Provinces and territories of Aerion

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The Grand Kingdom of Aerion has 20 provinces, and 1 semi-autonomous corporate territory.

The present provinces are the Royal Central Province, Rolarne, Enyar, Orshile, Asleur, Veturos, Losharn, Sulkarne, Eklar, Lashran, Odrief, Adlar, Urashan, Zefae, Dravier, Elearan, Adlan, Avshora, and the Rashier Islands. The single territory is the Corporate Semi-Autonomous Territory.


The twenty provinces of Aerion are named for the twenty tribes of Aerion which once occupied the areas.

The Royal Central Province was once the domain of Lashran, but once the first national government of Aerion the Council of Tribes made Astevane the rotating capital in which a clan from each tribe would stay for different periods of time.


The supreme official of an province is the Royal Governor, appointed by the Crown. He in turn appoints an Deputy Governor, who is often the actual official. Some Royal Governors live as Kings in their Governor's Palace in their own Provincial Capitals. The various Royal Ministries Provincial, Regional, and Local Offices often actually run the province as the Royal Government is very centralized.

Political Divisions

Province - Royal Governor
Region - Regional Governor
County - County Commissioner
Metropolitan County - Lord Mayor ex: Greater Astevane
-Metropolitan Districts - Mayor ex: Industrial District
-Metropolitan Wards - Councillor ex: 5th Ward
Rural Districts - District Commissioner
Township - Mayor
Community - Alderman

Local Ministry Offices

Many functions of local government are handled by the local offices and huge bureaucracy of an Royal Ministry rather than the local government. For instance, the Ministry of Education directly runs all schools on every level, and the Ministry of Transporation handles all transportation and roadways down to the township level at which the local council will directly supervise things such as streets.

Police forces on all levels are supervised by the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior, and directly managed by the Department on the regional, county, and rural district level. Metropolitan police forces are jointly supervised between the Department and a Lord Mayor's appointee who is usually known as the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

This top to bottom organization leads to standardized procedure on all levels of government, meaning that directives can come straight from the Royal Governor or King himself and be implemented immediately on local levels.

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