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Nation: Errinundera
Province: Goolengook
Sacred Tree: FILCUDAR
Function: Contemplation & vigorously supporting their local football team; furniture building
Population: meditating & barracking
Leader: TBA

The Place

Puggaree is a city located on a hill of the same name between the Arte and Goolengook Rivers in the Goolengook Province.

The Name

The name does not refer to any form of hatwear, be it turbans or cloth bands on pith helments and slouch hats, but, rather, is derived from Old Oo and means "quiet contemplation".


Puggaree is the site of Errinundera's largest active religious group - a community of Zen Buddhists. This is a rarity in a nation of mostly atheists. The followers of the religion are well accepted by other Errinundrians, however, who admire their reverence for nature, pacifism, vegetarianism and general lack of idolatory. In fact you could say that Oo culture and Zen Buddhism have much in common.

Oddly enough the other passion of the Puggs is football, although their local team struggles to get promoted from the regional leagues. There is a Puggaree saying, "Zen for six days, religion on Saturdays".

Somehow the Puggs manage to reconcile their two loves and have gained a reputation for their modest, balanced lifestyle. In other words, they are considered somewhat boring.


One of he entrances to Puggaree Park - the city's football ground.

Sacred Tree


In great contrast to the giants elsewhere in Errinundera the sacred tree of Puggaree is a bonsai named FILCUDAR. It can be seen in the forecourt of the main Zen temple.

Major Industry

Puggaree's furniture builders are renowned throughout the nation. The simple but rugged and comfortable designs are inexpensive and well suited to housetree lifestyles. Errinundrians are bemused by the huge prices that some pieces fetch overseas.