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Full Name: The Republic of Lambon Air Force
Nation: The Republic of Lambon
Headquarters: Isla Sornica

The Republic of Lambon Air Force is usually referred to in the short-term as ROLAF. It is currently led by Air Chief-Marshal Derek Manning. Other Notable members are: Air Vice-Marshal Benjamin "Benni" Cesar dos Santos and Commander-in-Chief Albert Spirovski.


The Republic of Lambon Air Force was set up in 1995 by the Defence Minister of The Republic of Lambon, Christoph Haig. They re-used (and built upon) the facilities set up in 1905, for the revolutionary air-field, used by the Portuguese.


Structure of Organisation

- Air Chief-Marshal

- Air Vice-Marshal

- Air Force Board

- Commander-in-Chief

- Commands

- Groups

- Squadrons

- Flights


- Officers

- Other Ranks

- Pilots (and other trades)

Past Leaders

Air Chief-Marshal Tilmann Borowski (1995-1997)

Tilmann Borowski was appointed the first Air Chief-Marshal in 1995, when the ROLAF was created. He had been a high ranking member of the Lambon party, and had previous aircraft experience. In 1997 he resigned from his position for personal reasons.

Air Chief-Marshal Derek Manning (1997-Present)

Derek Manning was appointed the new Air Chief-Marshal in 1997 when Tilmann Borowski resigned. He was the first pilot to fly for the ROLAF in 1995, and was named Air Vice-Marshal in 1996. His first action as Air Chief-Marshal in 1997 was to sack the current Commander-in-Chief and replace him with his ex-squadron partner Albert Spirovski (who remains in the role today). Manning remains a popular leader to this day.