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Rêvane is one of the two capital cities of the Ariddian Isles' Federation, and is the capital of one of the Federation's two constituent states, Ariddia. It is located on the river O'o, far inland on the nation's largest island (Ocea). Rêvane is notable for being a compact, heavily populated city, yet clean and very ecologically-minded. Like many Ariddian towns, it is surrounded by forests, and expanded upwards into sky-scrapers, rather than outwards into suburbs which would have damaged the surrounding natural setting.

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a park in Rêvane's Chinatown district

The city's most famous monuments (buildings) are Progress Tower and Harmonia. Other monuments of note include the National History Museum, the Museum of Consumerism, the Great Mosque and the campus of the University of Rêvane. There are numerous hotels, few of which are truly luxurious. The bustling "heart" of the city may well be the Avenue Weyle'e, with its shops, cinemas, theatres, libraries, restaurants, and night-clubs to keep the rhythm beating after sunset. Chinatown also offers many pleasant strolls, museums, restaurants and architectural points of interest.

Everything in Ariddia is very much centralised, making Rêvane the centrepoint of the nation in most conceivable ways. All foreign embassies are located in Rêvane, though there are a number of consulates in other cities.

Outside the city is Rêvane International Airport (REV), the largest of Ariddia's six international airports. Amongst other airlines (including Ariddian Airlines), Air Kelssek flies here. Of Ariddia's four renovated football stadia, one is in the capital city itself (Stade National Rêvane-Sud), and one is located close to Rêvane (Darras Olympic Stadium).

Rêvane and the Uhuhland Union

  • It was in Rêvane that the founding charter of the Uhuhland Union (also known as the Treaty of Rêvane) was signed.
  • Rêvane houses the Uhuhland Council.
  • The city is sometimes referred to as one of Uhuhland's two "capital cities" (along with Arcadia, Uhuh-Topia), but this is not technically correct. The Uhuhland Union has no official capital.

Twinned cities

Rêvane is twinned with the following cities:


Rêvane – “urban but green”. These photographs were taken from orbit by West Ariddian media satellites.

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