The Islands of Qutar

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The Paradox of The Islands of Qutar
Le Paradoxe des Îles de Qutar
La Paradoja de Las Islas de Qutar

The Islands of Qutar national flag
Motto: Libertas habeo nullus sumptus
(Freedom has no price)
Region Atlantian Oceania
Official languages English
Other languages
spoken by at least 10 million

French, Spanish
Capital Lockstow
Largest city Arundale
Prime Minister Peter Stone
(2022 census)
National animal Phoenix
GDP (2022 est.)
  - Total
  - GDP per capita

ζ30.4 trillion
CHDI (2022) .8777 (high) (unofficial estimate)
  - Large Denomination
  - Small Denomination
  - Denomination Rate
  - Exchange Rate

Zρΰσος (ζ)

Μέρος (μ)

ζ1 = 100μ
ζ2.40 = $1.00
Time Zone AOTC+0200
Internet TLD .qut
International sporting
Calling Code +47


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Political Parties

Party Leader Description Seats in Parliament
Qutari Socialist Front Peter Stone The Qutari Socialist Front (QSF) describes itself as 'A party for the people by the people'. The QSF is an a far-left party in its economic politics, but unlike other far-left parties it has a very relaxed attitude on Civil and Political freedoms. This has lead to the party becoming very popular in recent times, its promises to increase welfare spending rung true to a lot of increasingly disenfranchised Qutari citizens. In the past twenty years the QSF has succesfully created a high-welfare society where medical treatment, transport etc. are free and efficient, easily rivaling the private sector. 325
Workers Party Aaron Lee The Workers Party (WP) has become the second major political party in Qutar. The WP has risen to this status thanks largely to the efforts of a former member of the QSF, Aaron Lee. He became aware that the QSF's increasingly tight control over industry has lead to potential investers being detered from investing in Qutari companies, this in turn had lead to a slowdown in the economy, which has lead to a increase in unemployment. Although started out as as party for the workers, it has become popular for those people who feel that the QSF has gone too far in the welfare we have. The WP's main agenda is loosening control over industry while still providing the current standard of welfare. 114
National Liberal Party Scott Walsh The National Liberal Party (NLP) is one of the few original parties still involved in politics, and argueably the only one still having a major role in politics today. The NLP has seemed forever to be the third party, and recent times have done nothing to buck the trend. The NLP has a fairly liberal attitude to social and political issues, however is a strongly pro-capitalist party therefore attracting a large amount of donations from the private sector. However its agenda does involve a scaling back of welfare, part-privatising some areas of the welfare system leading to a certain unpopularity in some areas of Qutar. 55
Independants n/a The Independants are the candidates that have no party affliation and tend to win seats based on local issues that some people think the larger parties ignore. The main voters for Independant candidates tend to be in rural areas of Qutar. 4
Conservative Party James Hawkins The Conservative Party (CP) is the oldest party association in Qutar, in power for a large portion of Democratic Qutari history in recent times has become more a joke than a serious party. A number of scandals rocked the nation in the 70's, and the party's complete backing to cabinet ministers disregarding the public outrage didn't help thier poularity. The final nail in the coffin for the party was the infamous Black Thursday, floating the nation's currency against those of our neighbours, with the strength of the currency at the time this lead to a collapse in its value and put a severe dent in the Qutari economy. In recent times James Hawkins has tried to re-brand the party and lead it forward back to power, gaining less seats than Independants shows the struggle ahead. 2