Quoan’dal est Ure

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Quoan’dal est Ure
Type of Organisation: Militaristic religious organisation
Location: Earth. Sisgardia, Tavaroth
Form: Monotheistic
Status: Active

He had seen the light. The fire burned his skin and through the pain he came to realise the fundemental truths. Upon coming into possession of this knowledge he saw the Essence manifest before him. Not with his eyes, but with his knowledge. And with this same knowledge that allowed him to see it he knew it's name; Deimir. Now he knew his purpose and he choose his name; Sosjom’dal; The bringer of fire. He travelled from the barren mountain range of Kirl in the North Land through the desert of Baalah and came to the South Land and here within the fertile ground would his teachings take root. Here he would share the fire of knowledge. ~ Exerpt from the 'Essence of Flames'.


The Church of Illumination, as this religion is called in english, was formed nearly thirty years ago by the Tavarothian Sosjom’dal. The Church was an unusual development shortly after the nation ended it's centuries long isolation for the Tavarothians had a strong distrust of any monotheistic belief; yet the Church managed to grow exponantionally in a short time and reached a total of 7 million followers within the nation of Tarakalar. Many of the members of the Church simply were followers who believed in the tenets, but close to a million of them took it to greater extremes.


The Church was founded thirty years ago and seemed to predominatly function on the wealth of it's founders and major benefactors. Unlike many cults the Church required no monetary sacrifices of it's people or anything else of material value. The Church purchased a television station within the South Land within it's fifth years and it's sermons's modern messages that both appeased tradiontional values and embraced modern living made it very popular amognst the South Landers. The fact the Church seemed to have no persecution against anyone; Be they homosexual, a certain gender or race or even other faith even earned their attention from the Emperor in a surprisingly positive view and in their eight year the Emperor granted the Church the acknowledgement as a legal faith within the nation and the Church no longer needed to call itself a cult or sect.

Two years later the civil war began within Tarakalar and it soon became clear to the loyalists that the Church of Illumination was in no small part involved in the starting of it. With the many followers they had, the Church had been carefully been sowing seeds of discontend about the current state of the nation. The Loyalists marked the Church as troublemakers but didn't consider them truely a threat as long as order could be restored.

A year later the civil war still raged and the Church had long since outgrown the name of 'trouble-makers' as they equiped rebels with weapons even as they themselves send out suicide groups to cause as much carnage amongst the goverment facilities. Worse still was their deployment of military forces that employed technology vastly superior to that of the Tarakalarian military. Where the military used conventional firearms, the Church attacked them with energy weapons and hoverdynes.

The final straw however was when after three years of civil war the church had captured the crown prince and tortured him before burning him alive, the entire act was captured on camera and was spread across the internet. By this time however the hatred for the government that the Church had created was so great that this act that would have once united the entire nation against the Church now only earned hatred from the remaining loyalists and at this point the loyalists gave up and abandoned their old home land of Tavaroth and crossed the region of Sisgardia to the land of Azerran.

The Church had hoped that with the loyalists fleeing, that Tavaroth would be easy to conquer, they were disapointed. The civil war had drained on their resources but more frustrating for them was the fact that at some point Sosjom’dal had simply vanished and with his dissapearance the Church fractured into groups, each believing themselves to be the true followers of Sosjom'dal's teachings.

Add to this many rebels who had droven off the loyalists but now sought to start a new democracy and the noble houses who betrayed the Empire by seeking to take over themselves and the Church realised they had a long fight still ahead of them.


The first and foremost goal of the Church of Illumination is to take total control of the landmass Tavaroth. Furhter more they seek to establish their hold by creating churches within other Sisgardian and non Sisgardian nations. They seek to wipe out all false beliefs, starting first with other monotheistic believes and then polytheistic ones. They are aware that this, if at all possible, would take exceptionally long. But the followers of this belief are convinced that they shall succeed.

Tenets of Faith

The Tenets of the Church of Illumination are relatively simple. They carry little in religious historical or mythological myths. They main strength seems to come from the force of personality of their preachers and their ability to draw people in by approuching them when they seek something to hold onto. This combined with their wilingness to accept anyone into their faith, regardless of their lifestyles means that they draw in many who would be turned away from other religions.

  1. The Tenets of the Church of illumination.
    1. Accept Sosjom'dal the bringer of fire and knowledge as your savior; For it is he that brought the understanding of the Deimir.
    2. Accept the importance of knowledge, dedication and obedience and strengthen your spirit.
    3. The importance of knowing yourself is of the utmost importance. For only those that know themselves can become part of the Deimir and transcend the coil of flesh.
    4. Understand that to know yourself you must first willingly stop seeking. Take the words of those above you at heart, for in their tasks lay the knowledge that you need to end the cycle of re-incarnation and become part of the Deimir.
    5. Seek to help your fellow Illuminated. The offering of wealth is the tool of those trapped in the flesh. Work with body, mind

and soul to further the travels of your brothers and sisters on the path of becoming one with Deimir.

Current State

Over twenty years has passed since the civil war began in Tavaroth and the Church has succeeded in taking control of the entire South Land, but the rest of Tavaroth is stilll out of their grasp and they fight left behind loyalists, rebels, nobles and now the nation of Azerran, led by the Tatiana Taurain of the old Emperor, have established outposts in the West Land. Despite this the Church remains confident that they will win, for they are the chosen of the Deimir and their superior technology will grant them victory over the others. Further more they have also begun establishing sanctuary's within other nations in secret as such even if they fall all togheter in Tavaroth it would he hard to fully elimate their existence.