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Starblaydi players practising the Raiigar

The Raiigar is one of the tribal dances of ancient Starblaydi tribes, particularly the Jhan. The Jhan had several ritual dances based around combat and challenges to be performed as a group and the Raiigar was danced by groups of men and women together. There was also a more-aggressive men-only dance, as well as a youth's version for purposes of errantry.

With Starblaydia looking back to its cultural roots after the failure of Operation Galactica and their transition to democracy, it was proposed that the national football team perform a version to prepare themselves for international matches, much like the Ariddian Ulek. The Sjarondai parliament had already been revived, and the Raiigar is one of a number of traditional cultural practices brought back to life.

The eleven starting players stand in a line, five either side of the Captain who steps forward. The other twelve squad members stand in two lines of six behind the starting eleven. The traditional, regular, white Starblaydi kit is worn. If a non-white away kit is used, white training jackets are worn over the top of their uniforms. In ancient times, white was seen as the colour of both purity and death, and the ancient Daii used to dye their hair or paint their weapons and armour white to call upon the gods for protection, and was essential to the performance of the Raiigar.

All twenty-three squad players, excluding injuries, stand with feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart, with their shoulders back and chests puffed-out. The Captain leads the dance & chanting, beginning with rhythmic pounding of his left breast by his right hand. He may walk freely amongst his team or toward his opponents as the dance progresses, but remaining players must stand in their place. The team matches his rhythm by slapping their hands against the upper part of the outside of their thighs. After a period of chest-beating, with the time and rhythm at the Captain's discretion, he calls out to the gods and his opponents. At the dance's conclusion, the players all step forward with their right foot and throw their arms out to the side - it is not uncommon for individuals to have their own individual flourish at this point, for instance jumping forward or baring their teeth in a feral manner.

Leader: Hati se kalonii! I am of the sword!
Team: Huhti se kalonii! We are of the sword!
Leader: Hati se vega! I am of the star!
Team: Huhti se vega! We are of the star!
Leader: Kalonii se vega! Starblaydia!
Team: Kalonii se vega! Starblaydia!
Leader: Ati hath draki! Hear my call!
Team: Ati huth draki! Hear our call!
All: Huhti kamarti We ready ourselves
Va ni harmuhi tuhl For the challenge to come
Ko pape ni fam Life is the path
NeHuhti daii votar And we are first to walk
Leader: Kalonii se vega! Starblaydia!
Team: Ati huhth draki! Hear our call!
All: Harmuh, harmuh! A challenge, a challenge!
Kamar! We are ready!
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The latest version of Starblaydia's white kit