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Flag of Prux
Motto: Doesn't matter where you are, We'll find you."
None Yet
Region the Q Continuum
Capital Pruxton
Official Language(s) English
Leader Glenn Quagmire (President)
Population 5 million as of 8/20/1929
Currency Doesn't matter where you are, We'll find you." 
NS Sunset XML

+Current Year is: 1929

A Briefing on Prux

On August 5th, 1929 (Q-Continuum time) A mythical island located about 500 miles southwest of Insaneindahead was discovered by John Schmitt along with 5 million followers. They promptly claimed the uninhabited island for themselves and within 2 weeks the nation was given permission to join The Q Continuum. The island is approximately 23,896 square miles in area and has two active volcanoes. The island is about 30% rain forest and about 65% grasslands. The other 5% of the land mountainous with the highest peak being the volcano Mt. Hrert at 13,905 ft in elevation. The Current President is Glenn Quagmire.

Largest Cities in Prux

  • Capital: Pruxton, 1,258,000
  • Pawtucket: 623,500
  • Hamburger Hill: 389,000
  • ESPN: 289,500
  • Pilsbury: 120,900
  • Gravel: 108,250
  • Utero: 101,900

Sports in Prux

Prux won the Baptism of Fire before World Cup 37.