Prussian Protestantism

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The Greater Prussian Empire considers itself the heart of Protestantism in NationStates, with its owners claiming that the Greater Prussia region is the only solidly Protestant region. At the head of this region stands the nation of Reichskamphen, which has held numerous propaganda efforts to unite Protestant nations against the Pope, as well as Reichskamphen's long-standing ally, Derscon. Other initiatives include several Christian Conferences and the establishment of the Greater Prussian Insitute of Christian Studies. Greater Prussian Protestantism is based on the teachings of John Calvin and adheres strictly to the principles put down in the Westminster Confession of Faith, tending to be very orthodox in its adherence to doctrine. It also has a tendency of supporting autocratic and militaristic leadership that is not present in, for example, Dutch Reformed Protestantism. However, Catholics are welcome in Greater Prussia, and the Archduchy of Prussian Bavaria is a Catholic kingdom, under Prussian rule, headed by Cherry Ridge.

Recently, though, Greater Prussia has liberalized its admittance codes by the formation of the Free Cities Alliance. The requirement is simply to be a capitalist nation, however membership is select. Members of the FCA include the supercorporations of Northrop-Grumman and Zepplin Manufacturers, as well as nations such as Central Facehuggeria and Arizona Nova, it's current president.

However, the region of Greater Prussia, even with the expansion of the Greater Prussian Empire, still maintains its title as the sole Protestant region on Nationstates.