always greater forces of both that exist just beyond the horizon."- Paul Gardner

"To be Pure Organic is to be emotionally out of control, to be Pure Machine is too of lost the gift of innovation, to be both is to have perfection."- Sarah Gardner

"The meaning of existance should be defined by obedience to the will of the Oligarchs of One World Nation, for we know what is best for all Posthumans and for OWN."- Claudius Gardner