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Qazian is the primary Religion in Qazox. The closest RL religions it resembles is a mish-mash of Catholicism, Hinduism, Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter_Day_Saints and Animism

History of Qazian

Goran Oxfield and his pet ox Joe were sent to the Q Continuum, specifically the Qazox part, to found and settle that part of the world. Upon arrival, Goran and his pet ox Joe, faced hardships until after 2 days of starvation, Goran killed and ate his pet ox, when he met the leader of the Qazian tribes. Upon Goran's death in 1456, his son, Hoofaran took over the country. In 1475, under orders from Viscar Charles I , Hoofaran was banished to the Lake Porter Region. While sleeping in a tent along the shores of the lake, his father Goran came to him in a dream. When he awoke, he wrote down the "15 chapters of Life" that became The Holy Book of Hoofaran. Each of the chapters gave in detail aspects of life that one should follow, ranging from how to treat others to the treatment of animals and plants. Hoofaran found the Qazian tribes and amongst them a following began. Within 20 years, almost everyone in Qazox and the Q Continuum, followed the Holy Book. The western tribes didn't and by 1564, the nation of Green wombat was founded by so-called heretics.

Modern day Qazian

Today 98% of the population follow, in varying degrees, the Holy Book. About 78% of those that "practice" Qazian are Reformed-Qazians, which means they follow only the religous ceremonies and rituals, but not actually the precepts themselves. The other 22% are usually called the Orthodox Qazians, those who follow the Holy Book as closely as possible.

Religous Leaders

The main religous leader in Qazox is the Holy Oxen, which corresponds to the RL Catholic Pope. He serves until his death or retirement, though none have ever retired as of this date. Upon the death of a Holy Oxen, his successor must be elected within 20 days. Underneath the Holy Oxen is the elected Bishops. The bishops are elected from amongst the church priests, of which there are 57. The must be at least 9 Bishops at any time, but there is no maximum amount. There is currently 10 Bishops in the country. The 57 priests are the de-facto Holy Oxen of the parishes of which they serve. Meaning they are in charge of all the spiritual matters of their parish. Each priest is served by 3 to 20 alterns which lead the local churches. Each altern mut begin training as a monk, which can last up to 15 years to train. Each parish elects a new priest every 5 years. Roughly there are 3 or 4 parishes in each of the 17 regions in Qazox. Every year this is a priest conclave in which the Holy Oxen meets with all 57 priests and discusses the current religous quandries and rulings over the last year.

List of Religous Ranks

  • Monk- Altern-in-training (usually starts at age 16)
  • Altern- Head of local church (usually aged 30-35)
  • Priest- Head of Parish (usually aged 40-45)
  • Bishop- (ususally) Head of Region (usually aged 50-55)
  • Holy Oxen- Head of Church (must be at least 60 yrs of age)

The 10 Tenets of Qazian

The 10 Tenets of Qazian are the analogue of the RL "Ten Commandments" they are as follows:

  • There is no God but the one true God, and he is Joe.
  • Seriously, we catch you worshipping something other than God, you'll be very sorry.
  • Thou shall not kill Oxen, but you can kill everything else.
  • Thou shall not lie, unless you know you can get away with it.
  • Thou shall treat all people and animals with respect, except for those dammed wombats, I don't care what you do with them.
  • Thou shall not kill with indiscrimination, unless the bastard had really it coming.
  • Thou shall treat others as you would treat yourself, unless they are dick-heads, then treat them like crap.
  • Thou shall not make fun of those less fortunate than you, unless you're a comedian, then it is okay by me.
  • Thou shall not declare war in my name, unless you know you can kick their ass in a week or so.
  • If thou break my tenets, thou shall perish in hell, unless you maybe make a contribution to the church, if see what I am saying?